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Eman was already frustrated.

Their questions only made him more upset.

Everything had gone so well until now, and he didnt know why it all went wrong.

“Ive brought you in to solve problems, not to blame me.

If you want to interrogate me, so be it.

Ill give up on Stelladom Academy.

Youre welcome to take my job.

I dont care.” Eman shrugged and ignored the duos attitude.

After all, he was Stelladom Academys principal.

They should be solving the problem together, not blaming each other.

The other two men pursed their lips.

Eman Sket spoke again after silencing his partners, “Those students were our moles in the Baih family.

Theyve all been kicked out.

What we should be discussing now are the consequences of this incident if the matter is leaked!”

A young teacher didnt understand the situation.

“Were teachers.

Shouldnt we look after our students” Freton asked angrily.

“Yes, we should care about our students, but we also need to set our priorities straight.

We must realize that if other people learn that we placed spies in another family, Stelladom Academys reputation will be ruined!” Eman said.

Almost all the teachers were attending the meeting, and many of them didnt know the truth.

Therefore, Eman explained the situation to them.

Many teachers began to consider the aftermath, but Freton wasnt like them.

“Why did Stelladom Academy send students to other families as moles”

Eman frowned.

He didnt answer the question but said, “Lets focus on the discussion.

The Baih family has destroyed their cultivation abilities and tossed them outside our gate.

“However, they didnt broadcast the truth.

Most people were still in the dark.

Id like to hear your opinions.”

This time, neither Linas nor Juras said anything.

They both knew about the moles sent to other families, and they couldnt blame anyone for what had happened.

The Baih family found these moles only because their people were more sensitive.

The school could only work on preventing what could happen next.


Sket, please answer my question.

Why did you send students there as moles

“Is this what Stelladom Academy does now Are our students only tools that we use to collect information from the eight families Is Stelladome Academy such a filthy place!” Freton growled.

Stelladom Academy wasnt what he thought it would be.

He couldnt accept that the place he had been living in could do something like that.

He wished someone could tell him it was all a dream.

However, reality was cruel.

“Freton, is that how you talk to your principal”

“Freton, youre a teacher of Stelladom Academy.

How could you say such things”

“We should work on solving the problems instead of complaining about everything!”


Other teachers defended Eman before he could say anything.

They were all part of Stelladom Academy, so they felt Freton was criticizing them, too.

Moreover, they didnt know how to behave in a situation like this, and Freton happened to be an easy target.

“Thats enough.

Freton only cares about our school.

“Freton, I know you said that because you want Stelladom Academy to be perfect.

However, one needs some tricks if one wants to survive in this world.

Naive, good people get eaten.

Our students can only enjoy their time here when were powerful enough to speak for ourselves.

Am I right” Eman Sket tried to persuade Freton.

What he said made sense, and Freton didnt know how to refute it.

He was right when he said one needed to be powerful to survive.

Still, he couldnt stand it.

The students he taught were used as pawns and spies.

“Who can prove these pawns are connected to Stelladom Academy” Linas suddenly asked.

The others were shocked.

Some experienced teachers soon understood what he meant.

He wanted to clear the schools name.

If they didnt admit those people were Stelladom Academys students, no one could prove otherwise.

“No, we cant do that.

We must disclose the information to the students and the outside world.

We know these students.

Disowning them will disappoint too many people.” Eman turned down the suggestion.

He had thought about this plan before, but if it were that easy, he would have carried it out already and wouldnt have waited until now.

The teachers fell silent again.

Shortly after, Juras made a suggestion, “How about we blame the other side Since Emperor Baih destroyed their cultivation, why dont we work on that Lets say Emperor Baih wanted to blame us, so she crippled those students.”

The others nodded.

It was a good plan.

If the Baih family wanted to create trouble, the plan could backfire on them.

The Baih family would be blamed for everything and take all the responsibilities.

Most teachers supported the plan and looked at Eman.

Eman still shook his head.

“Since the Baih family kicked them out, they must have found some evidence.

If we use the plan against them, we may become the ones suffering from the backfire.

“Thats not a good plan!”

Everybody fell silent.

If no plan worked, what should they do

“It sounds like you have an idea already,” said Linas.

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