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No customers were asking for a bargain, but the vendors were already dropping their prices.

Himmel Soan was amazed.

If they kept doing this, they would have to pay their customers.

That wasnt going to happen, though.

The vendors werent idiots.

The best they would do was to give away the pills for free.

But ten top-grade essence stones were too low a price.

When a Golden Core cultivator at his peak took a Virtualization Pill, there was a chance that he could make a breakthrough and reach the Virtualization stage.

The initial price of one supreme-grade essence stone was actually reasonable.

It was what a pill was worth.

To refine one, a great number of materials were needed, which would cost a lot of essence stones.

Refining a pill was also an energy-consuming process.

One supreme-grade essence stone wasnt expensive at all.

How did it drop to ten top-grade essence stones Thats less than 10% of what the raw materials cost.

Himmel Soan moved closer to take a look.

If the pills really cost ten top-grade essence stones, he would like to buy one to do some research.

“Junior Brother, dont compete with me.

Im already at a loss!”

“Senior Brother, in that case, my pills will only cost eight top-grade essence stones!”


“Im sorry, Senior Brother.

Please let me sell mine!”

“What are you doing Why are you competing against your own sect members”

They went on arguing without noticing Himmel Soan.

No one believed anyone would want to buy their pills because the locals knew they were selling useless pills.

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The pills were defective products, and taking them wouldnt do anyone any good.

Instead, it would impair ones health.

Everybody walking on the street knew that.

Therefore, no matter how low the price was, they wouldnt buy from them.

Similar things had happened many times before, and the record low was one top-grade essence stone, and they still attracted no customers.

Yet they came out today to start a new round of price competition.

“Hey, we have a customer!”

“What Where Wheres my customer”

“What Please take a look at my pills.

We have a big discount today.

Give me one top-grade essence stone, and you can take the pill home.”

“Sir, do you fancy anything What would you like to try I have all kinds of pills here.

Whatever you want, I have it!”

The vendors stood around Himmel Soan, looking like hungry men who had finally found some food.

They kept promoting their pills and offered better prices in case Himmel Soan wasnt pleased with the current one.

Their noise attracted much attention from the passers-by.

The other vendors looked at them in amazement.

“Whos that young man Hes very brave!”

“When can we kick those men out of here Theyre making a mess!”

“Kick them out Can you People of the Elixir School will come after you!”

“People of the Elixir School are selling harmful pills all the time.

Its bringing shame to that school!”

“That can wait.

Arent you going to remind that naive man He can spend his money in our shops.

Why give it to those frauds”

Seeing the look in Himmel Soans eyes, they believed he was being misled by the low price.

They had seen so many people like him before.

They thought Himmel Soan wanted to buy the Virtualization Pills because he thought it was a great bargain.

But the other vendors knew why the pills were so cheap.

One of them couldnt stand it anymore.

He ran to Himmel Soans side and warned him, “Young man, dont buy any pills from them!”

“Why” Himmel Soan was curious.

Why shouldnt he buy the cheap pills Were they poisonous

His random speculation turned out to be correct.

“Theyre students of the Elixir School, and their refinement fails all the time.

After a while, they used up their raw materials.

Hence, the school kicked them out.

Now, they can only return when they find more raw materials.

“One of their methods is to sell the useless pills theyve made.

No matter how much they charge, if they can sell, theyre making a profit!”

The pills were so cheap because they were defective.

Even the successful pills were slightly poisonous, let alone the defective ones.

No one would want to buy poisonous pills.

However, Himmel Soan was interested because he was only going to study the pill, not eat it.

He would recover his power on his own.

Firey didnt have any obstacles either.

As long as she could cultivate, she could keep making breakthroughs even when she was as advanced as the emperors.

“Dont put it that way.

Even if theyre defective, they still cost me a lot of materials!”

“You cant use it for making breakthroughs, but you can use it for assassinations.

Theyre as good as any other poisons!”

“Only we can sell defective pills at such a low price!”

“Sir, what do you think One medium-grade essence stone for one pill, isnt that a sweet deal”

The students of the Elixir School refuted the vendors.

They listened to such comments all the time and didnt mind a few more criticisms.

The vendors were telling the truth, and they would say whatever they wanted on normal days.

However, a customer was here.

They couldnt besmirch their names in front of the customer!

They were ruining their business!

The students wouldnt let that happen.

“Ill take two pills of each kind,” said Himmel Soan.


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