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Wendy had been teaching in the mountain village for free for six years.

Numerous students had left the mountains after they graduated under her tutelage.

But she couldnt stay here any longer because she had lost her faith.

It was a meaningful job, but not to her anymore.

“Miss Wendy!”

“Miss Wendy!”

“Dont go, Miss Wendy! Where are you going”

The children ran out of the classroom and called after her in tears.

Two elderly villagers heard the commotion and tottered closer to check upon them.

“Miss Wendy, where are you going”

“Linda, Ursula, thank you for all your help over the years.

I have to go! Im sorry! I cant stay here anymore!” Wendy cried as she ran out of the village and into the mountains without hesitation.

What happened to Chad and Wendy was happening all over the country.

“Im sorry, guys, but I cant keep my promise!”


Soan, where are you going You said you were going to help this village so that well have a better life! Things have just begun to improve! Why now”

“Because Im a member of the three Himmelian divisions and part of the Soan empire.

I have to go back to see our Patriarch for the last time!”


Soan, cant you stay What are we going to do without you”

“I dont want to leave you either, but I have to! Goodbye, everyone!”

All the members of the Soan empire had to return when they saw the assembling sign.

Drake was watching the videos sent by shelters from all over the country.

He was conflicted.

In the videos, his prisoners were slapping themselves while the members of the three divisions were crying aloud.

They were moved by their action.

Carolines eyes were also red and swollen.

“Grandpa Drake, are we really going to kill them Theyve admitted their mistake.

Cant we forgive them”

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Warren said, “Uncle Drake, please spare their lives.

Im begging you! All 68 million people have apologized and are willing to accept any punishment.

The Patriarch has always taught us to be forgiving and lenient.

Are we really going to do this”

Drake sighed and asked, “Is everyone here”


Our people from the northern ice field and the southern branch are all waiting outside.”

“What do they think What do they think we should do”

“Theyll follow your order, but if its possible, they hope that you can forgive these people.

They didnt want internal strife among the Soans, so they stayed outside so that they wont start arguing with you.”

Drake nodded.

“I see.

Warren, start the last stage.

As for those people, you can let them go.”

Warren was elated and nodded.

“Sure! Thank you, Uncle Drake!”

Yosef rose to his feet and announced to the crowd, “Lets begin!”

“Lets begin!”

“Lets begin!”

The crowd passed the message down the line.

Drake led the Soans out of the room with sorrow in his eyes.

They went to Carolines villa.

Hayden was dressed in an imperial robe.

The golden robe was embroidered with nine dragons on it.

He had also carefully fixed Himmel Soans face and clothes.

He saw through the window that Drake and the others were waiting outside.

He said sadly, “Patriarch, were here to see you off!”

Outside, Warren said loudly, “Uncle Hayden, were here to see the Patriarch off!”

After that, 16 men from the Soan empire carried a giant flower bed into the courtyard.

Hayden carried Himmel Soans remains out of the villa.

The others then helped him put Himmel into the crystal coffin at the center of the flowerbed.

“Well bury the Patriarch in the place thats the closest to the sky! All members of the Soan empire, this trip isnt obligatory.

You can choose whether you want to follow us on this last journey or not! We wont force anyone! Feel free to stay here!”

After that announcement, Drake walked through the crowd and set off without looking back.

There was nothing for him here!

In the online world.

Once the computers and phones were working again, everyone rushed online.

“Shit! Did everyones computer and phone break down Or was it just mine”

“You think too highly of yourself! It happened to our entire internet cafe! It definitely wasnt just you! Im sure of it!”

“I didnt know that Mr.

Soan had made so much contribution! We crossed the line a little, didnt we”

“Thats an understatement! Weve done such horrible things to him!”

“What have we done Damn that Stella Shane! Would things turn out differently if we had spoken up for Mr.


“With what was going on, who could have known!”

@Undereducated wrote, “Guys, look! I just shot this!”

Suddenly, someone named “Undereducated” posted a video online.

In the video, 16 men were carrying a giant flower bed, at the center of which was a crystal coffin.

A man was lying inside.

It was an old man wearing a golden imperial robe.

The viewers immediately recognized him.

By now, Himmel Soan was so famous that everyone knew what he looked like.

At least a few hundred people were following the 16 men.

They all had a solemn look on their face as they slowly walked after the coffin and flower bed.

“What are they doing”

“I have no idea!”

“Didnt someone say that the three divisions were going to stick with Mr.

Soan, dead or alive”

“Holy smokes! Thats so scary! If thats the case, are they going to kill themselves”


“Seriously Now thats creepy!”

“Good evening, everyone.

Youre watching Suth TV.

Im your host, Linda.

“As you can see, over 9,000 people are following Mr.

Himmel Soans coffin, and theyre heading west.

We have no idea what their plan is!

“Judging by the direction, theyre going into the desert!”

The three Himmelian divisions became the center of the attention of the entire country.

Someone speculated online, “Theyre not going to bury themselves alive, are they”

“Who knows We cant let them do that! We need to figure out a way to stop them!”

“What way What can we do No one can stop them now!”

A few helicopters landed near the funeral procession.

Henry Lang stepped out first.

“Drake Soan, what are you doing”


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