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No matter what Himmel Soan said, the sky remained silent.

It was as if something was broken.

Himmel Soan never doubted he could speak with the law of nature.

However, he couldnt wake it up when it pretended to be asleep.

Once he recovered his strength, he would seek the answers to his questions.

He would use force if he had to.

However, he didnt come up here for the law of nature.

He wanted to examine the surrounding area.

He needed to find out how big the forest was so that he could figure out where to go next.

It was easy to get lost in a forest.

After entering this place, Himmel Soan had a distinct feeling that his mental force had been restricted again.

He could only detect things within a mile of him.

“I can see the village in the south.

There is nothing but trees in the north.

I cant see where they end.

“Is the Dusk Soul Forest even larger than Stelladom

“It cant be.

The area of Stelladom is larger than the land area on Earth.

If this forest is even bigger than that…” Himmel Soan was amazed.

If that were the case, how big would this planet have to be

He wondered if Stelladom could take up a quarter of the planet.

This cultivation world filled with spiritual essence was so much bigger than Earth.

Things here had to be much more complicated, too.

He got himself involved in all this mess because of Gina.

“I guess I have to keep pushing forward and see if I can find anything useful.” Himmel Soan jumped off the tree after making up his mind.

Firey had turned the snake into a meal.

“Master, have a bite! I saved it for you!” Firey was drooling, but she wouldnt eat until her master was back.

Himmel Soan had to try it first.

“Its nice,” he casually commented.

He then sat on the ground and thought about other things.

Firey didnt try to talk to him because the food was the most important thing now.

Himmel Soan taking a break was the best because he wouldnt interfere with her meal.

After the feast, the snake was completely gone.

It was as if it had never existed.

It was longer than ten Firey put together, yet she looked exactly the same after the meal.

Her weight didnt change either.

It wasnt strange though.

To her, the snake was both food and energy.

She could absorb the energy and turn it into her own.

Her digestive system did the job for her.

That was why Firey could eat a whole snake.

Ordinary people would have burst their stomachs.

They absorbed the energy in the same way as Firey did, but it took much longer to do so.

They would feel full very soon because they couldnt digest it fast enough.

Two hours later, Himmel Soan opened his eyes.

“Get ready to leave.

I detected something two miles to the north.”

“Alright! Lets go!” Firey jumped to her feet in excitement.

She wanted to get there now and take care of that “something.” She might find something else nice to eat.

Himmel Soan stopped her.

“Theres no rush.

We dont want to alarm them.

“Lets walk slowly because I think theres a fight.

We dont want to get involved.

Stay hidden and observe.”

Firey stopped, feeling a little sorry.

After the reminder, of course, she wouldnt do anything reckless.

She didnt want to alarm them either.

She might lose her food.

“I know! Its calledthe wolf has a winning game when the shepherds quarrel!\'” said Firey.

Himmel Soan was surprised.

He didnt know Firey was familiar with that expression.

She sounded different.

But he didnt think much of it.

“Theres a battle over there.

I dont think thats the right expression to use.”

Firey thought for a moment and said, “Were reaping other peoples benefit!”

Himmel Soan nodded.

What a smart girl!

It was perfect for the current situation.

Himmel Soan and Firey headed in the direction of the battle.

If they wanted, they could get there in seconds.

However, they chose to walk there.

On the way, Himmel Soan kept an eye on the fight.

They would show up when one side was losing or when both sides were exhausted.

They couldnt wait for too long.

Otherwise, the winning party might get away.

One mile.

Half a mile.

“Lets hurry up!” He noticed the sounds getting weaker.

There was no time to hesitate.

He arrived at the battlefield in a second to see four men and a woman lying on the ground.

To his surprise, the battle was between men and magical beasts.

He didnt expect to see any living person here, but here they were.

Himmel Soan found it incredible.

“Its done!” Firey dropped a giant black bear on the ground.

She had killed the bear in an instant.

Although the bear was covered with wounds, one still couldnt underestimate it.

The more it was threatened, the more likely it would go wild.

However, this bear didnt have a chance.

It was dead before it knew what was going on.


Just put it there.

Ill take care of it later.”

“What about them Should we also kill them” Firey gestured at the people lying on the ground.

If they couldnt even handle this bear, they really didnt have many reasons to live.


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