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“How do you know that” Nue couldnt believe his ears.

How did he know his secret Nue didnt think he had revealed anything! How was it possible

“I can see an inferior technique from miles away.

Do you really think this skill will make you invincible Youre so lost that youve bewitched your own mind.

How are you going to put a spell on other people when youre not in control of your own thoughts” Himmel Soan stated the truth.

Nue felt a hammer pounding on his chest.

Seeing this, Toch pleaded, “Mr.

Himmel Soan, Nue didnt mean to say that.

Please forgive him!”

Himmel Soan was perplexed.

“Why are you pleading for him after what he did to you”

“No matter how he has treated me, hes still Nue.

That wont change.

Moreover, you said he was only bewitched by the spell.

Im sure the idea he has is only a result of the spell!

“I can forgive him for what he did.

Please spare his life!” Toch almost dropped to his knees.

In fact, he wanted to, but Himmel Soan held him by the arm, stopping him from kneeling.

Himmel Soan sighed.

“He already had those ideas before he was bewitched.

The spell only magnified it.

“Nue has always wanted to kill Oech and me.

Thats why he got lost.

“If I spare him, hell try to finish his task later.”


How was that possible

Toch heard every word, but he didnt understand what Himmel Soan meant.

He couldnt imagine why Nue, who had always been Oechs friend, wanted to kill him.


“Thats right.

Ive always wanted to kill Oech! If it hadnt been for him, my brother would never have died! Oech could have saved my brother, but he didnt! We had to watch my brother get eaten by that beast!”

Tears welled up in Nues eyes as he laughed.

He had buried those words in his heart for so many years and could finally say them aloud.

Toch immediately recalled what happened back then.

He was there and saw the whole thing.

“You still remember that day.

Oech wasnt capable enough to save your brother, and you know that.

Didnt you forgive him Why couldnt you move on Your brother was killed by the beast, not Oech! How can you blame everything on him!” Toch coughed violently and spat out a mouthful of blood.

He couldnt live for much longer, and the agitation only worsened his health.

He coughed out blood.

Nue saw it but didnt say a word.

“Enough talking! I have to kill Oech!” Nue also spat out a mouthful of blood because of the pressure Himmel Soan put on him.

If it were a little higher, he would have been crushed.

“I want to spare him, but his mind is corrupted.

Even I cant treat him.

No matter what you say, hell never listen,” Himmel Soan explained to the others.

Nue said, “You call me crazy, but youre the crazy one! Do you really think everybodys going to believe you

“Wake up! They all have eyes, and they all know which of us is crazy!”

That was the bewitching spell!

Nue had used it again.

The timing was just perfect.

Ordinary people would have been put under his spell, and things would have escalated.

However, with Himmel Soan here, he wouldnt let the man have his way.

“Thats an interesting spell.

The real Nue is dead, isnt he Youve occupied his mind.”

The others were astonished.

The real Nue was dead Then who was this man When and where did the real Nue die

“What are you talking about” Nue panicked, but he wouldnt admit to what Himmel Soan said.

“In that case, Ill show you the truth.” Energy burst out of Himmel Soan, and there suddenly were streaks of red smoke in the air.

They were the bewitching spell!

It seemed to be connected to the purple smoke on Earth.

“Whats that red smoke”

“Is it a toxic gas”

“Of course not.

If it were toxic, you would be dead already.”

“Look! Theres some on you, too!”

“Where did it come from Why didnt we notice it before”

“Look! The red smoke seems to be from Nue!”

“Thats impossible! How can it come from Nue Wait, I think its true!”

The villagers couldnt believe their eyes.

They frowned and couldnt accept this man as Nue.

He was filled with red smoke.

They couldnt even tell if it was a person.

The man was a skeleton, and the red smoke was his flesh.

Was that Nue

“Whats happening” Somebody felt sick and covered their mouth.

The other people also looked stunned.

This was Nue.

He looked like a different person.


Soan, who is this” Toch asked.

“Hes what Nue really looks like.

You were all put under the spell.

Thats why you couldnt see his real appearance.

Ive extracted the red smoke so that you can see reality,” said Himmel Soan.


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