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While people around the tower discussed it with passion, Himmel Soan and Firey were already gone.

Vin followed Bandoras orders and showed them around.

“Heres our arsenal.

Over there is our alchemy building.

And this is…” At first, Vin was nervous about the task.

Having heard what Bandora said, she realized the seemingly ordinary man was, in fact, a big shot.

Bandora and Himmel Soan had talked in front of Vin, so she heard almost every word.

It only made her more nervous.

At first, she thought he was an ordinary man and tried to ask him to leave.

Because of that burst of energy, she started showing Himmel Soan respect.

Then, Bandora arrived, causing Vin to change her attitude once again.

She became rather reserved.

Now that she had spent some time with Himmel Soan, she forgot about his distinguished status and started chatting again.

Sometimes, she would regard him as an ordinary man because he seemed so approachable all the time.

“Shall I show you the waterfall” Vin suggested.

“The waterfall Is it the big one I saw when I came in” Himmel Soan was intrigued.

“Yes! The waterfall is why our school is built here.

Its one of our core areas.

The other core is the herb garden, but there isnt much to see there.” Once she started talking about the waterfall, Vin couldnt stop.

She wanted to tell them everything she knew.

However, she was only telling them about how beautiful the waterfall was and forgot to mention its function.

Firey listened with her eyes wide open.

Before long, Vin led them to the side of a river.

It was the upper reach of the waterfall.

“Its a pretty waterfall, but is there anything special about it” asked Himmel Soan.

“Im so sorry.

I forgot to tell you that.” Vin was embarrassed.

She had told them so many useless things and only realized that when he asked the question.

How could she forget about that

After apologizing to Himmel Soan, Vin said, “This river flows out of the Freezing Land.

Our principal went out to find its source.

On her exploration, she visited that land and found Frost.


“We all live from what the land can provide, and essence fish abound in this river.

“The waterfall has great momentum.

We found the impact of the water to be especially effective in enhancing our strength.

The longer one can stand under the waterfall, the more benefits one will get.

“Most students in Elixir School are alchemists, so we arent as well-built as the martial arts practitioners.

The waterfall has helped us greatly in that aspect.”

Himmel Soan nodded.

These people indeed lived from what this land could provide.

He finally understood why Elixir School would hold the fighting competition.

Having talent in alchemy was a good thing, but once one started focusing on making pills, it was hard to spare energy for other fields, such as physical training.

Alchemists with inferior cultivation levels wouldnt get far.

This waterfall was an essential facility for the school.

“Essence fish Vin, are they tasty I bet theyre yummy when roasted!” Firey was intrigued by the essence fish.

Vin smiled and said gently, “Eating the essence fish is like absorbing the essence stones.

The fish literally melts in your mouth, and its taste is so buttery.

Its very delicious!”

Firey was so excited that she rolled up her sleeves and was ready to jump into the river.

Vin was scared out of her wits.

She immediately grabbed Fireys hand, trying to stop her.

However, Firey was adamant about having her way.

She picked up Vin with one hand and wanted Vin to join her fish-catching activity.

Himmel Soan intervened.

“Firey, behave yourself!

“Vin was going to give you instructions.

What do you think youre doing”

Hearing Himmel Soans harsh tone, Firey looked like a deserted puppy.

She ran back to him and grabbed the lower hem of his shirt.

Vin didnt see that coming.

If she knew how it worked, she would have spoken her mind already.

She was relieved when she saw Himmel Soan wasnt really angry.

“Firey, dont be in such a rush.

This river comes from the Freezing Land and contains some cold energy.

If you go into the river, it will invade your body and become a toxin.

We havent created a pill to neutralize it yet.

“Thats why I tried to stop you.

Please dont be mad!” Vin explained herself.

Firey was embarrassed when she heard this.

She was the heart of the volcano, and that cold energy was her natural enemy.

However, even the principal of the school couldnt find an antidote.

If she jumped into the river, she would probably die.

Firey soon figured out what could have happened.

“Vin, Im sorry.

I was so careless that I almost get everyone in trouble.” Firey gave Vin a bow and tugged at Himmel Soans sleeve.

“Master, Im sorry.”

Himmel Soan waved her off because he didnt think much of it.

He had noticed how unusual the river was, so he scolded Firey to stop her.

He hadnt scolded anyone for hundreds of years.

He then asked Vin, “If this river is so dangerous, why can the students use the waterfall Doesnt it contain that energy”

Vin was just telling them about using the waterfall to enhance their strength.

That didnt make sense.


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