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Himmel Soan looked just like an average young man, and he resembled Firey a lot.

After Manos said bad things about him, she shut him up by demonstrating her power.

The burst of energy made them realize that the girl was a peak Contemplation cultivator!

Just then, the fish wire started swaying.

Vin still didnt pull, but she grew happier.

Everything was happening just as the young master had predicted!

She finally knew why it was her lucky day.

She had met him, and that was the greatest fortune in her life!

While Vins face lit up, Manoss face darkened.

The other people didnt hear their conversation earlier and couldnt understand their reactions.

“That was the second time a fish got hooked, but she still didnt do anything.

She must want to be together with Manos!”

“Not necessarily.

Maybe that young master gave her the instruction.”

“What young master Hes just an ordinary man.

Maybe only his daughter is the talented one.”

“Youve got a point, but why does Manos look so unhappy”

“Thats right.

The fish has been hooked twice, but she still hasnt pulled the rod.

Shes going to lose the bet!”

“Maybe there will be a third time!”

“Bull**! If that happens, Ill give you a bottle of Grade-7 treatment pills for free!”

“Really You can give it to me now.

The fish has just taken the bait.”

They were still talking when the fish got hooked for the third time.

Vin immediately pulled the fish out of the water.

Everybody was shocked when they saw the fish.

They had never seen an essence fish as big as this one.

It was about the size of an adult!

With that size, the fish had to weigh 100lb!

Manoss face turned livid, and he stumbled back, feeling his legs go weak.

If he lost that bet, he would have to jump into the river.

With the cold energy in the water, it was practically suicide.

Vin walked up to him and spoke in an indifferent tone, “I never personally made that bet with you, so it doesnt count, regardless of me catching the fish or not.”

Manos was relieved.

He had already made up his excuse.

He would insist that Vin never accepted the bet in her own words, so it didnt count.

What the girl said couldnt be considered Vins will.

If he used that excuse, he knew he would lose all respect from his schoolmates, and his principal and parents would even punish him for it.

To his surprise, Vin gave him a way out.

After leaving the river, Himmel Soan asked Vin, “Any regrets”

“Id be lying if I said no.” Vin sighed and looked up at the sky.

“After all, were still going to see each other on a daily basis, so I decided to let him off the hook.

I dont want to be as ignorant as him.”

“Id love to kick him into the river!” Firey hissed, carrying the giant fish on her back.

“Firey, youre such a fierce girl.” Vin chuckled and stopped talking about Manos.

Himmel Soan was filled with emotions as well.

Not many people could be as magnanimous as Vin.

Judging by their conversation, he could tell Vin and Manos had some old grudges between them, and she was trying to avoid him whenever she could.

As a result, Manos became even more defiant.

He had finally learned a lesson today.

They arrived at a cottage.

It was where Vin lived, and the room was in perfect order without a trace of dust.

It reminded one of its owner.

“All parts of the essence of fish are useful.

Ive never seen such a big one before, nor do I know what to do with it.” Vin was at a loss.

“Thats easy.

I can roast it!” Firey opened her palm, where a small flame was dancing.

“Lets do that.”

Himmel Soan didnt know much about cooking either.

Boiling and roasting made no difference to him.

Both were just ways to make the food edible.

Vin left the fish for Firey to cook.

After all, Himmel Soan had contributed the most to catch the fish.

Although she didnt know how, she knew it was because of him.

She only carried out his orders, which anyone could do.

She knew that very well.

Before long, Firey set the giant fish over a fire she had started and began to roast it.

The aroma filled the entire school.

People could tell somebody was roasting that essence fish.

Nothing else could have such a strong fragrance.

The smell made their mouths water.

They wanted to see the difference between this big fish and ordinary ones.

However, they stopped almost right away because they saw the principal heading for Vins cottage.

A moment later, Bandora arrived.

“The roast fish smells so delicious.

Will I be lucky enough to taste some” she asked with a smile.

“Take it all if you want,” Himmel Soan replied politely.

Bandora teased him, “In that case, Ill take the whole fish.”

“On second thought, leave some for me!”

Himmel Soan and Bandora smiled in unison.

Firey pouted.

“I need to eat too.

Why dont you leave me some!”

“Of course, we will.

Were going to finish this fish tonight! Its not as fun if you eat it as a takeaway.” Bandora rubbed Fireys head.

All four of them laughed.

It was such an amicable atmosphere.

Bandora left after eating the fish.

Himmel Soan took Firey to their room.

The following day, the competition began!


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