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Peklon frowned.

The attendant was telling the truth.

That information was for the inn manager only.

“Wheres your manager”

“Im here, my lord.

Im the manager.” A short, chubby man stepped out of the crowd.

“Youre the manager Youve been here all the time.

Why didnt you come out earlier” Peklon asked.

The manager didnt know what to say.

It was true.

He had been there the whole time but only came out when he was mentioned.

“I… I didnt know what was happening.

I assumed with Shif caught, everything would be alright…” he tried to explain himself.

It was too significant a matter not to take seriously.

If he didnt offer any explanation, it would seem that he had been watching in the crowd without trying to do anything.

“Since youve been here all along, Im sure you heard my questions.

Do I need to repeat them”

“Of course not, my lord.

I heard everything.” The manager sighed.

It seemed he couldnt avoid it after all.

He had been trying to find an excuse to explain it away, but judging by the city lords attitude, that wasnt going to happen.

If the lord found out he wasnt telling the truth, he would be punished for it.

The manager had to tell everything he knew.

“My lord, the guest in this room was a big shot.

He was the man sitting opposite you during the contest yesterday.”


Those words caused a sensation.

It was as if someone had thrown a bomb in the crowd.

“That man lived here”

“Thats understandable, but why was Shif here Did that man give him instructions to come here Once his cover was blown, he killed Shif.

Is that it”

“Thats possible! But I still want to see his face because I cant remember what he looks like.”

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“I dont think thats true.

If that man really had summoned Shif here, why would he kill him in his room Wouldnt that blow his cover”

“You have a point.

If hes capable enough, he doesnt need to worry about exposing himself.

We dont even know his name or where he came from.

How can his cover be blown”

“Thats true.

I dont even remember what he looks like.”

Everybody was talking about it.

If Peklon hadnt been here, they would have let their imagination run wild.

They had to watch their language in front of the city lord.

“Didnt you check him in How did Shif get in You still havent given me an answer!” Peklon snorted.

Seeing that Peklon wasnt pleased, the manager ground his teeth, took something out of his chest pocket, and opened his palm.

Red light filled the room.

“Thats a core! A red core!” Peklon was surprised.

The manager explained right away, “This red core of a magical beast is from that guest.

Only a capable master could come up with such a precious object, so I didnt take registration, nor did I dare to…

“When I saw him in the contest, I assumed he knew you, my lord, so I didnt think much of it… I didnt know this was going to happen!

“As for Shif, I really didnt see him come in.

I have no idea how he got into this room or what happened to him.

I only saw him when you opened the door!

“My lord, Ive told you everything I know.

Please take this core.”

The manager dropped to his knees and held the core in his open palms.

His tone and attitude showed how serious he was.

He wanted the trade of his life and the safety of his inn with this core.

Peklon didnt take it, waving the manager off.

He didnt say anything after that and was lost in his thoughts.

The independent cultivator, the core, and Shif…

The three things became entangled, and it confused his mind.

“Is he really an independent cultivator Did he use that red core just to pay for the rent Whats his relationship with Shif The two of them didnt know each other, but Shifs dead body has now shown up in his room.

“What on earth has happened”

Peklon was so confused.

If those people were right and that independent cultivator was in it with Shif, why did Shif die here

Was there a conflict

That independent cultivator was the one that had warned Peklon.

If he and Shif were partners, he didnt need to do that.

Moreover, he could have rescued Shif.

There was no need to kill the man.

The fact that the independent cultivator had a red core meant either he was very capable or he was from a rich family because ordinary people wouldnt come across such an object.

If those two men werent partners, could Shif be that independent cultivators target

Where was that independent cultivator now

Peklon knew he could figure everything out if he could ask that man in person.

But he had no idea where he was.

The south!

Yes, he must have headed for the south.

Peklon had told Himmel earlier that the center of the continent was to the south, so he knew that the independent cultivator had probably gone in that direction.

He made up his mind.

“Take Shifs body away.

Ill explain everything to the Baih family.

Theyll decide what happens next!

“The wedding is canceled.

Go back home and have some rest!”


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