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“Sir, theres no one home!

“The man is gone! The door hasnt been forced open!

“Theres no sign of struggling.

He must have left willingly!”

The Dragon Tribe searched the room inside out, but they found no blood or any signs of a struggle.

However, someone was bound to see what had happened.

They couldnt cover it up.

The soldiers asked around and found out that a helicopter had picked him up.

“A helicopter These people that picked him up, what did they look like”

“They were dressed just like you! They were from the government!”


The soldiers immediately reported to their headquarter.

Gordon was perplexed.

“What So, the three Himmelian divisions are on the move.”

He went silent for a while, trying to think about all possibilities.

It was obvious that those people had impersonated government officials.

It also meant something else.

The shutdown had failed.

The other side had infiltrated his defense, and all his intel might be useless.

“Everybody, switch to the intercom of the Dragon Tribe.

Im going to give you special orders!

“People of the three divisions might have infiltrated the government.

I dont know how they did it, but I cant distinguish them from the genuine ones at the moment.

Therefore, arrest everyone that looks suspicious.

Interrogate them until you find out who they are!


The teams replied on the intercom.

“Team 1 copy!”

“Team 3 copy!”

“Team 1 copy!”

Gordon frowned and smacked the table.

“Teams 4, 2, 5…”

He named nearly ten teams.

“Whats going on Do you copy Answer me!”

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There was no reply.

Infuriated, he made his command.

“Team 1, is Team 2 to your southwest Find them and see what theyre up to!”

An idea then struck him, and he said solemnly, “Oh no, they probably have encountered the three divisions! The teams that can hear me, go find the teams that havent responded in your surrounding area.

See whats happening to them and if theyve run into the Himmelian divisions!”

“Yes, Sir!”

“Yes, Sir!”

“Yes, Sir!”

The Dragon Tribe teams acknowledged his order one after another.

In about five seconds, they heard someone elses voice on the intercom.


Gordon Marlow, General, can you hear me”

Surprised, Gordon picked it up.

“Whos this”

“Its me, Drake Soan.”

“Drake Soan!”

Gordon was astonished.

Of course, he knew who Drake Soan was.


Soan How did you get into this frequency” Then, it occurred to him, and his eyes widened.

“Dont tell me… Can it be… Have you infiltrated the Dragon Tribe”


“Thats right!” said Drake, continuing lightheartedly, “Did you think that staying hidden would keep the Dragon Tribe safe Did you think that the three divisions only have as few as a few thousand people”

Gordon fell into his chair like a puddle of mud.

It was as if all strength had left him.

“We have… We have traitors in the Dragon Tribe… Its been decades, and I never noticed them!”

The three Himmelian divisions were of vital importance.

The truth was, they were three key sources that provided talented people for the government on a regular basis.

Every month, no, every day, the government would have someone working specifically to look for people with special talents.

They would be trained, tested, and filtered.

The best ones would be sent to the Dragon Tribe and receive their final training.

Gordon had always claimed that the Dragon Tribe was the most elite troop in the country.

All members of the tribe were one-in-a-million geniuses and had been carefully selected.

Their background was clean, and they were extremely talented.

It had never occurred to him that these people would…

Of course, some of them were real geniuses, but some of them were sent there deliberately by the three divisions.

Those people had been trained by the three divisions since they were little and physically very fit.

They could easily pass the Dragon Tribes tests.

They could infiltrate the tribe without difficulty.

They werent the only ones, either.

There were also the people who had openly left the three divisions.

To others, they had fallen out with the three divisions and went back to society.

The government would immediately recruit them and provide them with attractive job positions that could command tens of thousands of people.

Did these people really betray the three divisions


It was only for show!

“Drake Soan, I didnt know that you could be so scheming…”

Gordon switched on his computer and typed something.

A window popped open.

Henry Lang was looking at him through the camera in utter confusion.

“General, whats going on”

Gordon said, “Director Lang, I have Mr.

Drake Soan on the line.

Since theyve contacted us, the three of us should talk.”

“What Youve contacted Drake Soan Where is he”

“Here!” Drake spoke on the intercom.

Henry said, “Mr.

Soan, could you tell me why youre doing this Why have all the three divisions left their territories Some people have said some things online.

Is that really necessary”

“Some people have said some things online Is that it Do you still think that its not a big deal!”

Gordon said, “Mr.

Soan, I know that its about your Patriarch.

Although I dont know the details, I can tell that hes very important to you.

Could you let the government handle the problem”

“Thats not an option!” A woman jumped in on their conversation.

It was Phoebe Soan.

“What The head of the Himmelian Pavilion is there, too”

“You recognize my voice!” Phoebe was surprised.

Gordon didnt.

It was just a lucky guess.

Drake, Phoebe, and Liam (Tiger) were siblings, and they were very powerful in the Soan empire.

Phoebe was about the only woman who was Drakes equal and could speak freely in front of him.


We dont want to give you trouble, but youd better stop working against us from now on.

Otherwise, I cant promise that your people will be safe.”


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