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That was how much she disliked this man.

If he hadnt been her fellow schoolmate, she would have punched him in the face.

“Youd better not run into me in the street, or Ill slap you until you have no teeth left!” Vin spat at Manos.

Manos acted as if he didnt hear those words.

“Go gentle on me, then.

The competition wont start until tomorrow.

Besides, we should focus on the present.

Do you really think you can catch a second fish”

Vin blushed.

She really had no idea if she could do that.

However, the honorable guest had suggested, and she couldnt say no.

She didnt know it would give Manos an opportunity to laugh at her.

“Either way, its none of your business.

What would you do if I caught one and what if I didnt” Vin said.

Firey walked up to Vins side.

She sneered at Manos and pointed a finger at his face.

“Bitchy man, what Vin can or cannot catch is none of your business.

“You fart so loudly that I thought theres a butt on your face!”

The people nearby were shocked.

They wanted to laugh, but they had to suppress the impulse.

Manos was a core member of Elixir School just like Vin.

Hearing those words, Manos couldnt keep up that fake smile anymore.

His face turned livid.

He had never been humiliated like that before.

“You!” Manos pointed at Firey but didnt know what to say.

As an important figure in the school, swearing wasnt an option.

He could only reply sarcastically.

However, this girl was so lovely that he was at a loss for words.

“You ignorant girl! I wont dignify your insult with a reply!

“Vin, if you can catch a second fish today, Ill jump into the river.

If you cant, you must become my cultivation partner!”

Firey snorted.

“Thats not a challenge at all!

“Ill accept the challenge for Vin.

I cant wait to see you jump into the river!”

The people around them were astonished.

A bet between two important students was established just like that.

Having either one of them involved in such an affair was shocking news, let alone two.


The news spread like wildfire.

Before long, hundreds of students gathered around, and more people were on their way.

“Whos that girl That was so bold of her, accepting the challenge for Vin.”

“Two fish in one day Thats impossible!”

“Not exactly.

The principal and Frost have done it before.

Why cant Vin”

“Dont be ridiculous! The principal is at the Emperor stage, so of course, she can catch two.

Frost is born with that cold energy; this river is like her home.

Its not the same for Vin!”

“Then Vin is in trouble! How could that girl accept the challenge for her Thats just dumb!”

“Why could that girl accept the challenge Shouldnt it come from Vin herself”

“Didnt you see Vin didnt say anything.

Its as if shes given her consent!”

“Of course she does! Dont you know what girl has passed all nine levels in the tower That man next to her is the principals guest! Do you think Vin wants to offend them”

Everybody sighed.

No one dared to offend the principals guests.

That must be why Vin hadnt said anything.

Vin was indeed baffled.

She frowned and couldnt say anything.

If she did, she would offend Firey.

They might have gotten along well, but she knew she wasnt her match.

However, what if she didnt catch anything She knew things had gotten out of hand.

Even if the principal were here, she couldnt have come up with a perfect solution.

All she could was remain silent and pin her hope on her fishing rod.

“Please let me have some luck!”

Fifteen minutes passed, but nothing happened.

Vin retracted the fishing wire and saw the essence stone was still attached.

“How is this possible Although I havent caught anything, the essence stone should be gone by now.”

“Is it possible that you havent left it there long enough”

“No, its been fifteen minutes, and the essence stone should have disappeared.

This is so strange!”

“Is there no fish left in the river”

The speculation made everybody go quiet.

The essence fish was an important resource, the reason why the Elixir School was built here.

Without the fish, the impact on the school would be unthinkable.

Vin sighed.

She was ready to lower the stone into the water again.

Himmel Soan rubbed his chin and suggested, “Use a top-grade essence stone.”

Vin was surprised.

“What Isnt the low-grade one enough A top-grade one sounds like such a waste.”

Even if she caught a fish with a top-grade fish, it still wouldnt be worthwhile.

However, she soon realized something.

That shouldnt be her concern now.

Her future happiness was on the line here!

She changed the essence stone.

Himmel Soan spoke again, giving her an explanation, “All living things have spirit, which can turn them into spiritual beings.

After that, they become intelligent and develop thoughts of their own.

“The essence fish is an intelligent species.

The less intelligent ones will absorb the essence stone directly, and theyll get hooked.

“The more intelligent ones will observe before making their move.

“The essence stone didnt disappear because some more intelligent fish chased away the smaller ones.”


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