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The campus was bustling with noise and excitement.

All branches had brought dozens to over a hundred students to participate in the competition.

There were many stages above Golden Core, with each stage having talented students.

Therefore, bringing over a hundred students was quite common.

“Pesi, I heard you had reached the Hinayana stage.

Thats very impressive for someone of your age.


“Its only the Hinayana stage.

Whats there to congratulate” Pesi said indifferently.

Pesi and this elder from another branch had never gotten along well.

When that elder paid him a compliment, he found it suspicious.

He simply ignored that elder, who went by the name Zean.

Zean chuckled, not affected by his attitude.

“Pesi, at your age, you can drop dead at any moment.

Reaching the Hinayana stage is a big achievement for you.

“However, the Mahayana stage may be too far a stretch.

I, on the other hand, reached the Mahayana stage the other day.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me.

“Ill point you in the right direction and help you reach Mahayana.

Dont die before that!”

Pesi walked away without talking to Zean.

He had only brought a few people with him, including Lan, aka Elder Tine, his pupil Ton, and Kot, his son.

After leaving Zean, Pesi ran into Seene, his old acquaintance.

“Seene, its been a while!” Pesi struck up a conversation.

“Whats going on with that young master Did anything happen after he came here Did he meet the principal Has he left Is there a message or something”

He had so many questions, Seene didnt know what to say.

Pesi didnt seem to miss him at all.

He cared more about the young master.

Seene knew the man came from Pesis branch and had become Lans master.

Therefore, he understood why Pesi had so many questions.

“I spent the last few days preparing for the competition, so I dont know whats going on with the young master.

I think he and the principal got on well.

Hes also been invited to watch the competition.

“Speaking of which, I can share a little secret with you.

That girl is going to be the examiner of the Virtualization stage!”

Pesi was glad to hear that he was still here.

He had some questions about his cultivation.

While the young master was still here, maybe he could help with that!

Pesi didnt know how to react to the rest of the news.

If that girl was going to be an examiner, he could see something unusual was going to happen!

“Has the principal given Firey her permission” Pesi asked.

Seene nodded.

“Alright, the competition starts this evening.

Let me show you to your room so that you can have some rest.

Ill also tell you where the young master lives.”

Seene then looked at Lan.

Since she was the young masters pupil now, she must want to know where he lived.

The second bit of the conversation was for Lan.

Lan thought for a moment and shook her head.

“The competition is starting soon, and thats what I should focus on.

Ill see my master when I win it.

“Isnt he going to be there, too Ill surprise him!

“I have to shine in this competition, or I would be too ashamed to see him.”

Seene didnt say anything.

Lan had made up her mind, so it wasnt his place to suggest otherwise.

He left Pesi and the students after showing them their rooms to see Bandora.

“Maam, Lan isnt going to see the young master now.

She said she would do that after winning the competition.”

Bandora put down her cup and nodded.

“I see.

I wont keep you any longer.”

With the competition coming, Seene was very busy, too.

Bandora, on the other hand, had some free time at hand.

But it was only temporary.

In a few moments, the elders from various branches would visit her as a formality.

Himmel Soan was reading, while Firey and Vin were playing.

Seene arrived in a hurry.

“Sir, Elder Ein and your pupil are here.

Would you like to see them now” Although Lan said she wanted to surprise her master, Seene still informed him.

Himmel Soan shook his head.

“Students always visit their masters.

Since she hasnt come, it means she has her own plans.

I should support her.

With the competition coming, she should be adjusting herself.

I dont need to see her now.”

Seene was dumbfounded.

Himmel Soan had said everything he was about to say.

He left after briefly explaining to Himmel Soan about the competition.

Firey then brought up the essence of fish from the day before.

“Master, Im hungry.

I want to eat that fish again.

It was so delicious and could improve my power without any side effects!”

Himmel Soan rolled his eyes.

She ate the most yesterday, yet she was the first to get hungry.

He never knew the essence of nature could feel hunger.

“That was a 100lb fish, and you still want more.

We cant fish every day the same way we cant shave the sheep daily.

“Moreover, the essence fish is the most effective when you eat it for the first time.

The effects will diminish when you eat more.

Just be content.”

Firey pouted.

She didnt care about those things.

All she knew was Himmel Soan wouldnt give her any fish anymore.

Vin smiled and gave Firey the other fish she had caught.

“There, you have the fish now.

You can roast this one!”

Firey accepted the fish.

When she saw Himmel Soan didnt say anything, she roasted the fish and ate it.

After finishing the 3lb fish, she returned to Himmel Soan in satisfaction and thanked Vin for the fish, “Thank you, Vin!”

“Dont worry about it.

Go easy on me in the competition!”


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