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Cloud City.

The Baih Manor.

Emperor Baih narrowed his eyes and replayed the event in his mind.

“Whos that man” He couldnt stop wondering.

A cultivator without a sect

He didnt believe it.

No independent cultivator as young as that man could be so capable.

In fact, Emperor Baih didnt know Himmel Soans actual cultivation level.

That guy seemed so common, and he had never detected any spiritual essence in him.

Yet the young man remained indifferent in his presence.

He even defied him on certain things and showed no fear whatsoever.

Moreover, he wasnt impressed by his offer.

He couldnt be just an ordinary man.

Emperor Baih would never believe it.

In that case, who could he be

Emperor Baih had a sense of crisis at the last moment, which was why he retrieved his projection.

His instinct told him that his projection would disappear in Baihib City if he didnt retreat.

The materials required to create such a projection were rare and expensive.

Even an emperor like him had to go through many difficulties to collect them.

Emperor Baih didnt want to take that risk, so he retrieved the projection after giving the last instructions.

“Has one of the old guys come out of his seclusion No, thats not it.

Those old men wouldnt exude such a youthful feeling.

Even if they could change their appearance, they couldnt change their energy.

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“If its not one of them, could it be one of their disciples Those old men are more capable than I think.

“I cant believe they could bring up a pupil like him.

Hes so young, and Im already feeling intimidated.

Given enough time, will he replace me

“Thats a terrifying idea.

I dont think I should let him live!

“If he wont join the Baih family, I should make him disappear.

Hell pose a great threat to me if he joins one of the other families.”

Emperor Baih soon made up his mind.

Once he decided on something, he wouldnt budge.

Since he had sentenced Himmel Soan to the death penalty, he had to die.

“Tell the Dark Division to take that man out!” Emperor Baih made a sketch of Himmel Soan, handed it to his subordinate, and gave the order.

Himmel Soan knew nothing about it.

Even if he did, he wouldnt feel concerned.

He didnt like trouble, but it didnt mean he was afraid of it.

If someone tried to kill him, he would fight back, no matter how many assassins were sent.

When Emperor Baih left, Himmel Soan and Firey didnt leave the city.

They stayed.

He knew he would soon learn something about Gina.

But he didnt know if it would be good or bad news.

He wasnt ready to face it yet.

What if he couldnt find Gina in this world

What would he do then

He and Firey were walking on the street.

People would make way for them wherever they went.

Himmel Soan was someone who could speak to Emperor Baih as an equal.

Of course, they would respect an important man like him.

However, no one tried to fawn on him or strike up a conversation.

Earlier, they would have tried to talk to him when they saw how approachable he was.

That changed after he had a conflict with Emperor Baih.

Although these people werent from the Baih family, they still lived in their territory.

This city belonged to the Baihs.

Emperor Baih practically owned them.

They couldnt befriend their owners enemy.

Even if they didnt think Emperor Baih was their owner, they still needed to worry about the city lord and the rest of the Baih family.

Everybody avoided Himmel Soan and didnt want anything to do with him.

“Master, what are those” Firey pointed at a store.

“Thats a weapon shop.

The weapons it sells all contain spiritual essence.

Would you like one We can go inside and have a look,” Himmel Soan explained with a smile.

Seeing the shop, he suddenly remembered Roams.

The Soanian sword he created worked the same way as the essence weapons.

He didnt realize it at first.

Now that he did, he was amazed by Roamss talent.

That man had never seen an essence weapon before, yet he could create something similar with the power of the Golden Core stage.

That was a level that ordinary essence weapons couldnt reach.

Thinking about Roams made Himmel Soan turn his thoughts to Earth.

All the Earthlings had moved to K18, and they wouldnt have any crisis for the foreseeable future, but he was still curious about how things were going on that side.

His concern would have to be shelved away for now.

He hadnt figured out this world he was in yet.

Returning to his old world was an impossible mission.

He still had no idea which planet and which universe he was in.

He needed to solve one problem at a time.

Since he was already here, he might as well put his heart to it.

Besides, the Soans were also on K18.

As long as they followed his instructions, nothing could go wrong.

Himmel Soan led Firey into the weapon shop.

They were immediately intrigued by various essence weapons inside.

Sabers, swords, axes, hammers… There was everything.

Some of the weapons looked like ordinary objects, but that was only a disguise.

They were anything but ordinary.

“Sir, what would you like to see You can take whatever you want!

“If you want this shop, I can give it to you!” The chubby shop owner bowed his head and sounded frightened.


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