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Phoe calmed down.

Although she wanted to leave with Himmel Soan, she understood his reasons.

He was leaving the Dusk Soul Forest to look for Gina.

If she followed Mr.

Soan, she might become his burden.

Moreover, she was confined by the Dusk Soul Forest and couldnt go anywhere.

Even if Himmel Soan wanted to take her with him, he still had to solve that problem.

It would all be so much trouble.

As a result, she couldnt go anywhere.

“Ill stay for another week.

Feel free to come to me if you have any questions.”

Himmel Soan glanced at Firey.

It wouldnt take her long to devour the dog but digesting required some time.

The greater the power, the harder it was for her to absorb.

The poisonous mad dog was a sacred beast, while Firey was only at the Hinayana stage.

If an ordinary cultivator did that, they would have exploded already.

However, Firey was the essence of nature and didnt need to worry about that.

She was still affected though.

To fully absorb the dogs energy, Firey would need to wait for a week.

That was why Himmel Soan said he would be here for another week.

He would use that time to recover his power.

Having worked on the forest and Lumi, Himmel Soans power was down to 0.1% again.

Would he go to other continents in this state

Obviously not!

To find Gina, he would need to recover enough energy because he might run into beings like Emperor Baih or Lumi again.

“Yagon, has Mr.

Soan been injured He seems weak…” Phoe was concerned.


Soan knows his condition better than us.

He does seem weak, however.

I think he has drained his energy.

After all, he was fighting the law of nature.

“Its normal that Mr.

Soan feels weak now.

Dont worry about it,” said Yagon.

He had learned not to speculate about capable men like Himmel Soan.

No matter what happened, they only needed to follow his instructions.

If he didnt give any order, they shouldnt make wild guesses.

The most important thing was to do their job.


I understand.

I was just worried about Mr.


Phoe returned to her room.

After the battle today, everybody needed some rest.

She was going to visit Himmel Soan, but she decided to wait for a few days, fearing that she might disturb him.

In the room, Himmel Soan brought Firey back in.

She was in a special state.

It was as if she was evolving.

Himmel Soan initially wanted to use this time to recover his energy, but he gave up on that plan and chose to guard Firey instead.

Phoe and Yagon wouldnt come here.

The only thing that concerned him was Fireys safety.

She was at the Hinayana stage but had absorbed a sacred beast, which was equivalent to an Emperor stage being.

No matter how special Firey was, she would still be affected.

If Himmel Soan stayed with her, he could solve possible problems in time.

“At this speed, Ill have 1% of my power by the time I leave.

Thats the ideal situation.

“Stelladom is a broken continent, so the other continents should be more advanced.

“I dont think 1% of my power will be enough for me to travel in those continents,” Himmel Soan analyzed.

To find Gina, the fastest way was to improve his capability so that he could question the capable beings of other continents.

Gian wouldnt have stayed unnoticed even if she wanted to.

Her talent was as amazing as her good looks.

Moreover, Gina could have been the one who lured him here.

In that case, she wouldnt stay hidden.

He could find Ginas whereabouts by asking around.

But to do that, he needed the requisite strength.

Otherwise, nobody would tell him anything.

No one wanted to give away free lunches.

“Gina, Im coming!” Himmel Soan made an oath.

He had lived for millions of years.

All he wanted was to settle down with Gina and Firey.

If he could find Gina, there was little else he wanted in this world.

Firey was still digesting the dogs energy.

The temperature in the room kept rising.

If Himmel Soan wasnt here, this place would have been set on fire.

“Gina, I think youll like Firey a lot.

Her temperament resembles yours!

“Where are you” Himmel Soan sighed.

He didnt understand what Ginas plan was.

It felt as if she had voluntarily disappeared.

But why

He still couldnt wrap his head around it.

There were so many mysteries in the world, and even someone as old as Himmel Soan had many questions.

For instance, both Stelladom and the planet had remained unknown to him.

He had never explored these places before coming here.

The universe was so big!

Two days later, Phoe knocked on Himmel Soans door.

“Come in,” said Himmel Soan.

He already knew who it was.

Himmel Soans mental force covered the room he and Firey were in.

Every movement in the vicinity was under his watch.

The door was no exception.

When Phoe knocked on the door, she was making contact with Himmel Soans mental force.

Therefore, he knew who it was as soon as she knocked.

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