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Kill the family of an emperor

That had to be the funniest thing in the world.

Who was confident enough to say that Who was this man kidding

Luton snorted.

Himmel Soan hadnt killed him yet, so he believed the other party had scruples.

Luton was Emperor Baihs son.

Killing him would make him the ultimate enemy of the family.

Emperor Baih would never let the matter drop.

Luton believed Himmel Soan was afraid of falling out with his father.

He wasnt in any danger.

One thing he hadnt figured out was Ivar.

He was still racking his brain when he heard a childish voice.

“Master, its done!” Firey appeared, dragging Ivar behind her.

Did she kill Ivar

But Ivar was a peak Mahayana cultivator!

How could this girl kill him

“Is he alive” Himmel Soan asked.

“Yes! I kept him alive!” Firey nodded.

She seemed so harmless.

Who could have thought she had caught Ivar alive That was even harder than killing him.

At Ivars cultivation level, it was virtually impossible to capture him alive.

How did that happen

Luton was utterly confused.

The only explanation was the girl was already at the Emperor stage.

But that was impossible!

It defied common sense!

Ivar scrambled to his feet, coughing violently.

He was extremely cautious and wanted to run into the shadows as soon as he got up.

But he failed.

His abilities seemed to have been deactivated.

He then remembered feeling the same way when he fought the girl.

The difference was that he could use some of his power back then.

It was as if somebody was suppressing him to hone the girl.

“Dont be so nervous.

If we wanted to kill you, you would have been long dead,” Himmel Soan said indifferently.

“Was that you” Ivar asked.

Himmel Soan knew what he meant and nodded.

Ivar was surprised.

His wild guess had turned out to be correct.

It was hard to accept because Himmel Soan seemed so ordinary.

However, being an assassin, Ivar could tell there was something extraordinary about this guy.

He had no choice but to believe the man.

“Youve captured me, so I presume you want something from me.

What do you need” Ivar said calmly.

Himmel Soan nodded.

He liked smart men like Ivar.

They were so easy to talk to.

“Im giving you a task.

Remove one of his arms.” Himmel Soan pointed at Luton.

Ivar frowned and hesitated.

He tried to figure out why Himmel Soan kept him alive.

With his ability, he could easily remove Lutons arm or kill him on his own.

He didnt know why the man asked him to do it.

Luton was holding his wife and daughter hostage.

He was worried about how that would affect the situation.

At that moment, Ivar felt the restraints on his power disappear.

He was back to normal.

He hadnt decided yet, but the man had already freed him.

Wasnt he worried about getting attacked

On second thought, Ivar realized it was a ridiculous idea.

The man could lift the confinement without leaving a trace, so of course, he wouldnt be worried.

“Alright.” Ivar approached Luton with hesitation.

“Ivar, how dare you!” Luton glared at Ivar.

He laughed at Himmel Soans request at first.

He was still holding Ivars wife and daughter hostage.

That man wouldnt dare touch him!

What a ridiculous request!

He believed Ivar would never dare betray him.

If Ivar didnt care about his wife and daughter, his threat would never have worked in the first place.

To his surprise, Ivar started walking toward him.

“Ivar, what are you doing I still have your wife and daughter!

“Move any closer, and youll never see them again!

“Ivar, what the hell are you doing Youre a member of the Baih family! Are you going to kill your master” Luton panicked as Ivar moved closer.

He didnt dare fight the man, so he had to crawl away.

Ivar looked perfectly calm as he moved toward Luton.

As an assassin, removing Lutons arm would be a piece of cake.

It wouldnt take him more than a second.

He could even do it without alarming Luton.

However, he chose the most painful way that would take the longest time.

He would use a knife.

Before long, Luton was cornered.

“Ivar, dont do it!

“Leave me alone.

Ill release your wife and daughter immediately!” Luton was crying uncontrollably.

Losing an arm was worse than death.

He brought up Ivars wife and daughter because that was the only chip he had.

“Do you know why Im moving so slowly” Ivar asked.

“Why You are doing it on purpose” Luton suddenly became hopeful.

“Youre stalling for time Youre the best assassin! Im going to release your wife and daughter!

“Ivar, get me out of here!” Luton reached out to Ivar, asking the man to help him get away.

Ivar didnt move.

He watched Luton with the same expression, showing no emotions.

The next second, an arm appeared in his hand.

It was Lutons.

Luton was dumbfounded.

He blinked and looked at his empty shoulder.


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