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Himmel Soan went to see Yagon.

He needed to finish this business to continue his search for Gina.

He didnt want to wait any longer.

The sooner, the better!


Soan What brought you here” Yagon was a little perplexed.

Didnt he say he was going to figure out how to handle Lumi How long had it been

Could he have figured it out in such a short time

He couldnt have!

“Lets discuss how to handle Lumi.

It can utilize a small proportion of the law of natures power.

If it does that, itll have no problem handling you.

“But after that, the real law of nature will be onto it.

Therefore, it wont do anything unless it has absolute certainty.” Himmel Soan ignored Yagons reaction and went straight to the point.

Yagon was dumbfounded at first, but he soon joined the discussion.

“So, we dont need to worry about Lumi.

If it cant attack us itself, we only need to watch out for the poisonous mad dog.

“The dog is quite tricky.

None of my or Phoes stances work on him!” Yagon analyzed.

Neither Lumi nor the dog scared them.

The real concern was its hidden tricks.

Yagon didnt know anything about Lumi, let alone the cards up its sleeves.

Their top priority was to get rid of it.

Without Lumi, its hidden tricks would be useless.

“Lumi cant attack you, but it can still protect itself.

Although its not the genuine law of nature, we cant underestimate it!

“Just concentrate on the poisonous mad dog.

Ill take care of the rest.

Although he can absorb your attacks, theres an upper limit.

Once he reaches the threshold, hell snap.

Together with Firey, you and Phoe will have no problem handling the dog.”

Yagon nodded.

Himmel Soan had a plan, so he only needed to carry it out.


Soan would take care of Lumi and its tricks.

Otherwise, Himmel Soan wouldnt have come to him and told him this plan.


Soan, if you have some ideas, just tell me.

Phoe and I will follow your instructions.

“If you dont want to, no need to discuss this with us.

Well do as were told!” Yagon said respectfully.

His resolve was cemented.

He already considered Himmel Soan to be his leader.

“Ive said all I need to say.

Its time for action!” said Himmel Soan.

The idea of coming to Yagon was a spur-of-the-moment thing.

As for what to do next, he would go with the flow.

With enough power, he wouldnt be afraid of any tricks that Lumi was playing.

“Firey, contact the law of nature and ask for Lumis location!”


On the western side of the Dusk Soul Forest, Lumis instincts warned him.

“Is it the law of nature No, there is no reason to attack me now!” Lumi narrowed its eyes and sensed its power.

It couldnt feel anything.

It was almost as if it was hallucinating.

“Whats wrong, Lumi Arent you going to remove our seals Stopping suddenly like that can kill us!”

“Lumi, what the hell are you doing”

The three ancient beasts asked.

To remove the seal, they had to work from inside and outside simultaneously.

They couldnt work too fast or too slowly.

Every step had to be synchronized.

Lumi almost lost the rhythm when it turned around for a moment.

If the process failed, they could face severe consequences.

That was why the beasts were so angry.

Their anger woke Lumi up from its stupor.

“Im sorry.

It was my fault.

I sensed something amiss, which was why I got distracted.

I think it was an illusion.”

Lumi looked at the square black stone in front of it.


That feeling couldnt have been an illusion.

Lumi was on its guard.

It didnt know where that sense of crisis came from, so it was hostile toward everybody, including the three ancient beasts.

“Lumi, what are you thinking Your hostility is too strong!”

“Were working together in a win-win situation.

Do you really want to kill us”

“You cant defeat the law of nature without our help!”

The three ancient beasts could easily detect Lumis killing intent.

Realizing it was exposed, Lumi spoke its mind, “Yes, I wanted to kill you!”

“Why Arent we partners”

“Why do you think so What if you stop working with me when you come out What if you turn on me”

“Why would we do that to our partner What good will it do to us Were counting on you to change the environment!”

The three beasts were shocked.

They had never had such thoughts.

The most aggressive thought they had was what they would do if Lumi refused to change the rules.

Killing Lumi had never come to their minds.

It wouldnt do them any good, so they never thought about doing it.


Their explanation didnt work for Lumi.

It had never trusted the beasts.

They had lived for so long, so who really knew what their plans were

After the strange feeling earlier, Lumi became very cautious to the point of paranoia.

These ancient beasts could be an unstable factor!

“What if you lied to me Maybe this seal is the only thing thats keeping you under control.” Lumi made an assumption.

That idea didnt just pop out.

Lumi had always had that thought.

If that were true, freeing the beasts might become his downfall.

“Why would we lie to you”

“We dont have any reason to do that!”

The beasts tried to explain, but nothing they said would work.

Lumi said, “Even Soil and Wood have broken their promises.

“How can I trust you”

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