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“Are we doing it now Weve just got here.” The cat was confused.

The two-headed tiger would have been very cautious and wouldnt take action until he was fully prepared.

After losing a head, the tiger seemed to have changed completely.

He was no longer what he seemed to be.

“Were doing it now.

Do you have any objections” Cigers question was more like a threat.

“No, I dont.

Lets do it now.

“I can conceal our energy.

They wont detect us until were outside Yagons house.”

The cat tried to make up for the earlier slip-up.

It wasnt a big issue, so the tiger didnt scold the cat.

Seeing him nod, the cat concealed their energy.

They infiltrated Yagons territory right away.

Himmel Soan happened to be in Yagons room.

“These are your cores.

They are very important!

“Its almost equivalent to your life.

Why did you give them to me as a gift

“I dont need gifts like that.

I wouldnt have accepted them if I knew what they were.”

Himmel Soan gave the cores back to Yagon.

He refused to budge from his stance.

He would never accept a gift that came at the cost of other peoples lives.

Even when he accepted it before knowing what it was, he would give it back later, which was what he was doing now.

“But Mr.

Soan, thats the only way we know how to thank you.

If you wont take it, I dont know what to do.” Yagon got anxious.

Was his core not good enough

That was the only precious thing he had.

He didnt know what to do now.

“I know what youre thinking, but your cores are useless to me.

“I have a special cultivation system; I cant absorb your cores.

“Youre the forests rulers now.

Without the cores, how are you going to take charge How are you going to rule your territory” Himmel Soan said unhurriedly.

Yagon hesitated before saying, “But theyre all dead.

Dusk Soul Forest doesnt need a ruler…”

Himmel Soan only smiled in response.

He knew Yagon already had an answer, so he didnt say much.

“I dont need your gratitude.

If you really want to thank me, you should improve your capability.

“The cores Dont tell me Yagon and Phoe took out their cores!” The cat swallowed in astonishment.

She and Ciger had arrived outside the house.

The cat was great at concealing her energy.

They werent discovered until now.

More importantly, Yagon and Himmel Soan were both very weak at the moment.

Everybody thought the two-headed tiger was dead and didnt expect the three-eyed cat to give them any trouble, so Yagon didnt pay much attention to his territory.

Ciger and the cat reached his house without any incident.

“Cat, are you sure your concealment skill still works” Ciger asked.

“Of course! I can make a successful escape even when the opponent is you.

What can possibly go wrong” The cat was very confident in her skills.

However, she didnt feel so confident upon watching the scene inside.

The cores!

Yagon and Phoe offered their cores to Himmel Soan, yet he turned them down.

That just wasnt possible.

Were they putting on a show

It was so fake!

Every single person in this world would love to have the core of a sacred beast.

“If your skill is working, then theres something special about Himmel Soan.

Ive never heard of somebody who cant absorb a core, but I can live with that.

“Dont overthink it.

Since were here, we need to make a move.

“Ill meet Himmel Soan.

You can take care of Phoe and Yagon!”

Ciger analyzed the situation and found his decision reasonable.

However, the cat turned him down.

“Ill handle Himmel Soan.

You get Yagon and Phoe,” said the cat.

She had made a deal with Yagon, so she couldnt bring herself to attack him.

She would rather face the mysterious Himmel Soan than meet Yagon and Phoe.

Ciger frowned.

He nodded after some consideration.


Well do that.

Well hit them five minutes later.

We must succeed!

“If you betray me again, Ill take you out first!”

Ciger snorted.

The cat nodded.

She didnt like his tone and attitude, but she had indeed betrayed him before.

This behavior was expected.

She didnt have any reason to betray him now unless she could have Yagon and Phoes cores.

Was that possible

Absolutely not!

Yagon was willing to give his core to Himmel Soan, but it didnt mean he would give it to her.

The best choice for her was to eliminate Yagon and Phoe.

That way, she and Ciger would be the most powerful beings in the Dusk Soul Forest.

It was great news for her.

“Himmel Soan is Ginas partner.

I wonder whats so mysterious about him,” the cat murmured.

The five minutes soon passed.

Yagon and Phoe were in their separate rooms, absorbing their cores.

They were their own cores and hadnt been out of their bodies for long.

Therefore, they could be absorbed quite fast.

Ciger had chosen the perfect time.

“Yagon, Im back.”


Ciger punched open the door and entered the room.

“Its you, the two-headed tiger! Arent you dead already” Yagon opened his eyes in surprise.

The dead tiger was alive.

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