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Everything had a limit.

A water barrel would be filled to the rim at some point.

No matter how big a bag was, it could only fit in a certain number of things.

It was the same case with Firey.

Soochin didnt think she could keep absorbing the energy.

Sooner or later, she would hit her limit.

“So what if she has some of my energy All she can do is absorb the attacks.

It may seem powerful, but she cant attack me with it.”

If she couldnt attack, she could only wait to get beaten.

In a one-on-one battle, that ability was useless.

With that thought, Soochin plucked the strings, and music resonated in the air.

Her attacks were becoming more traceable.

That was normal.

Just as Soochin herself had said, all stances had their weak spots.

Her sonic attack was invisible at first, but if one watched long enough, one could notice a pattern.

By now, everybody could see the direction and the trajectory of the attack, becoming predictable.

It was easier to counter them.

Firey enjoyed her fire form and was having a good time.

She would usually switch between the heart of the volcano and her human form.

Today was the first time that she turned into fire.

It was quite fun.

“Since I can control fire, I can turn into fire myself.

What if I control the fire and split it into two parts Will there be two of me”

Firey gave it a try.

Unfortunately, she failed.

She couldnt split this ball of fire into two because it would be dividing her own body.

Splitting herself up

Of course, she wouldnt do something so stupid.

However, the experiment wasnt fruitless.

She realized although she couldnt separate herself, she could control the flame in a different way.

She could turn it into little cannonballs.

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She looked at Soochin.

“This is for attacking me and making fun of me!”

She created a small ball of fire and threw it in Soochins direction.


Soochin was taken by surprise.

Did the fire form enhance Fireys attacks

She didnt have time to ponder on it.

Plucking the strings again, she targeted the fireball.

Neither the fireball nor the sonic attack had a solid body.

The clash should be a collision of two streaks of energy.

However, upon making contact, it was like two solid objects smashing into each other.

In the next second, the fireball exploded in the air like a firework before the sparks fell to the ground.

The sonic attack also disappeared.


Soochin was a little relieved.

The fireball wasnt too powerful, and she could eliminate it with her sonic attack.

It ended up like a firework. Soochin couldnt care less.

She liked fireworks, but not in this manner, and certainly not fireworks that could attack her!

Eliminating one fireball certainly wasnt enough.

Soon, fireballs were hurled at Soochin like pelting rain.

Soochin no longer held the offensive and was forced to defend.

She would spot the fireballs right away and block them with her sonic attacks, shooting down the fireballs in midair.

Thump! Thump!

“Its like New Years Eve! Why are there so many fireworks”

“No, its not! Are you blind Dont play dumb! You know perfectly well whats going on!”

“But those fireworks really remind me of New Years Eve!”

“Thats right! If you didnt say that, I would have forgotten that were watching a battle!”

“What Arent they fireworks What battle I dont know what youre talking about!”

The crowd was amazed by the “fireworks.” They only got to watch fireworks once a year on New Years Eve.

The thing was, one year here consisted of 24 months, twice as long as a year on Earth.

“Stools! Comfy stools! Its perfect for watching the fireworks! Everybody should have one, and its very affordable! Itll only cost you a low-grade essence stone!”

The crowd rolled their eyes at the vendor.

Despite the unreasonable price, they still bought stools from him.

Normally, one low-grade essence stone could buy hundreds of stools.

They didnt care about the price now because they were tired from standing and really needed to sit down.

The stool came just in time.

They didnt think the stools were worth the price, but the stunning “fireworks” were.

Himmel Soan opened his eyes in curiosity.

It brought him back to Earth, where he used to interact with cunning merchants.

He hadnt lost his focus because of that though; rather, the battle was about to end.

He had learned a bit more about the cultivation law here, but to comprehend more, he would need to find someone more advanced.

The little bit he had learned had helped him greatly.

If he wanted to, he could comprehend the entire cultivation law in a matter of minutes.


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