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Viive looked at Erp in disdain.

Himmel Soan was her taboo.

That man had killed her master!

Erp was looking for trouble by bringing up his name.

Viive felt Erp was here to dig into her painful past.

She snorted and rose to her feet.

“See the guest at the door!” She gave the command and was about to leave the room.

Erps following words made her stop in her tracks.

“Dont you want to kill Himmel Soan”

Viive was half a step away from the door.

She paused when she heard this.

“Hes on a one-way trip.

I dont need to do it myself!”

“Even if he dies in the Dusk Soul Forest, it doesnt mean youve had your revenge,” Erp said.

Viive fell silent.

He was right.

If Himmel Soan died in the Dusk Soul Forest, it wouldnt count as taking her revenge.

Moreover, she wouldnt get to decide his fate.

She was finally interested in what Erp had to say.

“What do you think I should do, then”

She took the bait.

Erp smiled.

“Himmel Soan has gone to the Dusk Soul Forest, but his pupils are still here.

I heard he has two pupils in Elixir School.

“Since he chose to run away, we should let him know what it feels like to lose those close to him!”

Viive frowned.

She had thought about that possibility before, and she knew who those pupils were, but she didnt do anything to them.

First of all, they were still students of Elixir School.

Killing them would create a lot of issues.

Secondly, it was Himmel Soan and not his pupils that had killed Thy.

To avenge her master, she would obviously go after Himmel Soan.

He was the one responsible for everything.

The pupils were innocent.

There was no need to offend Elixir School.

Viive looked at Erp.

“Killing the pupils wont avenge my master either.”

“Its better than nothing! Theyre Himmel Soans pupils.

They should have chosen a better master!”

Erp had anticipated the problems Viive would raise.

He was prepared and had made a plan to convince her.

He couldnt believe Viive would still say such things after what he told her.

“Theyre still Elixir School students.

Killing them will turn me into the schools enemy.

Thats too high a price to pay,” said Viive.

She already guessed what Erps plan was, so she saved him the probing words.

Erp chuckled, but his expression became serious.

“You dont need to kill them with your own hands.

“If Emperor Baih agrees to make friends with the Oogh family, maybe those two pupils will simply disappear.

“The eight emperors have set the rules, forbidding the Soans from showing their faces.

Elixir School wont be able to do anything if two Soans go missing.

“Moreover, you wont know how it happened.

All you need to do is to befriend the Oogh family.”

He meant more than he said.

That little speech was his way of showing his sincerity.

Once the two families were on friendly terms, the Oogh family would help Viive to kill Himmel Soans pupils.

It was such a sweet deal.

However, why would they do that

Viive was still perplexed.

“Whats in it for you Even if you want to have more forces on your side, you must have more candidates than the Baih family.

“Youre befriending us at the price of offending Elixir School.

I dont believe in free lunches.

If you really want to be our friends, tell me your real purpose.”

Erp was surprised.

He thought Viive would say yes right away.

However, she was much more cautious.

Even Thy couldnt think that far.

It was terrifying!

If he didnt do something, Viive would be a major threat in the future.

However, now wasnt the time to start a war against the Baih family.

“Of course, theres a price.

The Oogh family wont do it for free.

Well take the blame for you, but when we go to war against the Tzi family one day, the Baih family must join us!” Erp said in an unhurried tone.

He was sure that he had closed the deal because Viive had no reason not to help the Oogh family.

Viive smirked and walked away after dropping a few words.

“Taking your offer will only turn my family into the Tzi familys enemy.

Instead of offending Elixir School, Ill offend the entire Tzi family.

“What a trade-off!”

Erp was dumbfounded.

That was so out of the blue.

It wasnt what was supposed to happen!

The Dusk Soul Forest.

Himmel Soan and Firey entered it again.

This time, he felt something different.

As he had recovered some of his strength, he could feel the subtle changes here.

The spiritual essence here was still very dense.

Having stayed in Stelladom, he had gotten used to the spiritual essence level there.

The spiritual essence here was so different, almost like heaven and earth.

“The spiritual essence is pretty dense here.

It should be a perfect place for cultivation.

There are no ferocious beasts either.

Why is Stelladom so afraid of this forest” Himmel Soan murmured.

He couldnt understand.

The forest didnt seem dangerous at all.

There were only a few snakes and cat-sized animals.

Why was it a restricted area What was hidden here

If there was a hidden danger, why didnt he run into it when he traveled for months here He didnt even encounter anything strange.

It was just like any other forest.

The only difference was that Dusk Soul Forest was bigger.

“The air is so fresh here!” Firey was amazed.


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