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The current situation didnt allow Himmel Soan to think for long.

He could only move as fast as he could.

The two men started a chasing game.

Wherever Himmel Soan went, Thy would immediately appear behind him.

Luckily, Himmel Soan always dodged in time.

If he moved any slower, Thys dagger would have stabbed into his head.

The dagger seems to contain the power of time and space.

It has locked on me, which is why he can follow me wherever I go.

Thats quite similar to my teleportation ability. Himmel Soan analyzed the dagger while dodging the attacks.

If he could figure out how the dagger worked, he could render it useless.

Luckily, Thy wasnt as fast as him.

Whenever Himmel Soan moved to a new spot, Thy would arrive with his dagger.

However, he always had to pause for a second before striking out, but he was getting better with time.

Himmel Soan tried to figure out how to disarm Thy.

Up on a tall building in the manor, Lasul stood on the roof.

He was watching everything in silence.

“I didnt know Thy had such tricks.

It wont be easy to get rid of him.

That young man in white should be Himmel Soan.

He seems so ordinary, but hes actually very capable.

Thy has been trying to catch up with him.

“I think he has realized by now that running away like this is useless.

What will he do” Lasul murmured.

He could see everything from such a long distance away.

Not many people could do that.

Of course, since Lasul was here, it meant all eight emperors had sent people here.

They had all arrived.

People from the eight emperors were standing on the roofs of various houses in the manor.

They each had a roof of their own and kept their distance from one another.

Everybody was here to see what the farce was about.

They all sensed the existence of the others, but no one greeted one another.

Their task was to see what was going on in the Baih family, not socialize.

Moreover, they wouldnt know if the others were telling the truth.

What if somebody was on a secret mission

Anything was possible.

No one should be trusted.

Therefore, they all kept to themselves.

In the courtyard, the two mens chasing game continued.

Thy still followed Himmel Soan around.

Five more times!

Himmel Soan did some calculations.

Thy was getting used to the sudden movements, and he was improving.

He could now attack Himmel Soan almost right after the teleportation.

In five times, he would stab him in the neck.

Therefore, Himmel Soan would be safe for four more moves.

The fifth time would be his downfall, but that wouldnt be a problem for him.

Himmel Soan calculated in his head.

Five teleportations

He wouldnt wait until the last move.

In two moves, Himmel Soan was going to strike.



Himmel Soan activated his current full power.

He recovered a third of the power of his peak state.

“Stop!” He swiped his palm downward like a knife.

He then moved to Thys side.

“You still dont know how to use it, so Im going to take it.” Himmel Soan kicked Thy away, and the dagger dropped to the ground.

Thy landed over ten meters away.

“This is impossible! Youre just a youngster! How could this happen” Thy was dumbfounded.

He was an emperor.

How could this young man defeat him

It was such a hard blow on Thys self-confidence.

“This weapon is connected to the law of nature.

Youre not using it the right way.”

Himmel Soan picked up the dagger that Thy had dropped.

As he waved it in the air, some strings suddenly appeared.

The downward movement of his palm was to cut the stringing linking him to the dagger.

That way, it became useless to him, and he struck Thy down without breaking a sweat.

“Pay attention.

This is how you use the divine dagger.”

Thy was shocked.

How did Himmel Soan know it was a divine dagger

Moreover, he seemed to know how to use it.

Himmel Soan walked to Thys side and swiped the dagger across the air above his head.

“Youre no longer Emperor Baih.

Theres no longer an Emperor Baih among the eight emperors!” Himmel Soan had cut a string representing the connection between Thy and the emperors.

Everybody had strings attached to them.

Thy was no exception.

The strings represented relationships such as ones love life, career, life span, and kinship.

Once a string was cut, the person would be forever severed from that aspect.

One would die if the string representing their life was cut.

However, using this dagger came at a price.

If Thy had tried to cut Himmel Soans life string, he would have been killed by the side effect first.

More importantly, Thy didnt know how to use it properly.

If he had known, he would have gotten himself killed already.

“Im not Emperor Baih anymore Who is, then You” Thy wanted to laugh.

If Himmel Soan could depose an emperor by waving his hand in the air, he could wipe out all the emperors just by a swipe of his hand!

“Why cant I be one” Himmel Soan retorted.

“It takes more than empty words!” Thy was furious at first, but he calmed down soon.

Himmel Soan played with the dagger and ignored Thy.

It was as if the man didnt exist.

“Himmel Soan, how long do you think youll live” Thy ground his teeth.

“Its none of your business, but I do know that you wont live for much longer.” Himmel Soan put the dagger away and spoke in an indifferent tone.

With the power he had recovered, Thy wouldnt stand a chance.

In fact, the guy had one foot in his grave, but Himmel Soan wouldnt let Thy die before extracting information on Gina from him.

“Tell me about Gina Zimmer.”


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