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Gordon jumped out of the helicopter after Henry Lang.

Both of them scrambled toward Drake, looking agitated.

Many more helicopters were coming their way.

They covered half of the sky like migrating birds.

“Oh, its you.” Drake said matter-of-factly, “Youve gotten out.”

Gordon said, “Drake, why didnt you tell us what Mr.

Soan had done for this country! He was the reason that this country has made so many achievements in the past century! He was the force behind all the development! If you had told us, we would have searched for him with you! Maybe… Maybe none of this would have happened!”

Phoebe waved him off.

“Theres no point in saying that now.

What happened happened, and any discussion is a waste of time.

General, Director Lang, please go back and let us finish our mission.”

“Your mission Whats your mission Please tell me its not what I think it is!”

Drake said calmly, “Weve released those 60 million people.

What more do you want”

“No, they deserve the punishment! Mr.

Soan is the greatest man in the country! Its just like what you said, hes a god!”

Henry Lang and Gordon Marlow didnt think that way before they knew about Himmel Soans life, but after watching the app, they had a thorough understanding of his life.

No wonder so many people around the world believed in Himmel Soan and treated him like God.

He even became the only reason that kept them alive! He was worth it!

Even Henry Lang felt that Himmel Soan was as legendary as a god.

His exceptionally long life alone could amaze the world.

After Henry learned the truth, he sided with the three divisions.

Those people deserved to be punished!

Drake smiled.

“Farewell, Director Lang!”

With a wave of his hand, the ten thousand people followed him toward the west.

“Camille, tell the Himmelian Village to stop everything theyre doing and meet us at the sacred temple!” Drake gave the order as he walked.

Camille was the best computer genius in the world, and she could contact anyone from the Himmelian Village as long as they carried a communication device.

Phoebe added, “Tell the Himmelian Pavilion to stop what theyre doing.

They should set out for the sacred temple right now!”

“Tell the Himmelians to stop what theyre doing.

They should set out for the sacred temple right now!”

“Tell the Guardians to stop what theyre doing.

They should set out for the sacred temple right now!”

“Tell the elite members of the Martial Arts Association to abandon their previous plan.

Their new destination is the sacred temple!”

“Tell the members of the southern Himmelian branch to abandon their previous plan and meet us at the scared temple as soon as they can!”

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The orders were passed down in succession.

Summoned by the Soan empire, all members of headed for the same destination.

The sacred temple of Moon.

It was located at the center of the country in the hometown of Master Ghon, the greatest scholar in history.

It was also one of the eight most famous tourist destinations in the country.

“Yes, Sir!”

Camille nodded.

She ran to her car and sent the message to every member of the Soan empire through her computer.

Numerous reporters and vloggers were following them and broadcasting the event online.

“Hey guys, Im Ruth.

Im right here with Mr.

Himmel Soan, the great man himself.

You can see his remains in that coffin over there, and these people are all his followers!”

“Look! Thats Sean Lax, the first world heavyweight champion in our country! I didnt know that he was with the three divisions as well!”

“Thats Kay! Im a big fan! Hes a follower as well!”

“We didnt see their names on that app!”

“If Sean Lax and Kay arent important enough to be mentioned in that app, how powerful are the three divisions”

Their real power was beyond anyones imagination.

In the past two centuries, countless famous men and great scholars who had made contributions to the country all came from the Soan empire.

How incredible!

No wonder Himmel Soan was considered to be their God!

In a remote valley in the northwest, a man with sun-tanned skin sat sadly by the side of a road.


Soan, whats the matter Are you tired or thirsty Have some water!”

The man was from the big cities.

He had brought a lot of resources with him and invested in the construction of a road.

He had brought hope to this small town that no one had heard of.

It wouldnt be an exaggeration when one said that it took them three days to get to the nearest big city.

Without a proper road, they had to climb over mountains and sleep in the woods for two nights before they could reach modern civilization.

This man had been building tunnels, bridges, and roads for them since he arrived.

As a result, three-day the journey to the cities was shortened to 24 hours.

They were building a tunnel through the mountain now.

Once it was completed, the 24-hour journey would be further shortened to half a day.

To the people here, this sun-tanned man was their God.

He was concerned with everything that was happening to his God.

Seeing the troubled look on the mans face as he sat by the side of the road, people of the town thought that he was tired.

They moved closer to check upon him.

The man said in resignation, “Im sorry guys, but I may be gone for a while.”

“What Youre leaving Why”

“But Mr.

Soan, the tunnel hasnt…”

“Im sorry, but I dont think I can keep my promise! I cant work on this tunnel anymore, but you can! You have to finish the project after Im gone! Joe, Tim, do you hear me”

“Where are you going”

“Somewhere far away!”

He wasnt the only one who behaved oddly.

Similar things were happening in 80% of the undeveloped mountain villages in the country.

“Im sorry, guys, but I wont be here when the bridge is completed.”

“Sorry, everyone, but I need to go away for a while.

Heres everything I have.

You can take it!”

“You must work hard and have good grades.

That way, you can leave the mountains and go to college in big cities.

Youll be able to help your hometown in the future!”

Numerous members of the Soan empire were leaving their homes all over the country and heading for the sacred temple at the center of the country.

They knew that they would probably be gone forever.

“Chief! Somethings happening!”


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