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Since Stelladom was supposed to be sealed off, Himmel Soans speculation was probably correct.

The five places should form one giant formation because five separated formations were never going to seal off a continent.

Since the barrier had existed for so long, it was probably because of this giant formation.

Otherwise, people like Emperor Tzi would have broken it a long time ago.

Five meteorite cores… Wasnt that too high a cost

A meteorite core was the essence of a planet and contained all of its energy.

Once it was removed, the planet would soon reduce to a lifeless place like Mars.

Marss meteorite core was broken and spread all over the planet.

Himmel Soan brought those broken pieces back to Earth and used them for his recovery.

After that, he gave the remains to Roams, who made them into the Soanian swords.

Himmel Soan had never seen an intact meteorite core in this form before.

This one was made into the energy source of a formation.

It wasnt the meteorite core that he knew of.

“Forget it.

No matter how wonderful this formation is, I still need to find Gina first.

I must solve this formation!” Himmel Soan followed the energy flow of the meteorite core.

If he went on like this, he would find out the solution eventually.

However, this process took time.


The Baih Manor.

“Emperor Baih, this is my third visit.

When are you going to declare war” Eman Sket asked.

“Why are you in such a rush Arent I supposed to be declaring war Why are you more anxious than me


Sket, you must know how long it takes to prepare for war.

The best way is to negotiate to avoid it.

“Once the war starts, do you know how many family members Ill lose Thats irrevocable.

I wont do anything until Im fully prepared.


Sket, am I right” Viive asked calmly.

Eman nodded in frustration.

She made sense.

However, Viive had turned it into an excuse.

It had been five months since she first talked about the war.

She was obviously stalling.

Eman came here every month, urging Viive to go to war, but she had been giving him the same answer.

“Emperor Baih, its been five months since you talked about going to war.

No one has ever waited that long!”

Eman wanted to give her some examples, but Viive cut him off.


Sket, I know what you mean, but youre talking about ancient history.

You know how it goes with wars.

Everybody loses.

Times have changed.

Stelladom cant afford that kind of loss anymore.

“If we can negotiate, theres no need to go to war.”

Eman couldnt refute her reasoning.

He really wanted the Baih family and Elixir School to fight with each other.

Viive agreed at first, but so much time had passed since then.

Did she even want to go to war

She had said yes before!

Eman was unwilling to think about that possibility because Himmel Soan was the reason that Viives master was dead, and Elixir School was on Himmel Soans side.

Viive had every reason to hate Elixir School.


As it turned out, Viive didnt want to go to war.

“Emperor Baih, have you forgotten about how your master died Are you going to reconcile with Elixir School I didnt know you could be so generous.

Im amazed!”

Viives expression turned cold.

She stared at Eman.

Killing intent filled the air, covering the Baih manor.

“What are you doing” Eman wasnt intimidated.

“Am I wrong You said you were going to war, but nothing has happened.

Was that all a show

“You never wanted to do anything.

Youve even forgotten how we lost your predecessor!”

Viive frowned.

The wind around them had become so fierce that it felt like little blades on their skin.

She didnt try to hide her rage.

“Ill never forget how my master died.

I dont need you to remind me!

“Say that again, and the Baih family will declare war against Stelladom Academy instead of Elixir School!”

Eman didnt dare provoke Viive anymore.

His plan could backfire.

If he kept provoking her with Thys death, maybe she would really go to war with Stelladom Academy.

Stelladom Academy wasnt afraid of such a war, but there was no need to offend the Baih family.

Hence, Eman changed to a milder approach.

“Emperor Baih, if you still remember your promise, you should declare war as soon as possible.

That way, youll take revenge for your master a lot faster.”

Viive snorted.

“Its the Baih familys business.

What does it have anything to do with you Does everybody think they can tell me what to do Himmel Soan killed my master; hes the only one Im going to take my revenge from!”

Eman was dumbfounded.

Viive had never said anything like this before.

The Baih family had agreed to go to war against Elixir School, but she just said she would only go after Himmel Soan.

“Are you not declaring war with Elixir School” Eman was perplexed.

“Does the answer matter You dont get to tell us what to do Dont make me laugh!

“Since when do we need to be taught what to do” Viive became so tough that Eman was speechless.

She wasnt like this before!

What changed

“Emperor Baih, youre so funny.

Im not your enemy.

Why are you talking to me like that You leave your enemy alone and criticize your friend.

Is that how you do things”

Eman stood up to leave, but Viive spoke first.

“The Baih family prepared a gift for you at Stelladom Academys gate.

I hope youll like it.”

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