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“That wont be necessary.

Making pills is just a temporary thing for me.

I dont have any reason to accept so many materials.” Himmel Soan waved his hand and turned Lan down.

She insisted.

“I saw the way you made the pills, and I know youre a master.

I have so many questions to ask.

Can I use these materials as payment for your teachings

Lan now knew Himmel Soan was an undiscovered master, hidden so well that even she had misjudged him.

Therefore, she wanted him to forgive her.

Moreover, she also had another request.

She wanted Himmel Soan to answer her questions on subjects that she still didnt understand.

She even feared that she hadnt offered enough—at least that was her idea.

“Well… Alright.

If you have questions on pill refining, just tell me, and we can discuss them.

I dont think of myself as a master, nor do I know what to teach you.

Maybe youll have to answer my questions.”

Himmel Soan didnt refuse her this time.

In front of him were Elder Ein and a female cultivator who knew much about refining pills.

He had only just started, while the other two were veterans.

He really had some questions for them.

For instance, how they made pills or the methods in the books.

Lan was thrilled and felt honored.

“Ill answer all your questions.

But before that, Id like to see the pills youve just refined!”

Her request was reasonable.

She wasnt alone either.

Everybody here wanted to see what kind of pills would attract such a thunder tribulation.

Himmel Soan had every right to say no, but he didnt find it necessary.

“Here they are.

You can have this one.” Himmel Soan showed them the nine pills.

He gave them one pill because he wanted to see if the pill would do anything to recover ones energy.

Otherwise, he would have given them all nine pills.

Lan was stunned when she took the pill.

Her hands were shaking so violently that she almost dropped it.

“Theres an inscription on it! Its the inscription of a Grade-8 pill!” Lan cried out in astonishment.

Even she couldnt refine such pills.

Two out of three times, she would fail to make Grade-8 Class B pills.

Those two times would only give her defective pills, let alone Grade-8 pills with inscriptions.

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“I was going to make Grade-7 pills because thats the highest level those materials could give me.

I didnt expect to attract the thunder tribulation, so I pushed it further and reached Grade 8,” said Himmel Soan.

He didnt plan it beforehand.

The turn of events was unexpected.

Hearing how relaxed Himmel Soan was, Lan couldnt help but think, Is this how masters think

She then carefully handed the pill to Pesi.

“Its a gift from the master.

Keep it safe.

You can learn a lot from it!”

Pesi was perplexed because he thought they were going to return it.

Were they really going to keep it

But after hearing what Lan said, Pesi didnt know what to add.

Moreover, he wanted to keep the pill too.

He thought maybe he could sense the thunder tribulation energy on the pill, which would help him reach the Hinayana state.

At first, Lan thought about giving the pill back to Himmel Soan.

It was a very valuable gift.

On second thought, she felt maybe the master would be offended if she refused the gift.

It seemed the master didnt think much of the pill and had given it away in passing.

Because of that, Lan made her decision.

“I read a lot of books last night and found quite a few errors.

Ive noted all of them.

You can take a look and see if Im right.” Himmel Soan then took out all the books.

Lan and Pesi turned the pages and saw his notes.

As they did some calculations in their heads, the looks on their faces changed.

Their mouths fell open, and they kept making soft cries.

“Thats right!” “Thats it!” “Why havent I thought about that!”

Two hours later, they closed the last book with twinkling eyes.

Himmel Soan had edited quite a few pill formulas.

They were the ones that could fail easily.

After Himmel Soans adjustments, it was obvious that following the new formulas would significantly increase the success rate.

“Sir, Id like to become your pupil!” Lan made the request.

Everybody was shocked.

The principal had tried to take Lan in as a pupil, but she turned down the offer.

She said she didnt need a master.

But she wanted to become this mans pupil! Did she think this man was better than the principal

What happened today was strange in a lot of peoples eyes.

They thought the principal could have done the same.

Yet, Lan wanted to become this mans pupil.

“Well…” Himmel Soan was surprised.

A pupil He hadnt done so for a long time.

He never thought anyone would want to become his pupil now.

Moreover, Lan seemed quite talented.

Himmel Soan hesitated.

“I want to become your pupil, too,” Pesi said with a blush.

Everybody else was dumbfounded.

Elder Ein wanted to become this mans pupil! Wasnt he a little too old for that


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