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Himmel Soans words intrigued Firey.

He wanted to appease her so that she wouldnt make trouble for him now.

Fireys eyes lit up when she heard the words “sacred beast.” A sacred beast sounded much fancier than magical beasts.

It would definitely taste better!

She immediately lost interest in the petty magical beasts.

The sacred beasts were her new goal.

“Master, when are we going to look for the sacred beasts I dont think Rustam will die.

He just needs to be careful.

Nothing will happen!

“Lets find some sacred beasts!”

Firey urged her master.

Of course, Himmel Soan wouldnt listen to her.

He was the one who told her about the sacred beasts.

He wasnt going to be tempted by her.

“Firey, behave yourself, or I wont take you to the sacred beasts.

This task will be completed in a couple of days.

If you delay it, Ill hold you responsible!

“Besides, sacred beasts arent that easy to spot.

If you want to find them sooner, we need to figure out the mystery about the Dusk Soul Forest!”

Himmel Soan tried to persuade Firey.

He was worried that she would do reckless things.

Apparently, his concern was unnecessary.

Although she tended to do reckless things, with his orders, she would behave, no matter how much she was itching for action.

Three days later in Stelladom, Zuxra and her two friends returned to Starwan Tower.

“Zuxra, Gadel, please wait a moment.

The chief will be here soon!”

Gadel nodded and waited with Zuxra.

Before long, they were led to see the chief.

They heard Ley Nims voice before going inside.

“Why are there only the three of you I know all the tasks are dangerous, but you came back before you completed the mission.

You do know the consequences, dont you” Leys voice was cold and without any emotions.

It was almost like a machine talking.

Ley wasnt angry because these people were incompetent.

What disappointed her was their retreat without completing the mission.

That was unacceptable!

“Chief, I know we came back before we should have.

We wouldnt have defied your order if we had any other choice.

If we hadnt returned now, we might never have been able to come back!

“After much consideration, we decided to withdraw first and tell you what happened in the Dusk Soul Forest.” Gadel pressed his forehead on the ground and didnt dare look at Ley.

Even if he raised his head, he wouldnt see Leys face because there was a screen between them.

Ley chuckled.

“What a nice excuse.

Weve had so many teams like yours.

They all backed out and came back at the last minute.

They sounded just like you.

Do you know what happened to them”

That sounded like a death penalty in Gadels ears.

There was no mention of punishing him, but basically, Ley was telling Gadel that his excuse didnt work.

It was something Ley had heard too many times before.

“Chief, we have more news!”

“We ran into a girl with red hair and a red dress in the forest!” Exasperated, Gadel brought up Firey.

He knew if he didnt say something now, he would never have another chance.

Ley frowned at the mention of the girl.

The punishment could wait.


If the information is useful, I may spare your lives.

If not, youll be wasting my time!”

Gadel was relieved when he realized Ley was interested.

It was a risky bet.

If he couldnt raise their chiefs intrigue, he would have been dead by now.

Luckily, their chief was interested in the girl.

“We were attacked by a bear and could have all been killed when this girl appeared out of the blue and saved us!

“Without her, we wouldnt be here.” Gadel talked about Firey as if they were close.

“Get to the point.” Ley cut him off.

“The girl didnt feel the incompatible energy.

She ate a whole bear on her own!

“The bear was dead, but that energy was still inside it.

It would definitely raise an incompatible feeling.

But nothing of the sort happened!”

Gadel told Ley everything he knew about Firey.

He described all her moves to the greatest detail.

He even asked the other two to remind him, fearing that he might miss something.

“Wasnt she with a young man in white” Ley asked.

Gadel was perplexed.

He only mentioned Firey and never said a word about Himmel Soan.

However, Ley still knew the man.

Could they have met before That had to be the case.

Otherwise, why was their chief so interested They had to know each other.

Gadel nodded.

“Yes, there was a young man of that description.

The girl addressed him as master.

I was just about to tell you!”

He said respectfully as if he was telling the truth.

Ley didnt think much of the trivial things.

“Tell me everything about them, and maybe you get to live!” Ley made an offer.

Gadels only goal was to keep himself alive.

He could finally feel safe!


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