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Firey looked up at Himmel Soan.

She had made the decision on her own without asking for his opinion.

She was worried that he would be displeased.

To her relief, Himmel Soan didnt seem to mind it.

Since he didnt say anything, it meant he had given his tacit consent.

The only thing for her to consider now was how to teach this annoying woman a lesson.

The crowd was astonished.

“The little girl is challenging Emperor Baihs pupil! Is she making fun of us”

“Becoming the ladys pupil would be the best thing ever happening to her.

Why did she turn her down over and over again She has an opportunity to become Emperor Baihs successor!”

“Maybe she has higher goals or that man beside her is more capable than we think.”

“Its too early to dream now.

Dont make up stories.

No one can be more capable than the eight emperors.”

“What youre saying isnt the main thing.

We should focus on the battle between the girl and Lady Soochin!”

“That might be the case, but whats the point of having this battle Does anyone here think this girl can win”

“She should have some abilities.

If she said those things without thinking, she would be so stupid!”

“Shes only a little girl! Dont call her stupid! Shes adorable even if shes not smart!”

Everybody heard about the challenge.

Even the two people fighting in the arena stopped.

When Soochin was watching the battle, both men fought as hard as they could.

They lost interest after she went to talk to Firey.

Hearing about the challenge, they stopped fighting altogether.

They left the arena to make room for the next battle.

Everybody was intrigued, wondering if it was going to be a battle without any surprise.

Could the girl be quite capable herself Was that why she said those words

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Most people believed they already knew how the battle would end.

How capable could a little girl be

Soochin was Emperor Baihs daughter!

Although she had only reached the initial phase of the Virtualization stage, one level higher than the Nascent stage, being Emperor Baihs pupil, she couldnt be just an ordinary Virtualization cultivator.

Despite being at the initial phase, she could defeat almost all Virtualization cultivators.

Unless she was facing the pupil of another emperor, she would be invincible.

Soochin took this battle seriously.

She believed that she was facing the essence of nature.

After the earlier burst of energy, she knew she couldnt look down upon the little girl.

What would it feel like to fight the essence of nature

Soochin grew excited.

She didnt think Firey would fight a losing battle because she had turned her down several times.

Since Firey had put herself as the wager, she must believe in herself.


Well let the battle decide.

If you lose, youll be my pupil.

If I lose, Ill leave!” Soochin said indifferently.

She was very confident in herself, too.

She knew she wasnt going to lose.

Although the decision was made, the battle wouldnt start right away.

They would have to wait for three more hours.

Soochin needed to finish the task she came to Baihib City for.

Like all other academies, the Baih Academy was recruiting new students.

All emperors sent their pupils to recruit talented people from all over the continent.

It was for the same reason.

Stelladom Academy, the largest school on the continent, would start recruiting in three months.

They were open to all people, and everybody on the continent could apply.

Therefore, all the emperors tried to snatch the talents before Stelladom Academy did.

It happened every year, but they were never able to outshine Stelladome Academy.

It was as if some people would avoid them and only come out when Stelladome Academy started recruiting.

Soochin didnt care much about that.

She only needed to finish her mission, and her master could worry about the rest.

Three hours soon passed, and Baih Academys recruitment ended.

They only found some mediocre students, just like any other year.

Soochin nodded and didnt think much of it.

Her own battle was more important.

If she could take Firey back, all those new students would be nothing in comparison.

The essence of nature was a one-in-a-million genius.

They arrived at the arena.

Soochin was as pretty as a picture in her white dress.

Firey stood on the other side without making a sound.

It was obvious she didnt like Soochin.

“Kiddo, I still dont know your name.

Can you tell me I think I should know the name of my future pupil.”

Firey snorted and didnt say a word.

She couldnt be bothered to talk to Soochin, let alone tell her her name.

On their way here, Himmel Soan had told her about the problem with the Soan surname and warned her not to mention her name in case someone wanted trouble.

She could take care of the trouble without breaking a sweat, but this woman was being unreasonable.

Firey found Soochin annoying.

Soochin smiled.

She wasnt in a rush to get her answer.

Once the girl became her pupil, she could give her a new name.

All members of the Baih family had to take the surname Baih.

This girl was no exception!


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