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Should they be trusted or not

Lumi had to make a choice.

Needless to say, it chose to suspect the beasts.

Who could it trust Who was worth its trust

Obviously, Lumi would never believe the ancient beasts.

“Lumi, if thats what you think, we wont trust you either!”

“We can ask the same question.

How can we trust you”

“With everything that has happened, we cant trust each other anymore.”

“I think our partnership should end here.”

“Lumi, I hope you wont regret this choice in the future!”

The three beasts spoke one after another, ending the partnership.

They had worked on it for tens of thousands of years, but the effort failed at the last moment.


So ridiculous!

That was the most ridiculous thing one could ever experience!

“Why would I regret it Once youre set free, youll kill me!” Lumi suddenly turned around, looking alarmed.

Himmel Soan gradually emerged into his sight.

“Himmel Soan What are you doing here” Lumi probed.

“Me Ive been here from the start.” Himmel Soan smiled.

He heard everything Lumi and the beasts had said.

Every single word!

He only came out when the negotiation failed and Lumi was going to leave.

Otherwise, he would have kept watching.

The more divided Lumi and the beasts were, the better it would be for him.

He couldnt wait to see them fall out.

“My feeling was accurate! Youre the source of my sense of crisis!” Lumi suddenly realized why he had felt that way earlier.

He had wronged the beasts!

“Why are you here Are you here to make trouble for me Im the law of nature.

You cant defy me!” Lumi began to work on the law of time and space as it spoke.

It was only trying to distract Himmel Soan.

Lumi had always known that Himmel Soan would become an enemy, so it wasnt surprised to see him here.

It just didnt expect him to arrive so soon.

Lumi had made a mistake.

“Youre not the real law of nature.

Why cant I defy you Even if you are, what can you possibly do to me

“You can stop your little tricks now.

I have total control over this space.

Youre the pseudo-law of nature in the Dusk Soul Forest.

Your antics wont work in my presence.” Himmel Soan exposed Lumi.

Lumi was trying to build a portal in Himmel Soans space.

What a joke!

“Your territory How can it be yours Youre not the law of nature.

How can you claim a territory” Lumi smirked, but it still stopped working on the portal.

Although it didnt believe what Himmel Soan said, it was true that it couldnt connect to the portal.

Lumi didnt know how that could happen.

With how things had turned out, Lumi decided not to waste its energy.

“What did you do Is it a barrier or a formation” Lumi asked.

If it could figure out what method Himmel Soan had used, it could think of a countermeasure.

“I told you already.

This area is under my control.

It was all thanks to you because you were so focused on the beasts.

Otherwise, I wouldnt have been able to do that.” Himmel Soan smiled.

To catch Lumi, he used almost all his power and built this space of his own.

His energy had decreased from 10% to 0.1%.

The cost was high, but Himmel Soan found it worthwhile.

Catching and eliminating Lumi were at the top of his list so that he could find information about Gina.

That was all that Himmel Soan wanted.

Compared to the information, the energy expenditure was nothing.

His strength could be recovered, but Gina wouldnt be there forever.

To find her, Himmel Soan had searched all the way from Earth to here.

He didnt want to go to the next place without first finding some clues.

He must bring her home.

“Your space Who do you think you are Youre nothing! You just took advantage of this place and thought you are invincible.

Thats just preposterous!” Lumi felt its life was being threatened.

Even if the law of nature would target it, it had to take action.

Lumi suddenly frowned.


Something was terribly wrong!

It had lost its connection with the law of nature.

It couldnt exert any power.

“In my space, youre not the law of nature.

Youre just like an ordinary man.

Any last words If you have more tricks, now is the time to use them.

Otherwise, you may not have another opportunity.” Himmel Soan slowly walked toward Lumi.

Lumi backed away in fright.

It was overtaken by the terror of death.

Despite being the law of nature, it had lost its power.

The helpless feeling only increased its fear.

“Ostrat! Phoeny! Mongey!

“Come out and help me!

“If you want to work with me, kill this man!

“Its him! Kill him, and Ill have his power! Ill be the law of nature!” Lumi abandoned its scruples and revealed its plan.

It wanted to kill Himmel Soan because it needed his power.

Even the law of nature had been avoiding him.

Lumi felt if it could obtain that power, it could replace the law of nature.

However, things didnt go as planned.

When Lumi began to suspect the ancient beasts and fell out with them, its scheme failed.

“Do you need us now”

“Why should we help you Were perfectly fine living behind the seal.”

“You broke off the partnership, but you want our help now.

In your dreams!”

The three beasts wouldnt forgive Lumi.

Moreover, they didnt feel confident that they could defeat Himmel Soan.

Seeing what happened to Lumi, they wondered if the same thing would happen to them when they went out.

Living miserably was still better than death.

They wouldnt come out.

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