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He had no idea Himmel Soan had seen everything because he had covered the entire manor with his mental force.

It was incredibly impolite to probe a cultivator with ones mental force.

That was why Himmel Soan hardly ever used his mental force in Cloud City.

Even when he had to activate it, he tried to avoid all the cultivators.

He didnt feel the need to be restrained here in the Baih family.

Right now, he could detect everything going on in the manor.

For instance, he heard the entire conversation between Luton and Ivar.

He hadnt taken action because he wanted to see what they would do.

“Sir, Ive sent a message to my father.

He asked me to entertain you first.

Hell be back as soon as possible,” Luton smiled and said politely.

“Where is he Cloud City is a big place, but I assume he can come back soon,” said Himmel Soan.

“Yes, my father could come back immediately by using his power, but thats not allowed in Cloud City.

Sir, I thought you knew that.” Luton made up an excuse.

He knew Himmel Soan had appeared out of the blue.

As a result, he wasnt familiar with Cloud City that well.

Luton thought he could fool Himmel Soan with any story he made up.

He wasnt lying, though.

None of the eight emperors or any Emperor-stage cultivators could activate their power in Cloud City because it would lead to the death of a lot of low-level cultivators.

That was why it was forbidden.

“I see.

Ill wait here until Thy comes back.

If hes not here in fifteen minutes, Ill have your head on a plate,” Himmel Soan said calmly.

Luton froze.

Was this man threatening him Fifteen minutes Who was he kidding

He could kill this man in half that time!

“Sir, thats a bold statement.

I dont mind you disrespecting me, but you cant insult my family!

“Youre on the Baih familys territory!”


Luton pounded his fists on the table and jumped to his feet.

He glared at Himmel Soan.

“Did you say the Baih familys territory I think it should be the Zimmer familys.” Himmel Soan looked at Luton.

There was nothing threatening about his expression, but Luton felt he had seen death.

He swallowed and forced himself to calm down while staring at Himmel Soan.

“The Zimmer family is in the past!

“This is an era where only the toughest people can survive.

Emperor Zimmer disappeared.

The Zimmer family was weak! That was why it was destroyed!”

Despite what he said, Luton was anxious.

Where was Black Panther Him pounding the table was the signal to attack.

Yet that man was still nowhere to be seen!

How was that possible

Luton was holding Black Panthers family hostage.

There was no way the guy would defy his order.

It didnt make sense.

Black Panther couldnt have run off to rescue his family either because he didnt know where they were being held.

Just where was he

“Only the toughest can survive Youre absolutely right!

“I find the Baih family weak.

So can I wipe you out now” Himmel Soan smiled coldly.

He couldnt forgive the Baih family.

Luton frowned.

It was obvious that he was enraged.

The man was talking about destroying his family in front of him.

It couldnt get more insulting than that!

He had put up with the insults until now because he knew he would have his revenge.

But his patience had run dry.

“Are you a leftover of the Zimmer family Dont make me laugh!

“Did you just call my family weak Why dont you try destroying us

“Ivar, what are you waiting for Do you want your family dead” Luton shouted.

Since Ivar didnt take the hint, he would make his request clearer.

Ivars family was his hostage now.

He didnt think Ivar would defy his order.

If Ivar still refused to do anything, he would kill his wife.

After that, he would still have his daughter.

However, nothing happened.

Luton got no response.

It made him uneasy.

Had something happened to Ivar Did the guy care about his family at all

Earlier, when they spoke in the courtyard, it was obvious that Ivar loved his family.

Where was he

“Before you wonder where he is, you should worry about yourself.

“Leftover of the Zimmer family I can kill you a hundred times for saying that!

“Do you know why I still kept you alive” Himmel Soan asked unhurriedly.

He wanted nothing more than to kill this man.

The murderous energy had filled the manor and was spilling over.

Many cultivators in Cloud City sensed the energy.

They turned in the direction of the manor.

What was going on

In the restricted area in the Tzi family, a voice in a stone chamber said, “Lasul, go to the Baih family to see whats going on.”

“Yes, Patriarch!” a teenager cupped his fists and replied in a respectful tone.

The place regained its peace.

The teenager was already used to such arrangements.

He grabbed his sword and headed for the Baih manor.

Emperor Shwa, Emperor Oogh, and Emperor Zea also sent people there.

So did Starwan Tower.

Meanwhile, Emperor Baih was still with Emperor Uru.

“Something happened at my house! I must go now!” Thy looked in the direction of his home and frowned.

He couldnt think of anyone who could burst out with that kind of killing intent, not to mention it was happening in his own home.

Emperor Baih had a bad premonition.

He hurried back home after saying goodbye to Emperor Uru.

The Baih Manor.

Himmel Soan snorted.

Luton spat out a mouthful of blood and fell to the ground.

“What are you doing” Luton put a hand on his chest.

He didnt understand why he spat blood.

It had to have something to do with Himmel Soan!

“I told you already.

Im going to destroy the Baih family.”

“Thats the funniest thing Ive ever heard!” Luton said stubbornly.

He didnt believe Himmel Soan could do anything.

He was Emperor Baihs son!


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