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Himmel Soan headed for the city gate after leaving the inn.

Once Shif was taken care of, he had no reason to remain here.

He couldnt find any information about Gina here.

Maybe he should try one of the central cities.

He would probably learn more about her in big cities.

There were two reasons for that.

First of all, Gina was an immortal like him and was only slightly lower than him in her cultivation level.

Someone like her couldnt stay unnoticed.

Secondly, even if Gina managed to conceal her cultivation level, she couldnt hide her face.

Wherever she went, she would always be the most beautiful woman.

Himmel Soan couldnt remember how many people he had met in his lifetime, but no one could hold a candle to her.

With her unmatched beauty and nearly invincible capability, she shouldnt stay hidden forever.

One way or another, he had to go to a big city to figure out what was going on.

He didnt believe this incident to be a random coincidence.

Everything had a reason.

He saw Gina before arriving in this world, so there must be a connection.

Otherwise, such an accident should never have happened to a man with his cultivation level.

After making up his mind, Himmel Soan headed for the south.

Back in the city, it wasnt that big a place to search.

Many people ran out of their houses after hearing the news and joined the search party.

No one wanted a heresy cultivator in their house.

The citizens combed every corner of their houses.

They were afraid to see Shif there because something dangerous might happen.


The inn managers also asked the attendants to check the rooms.

The guests all cooperated.

A heresy cultivator was at loose.

If they didnt cooperate, what if they were suspected to be that mans accomplice

Before long, they narrowed down the possible hiding place to an inn.

Ten minutes earlier, an attendant saw Shif in one of the rooms.

“Is Shif inside” Peklon arrived as soon as he could.

Being the city lord, he had to take responsibility for this incident no matter what caused it.

Maybe he would be removed from his post afterward, but he still needed to answer to the Baih family.

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The best resolution was to catch Shif or hand over his dead body.

If he escaped and the news got around, not only would Peklon lose his job, but his family would also execute him!

“Yes, hes in the room upstairs,” the attendant said gingerly.

“How do you know” Peklon asked.

“I checked each room as my manager told me to, but only the guest in that room didnt answer the door.

It seemed odd because I knew the room was occupied, so I took the backup key and opened the door.

“I spotted Shif, the heresy cultivator, as soon as I walked in.

I immediately closed the door and ran away.”

The attendant seemed terrified when he mentioned Shifs name.

It was as if he could still see that scene.

Peklon was speechless to hear this.

He had doubts about this guys description.

According to the attendant, Shif was in the room, so why didnt he react when he heard the knock on the door

Even if he deliberately ignored the knock, he should know the attendant would open the door.

Yet he still didnt do anything.

He didnt even try to kill the attendant to shut him up.

So many things didnt make sense.

Peklon thought about two possibilities.

The first was that the attendant was lying.

The second was that Shif was stalling and had hired someone to impersonate him.

Either way, Peklon needed to see it with his own eyes.

“Shut down the inn and close off all the exits! Nothing leaves this inn without my permission!

“Show me to the room,” Peklon ordered his guards to surround the inn while he went to the room on the second floor.

The attendant gave him the key with trembling hands.

“Theres no need.

Ill pay for that door.” Peklon smashed the wooden door into pieces.

The crowd finally saw the inside of the room.

It really was Shif, but he didnt seem right.

He was lying face down on the table as if he was asleep.

What happened

“Shif” Peklon frowned and walked toward Shifs dead body.

As soon as he stepped into the room, he noticed that all life had left Shif.

The man had no heartbeat.

Shif was dead.

How was that possible

There were no signs of struggle in the room, and Shif didnt seem to have been in pain.

He obviously didnt see the attack coming.

Did another heresy cultivator kill him to shut him up

“Didnt you say someone used to live in this room It wasnt Shif, was it Who was here before he came Where is that person Why is Shif alone in the room When did he arrive” Peklon asked the attendant, who seemed dumbfounded.

He needed all the information he could get.

The answer could explain Shifs death.

It was the key to solving the mystery.

The attendant was perplexed.

Even an idiot could tell what had happened.

Shif wasnt moving and was obviously dead.

Why did he die here

That was the question he needed to answer.

“I… I have no idea.

I dont know when or why Shif came here.

As for the guest in this room, Ill have to ask my manager.”


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