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A young man in his early twenties ran to the village chief, looking flustered.

“Whats wrong Why are you in a hurry”

“Chief, this is bad! We cant let Mr.

Soan go! Hes going to die!”


The young mans shocking words frightened the villagers.

“Ted, what are you talking about Whats going on Tell us everything!”

Ted panted for air and said, “Mr.

Soan is a member of the Soan empire, and something big is happening in the cities! Look!”

Ted was one of the few college students in the village, and his college was in the city.

He had been closely following the news about the old man molesting his daughter—anyone who had access to the internet in the country knew about it.

The focus had gradually changed from an old man molesting his adopted daughter to him being the god of the country and the three Himmelian divisions.

After seeing the information shown by the app, Ted went to an internet cafe near his university and searched the names that were listed after the assembly sign.

All those people belonged to the Soan empire and the three divisions.

One of them was the sun-tanned man, Jason Soan.

Ted had always been a thrifty boy, but today, he hailed a taxi for the first time in his life and headed back home as fast as he could.

However, the taxi driver wouldnt drive any further when they reached the muddy country road.

Ted broke the law for the first time.

He knocked the driver unconscious and drove to the foot of the mountain on his own.

He then climbed the mountain like his life depended on it and went back to the village.

He wanted to stop Jason from leaving.

“Chief, wheres Mr.


“Hes gone…”

“What When!”

“About ten minutes ago!”

“Hes going to meet his death! We cant let him go! We need to get him back!”

The villagers didnt know what was going on, but the boy was a college student and the hope of the village, so they believed that he would never lie to them.

There was no time for explanations.

They jumped into a tractor and went after Jason.

He hadnt been gone for long.

They still had time!


Soan! Mr.


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Jason was only halfway down the mountain when he heard someone calling his name.

Turning around, he saw that the entire village had come out to look for him.


Soan, dont go!” The old village chief held his hand and wouldnt let go.

“Chief Norel Why are you here”

Ted said, “Uncle Jason, youre going to die, arent you You cant go! We wont let you go!”

“Thats right! Mr.

Soan, we cant let you go!”

“Jason, Ill break your legs if thatll keep you here!”

“Count me in! Mr.

Soan, well tie you up and carry you back to the village if we have to!”

The villagers put on their most ferocious looks.

Instead of being offended, Jason was moved.

He found the villagers adorable.

“Uncle Jason, please stay! Im begging you!” Ted knelt on the ground and kept begging him.

“I know whats going on.

I know them all! Uncle Jason.

Please dont go back! Please!”

“Ted, what happened”

Ted then summarized the story and told the others.

The villagers were in tears.

“Jason, we didnt know that Mr.

Soan had instructed you to do all those things for us! Is that right Mr.

Soan was the one who had built the bridge and road for us!”

Jason nodded.

There was a fervent look in his eyes, indicating how devoted he was to Himmel Soan.

“Guys, please dont make it harder than it is! I have to go back!”

“Jason, please stay! Dont leave us!” The villagers all knelt on the mountain slope, and it was such a moving scene.

Jason sighed in resignation, but he still grabbed his luggage with a decisive look on his face.


Soan, please dont go!”

Similar scenes were happening in another small village.

When the villagers learned that those people were going to meet their death, they tried everything to stop them.

Some tried to move them, some coaxed and pestered, and some more direct and tried to use force.

But being the members of the three Himmelian divisions, these men were skillful martial arts practitioners as well.

No one could stop them when they wanted to leave.

When they reached the high grounds nearby, they would click the red button on the device they carried.

Soon, a helicopter would arrive and carry them away.

The villagers could only watch as their faith and hope disappeared into the distance.

The entire country was concerned with the incident, but even the government couldnt do anything about it.

They couldnt use force to stop them because the three divisions would only reciprocate with even more force.

Carrying Himmel Soans coffin, Drake and his people traveled over a hundred kilometers that day.

By that evening, they had reached another city 180 km away from Bywater.

At this speed, they would reach the sacred temple in two days.

“Uncle Drake, all our people have received the message, and weve sent helicopters to pick them up.

Ive made some calculations.

Well have everyone in the temple for four days!”

“Great! Well set out at noon four days from now! Phoebe!”

Phoebe immediately stepped out.

“Yes, Brother.”

“Tell the Himmelian Pavilion to start working and build that road.

Well bury the Patriarch deep into the sea! It will be his eternal resting place.”


“Yes, Sir!”

That very night.

“Good evening, youre watching News Tonight.

Im Vera.

Weve just discovered a strange phenomenon.

There is a road stretching deep into the sea.

Please follow me and witness this incredible scene!”

The camera then turned in the direction of the sea.

A strange white bridge had appeared on the waveless surface of the sea.

It was tens of kilometers long.

And they couldnt say for sure whether it was a bridge or not.

Every part of the bridge was white, and no one could tell what material was used to build the bridge, but no matter how heavy the waves were, the bridge remained floating on the water as if it had taken root.

Some people were bold enough to walk on it.

The bridge seemed quite narrow from afar, but when they moved closer, they saw that it was over 100m wide and looked like floating ice on the sea.

“We dont know where this road came from, but the answer should be at the other end.”

Some people were already driving their cars onto the bridge, and Vera was one of them.

When they were about to reach the other end of the bridge, a group of people dressed in identical uniforms arrived.

“Get off this road! This road leads to the Patriarchs forever resting place! Youre no allowed to walk on it! Get lost!”


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