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“No buts.

The Baihs lying outside is the way they express their emotions.” Viive cut Jabril off.

There was no time for regrets.

No explanation would work because the people outside wouldnt listen.

They only wanted to slander the Baih family.

“What should she do now” Jabril asked anxiously.

“Well… I dont know.

“Theyre using the connection between us and Elixir School as an example.

We cant make them believe otherwise.

“The news about going to war was fake, and theyll never let other people forget about it.” Viive breathed out.

The incident was used as an excuse, and they couldnt convince other people they hadnt done it.

The only way was to silence them by force.

However, Stelladom Academy was behind them.

The Baih family wasnt afraid of becoming Stelladom Academys enemy, but it couldnt become the enemy of the entire continent.

If they wanted to solve the problem by using force, everybody would turn against them.

Therefore, Viive didnt know what to do.

Nothing seemed right.

“Emperor Baih, this is Lasul!” Lasuls voice came from outside.

“What are you doing here” Viive frowned.

Why would Lasul come here now Did the Tzi family want to send a message

Emperor Tzi was the head of the eight emperors and the leader of Stelladom.

His words could determine everything.

If Emperor Tzi wanted to banish the Baih family, it would be a done deal.

Lasuls visit could be a significant event.

“The entire continent has gone into chaos because of an incident that involves the Baih family.

It must be taken care of, and Im here for it.” Lasul walked into the room.

Viive frowned.

The look in her eyes was dangerous.

It must be taken care of Was he talking about the Baih family or the incident

By the sound of it, Lasul seemed to want to get rid of the Baih family.

“Im here to solve the problem.

The Baih family isnt my target.

“Youre one of the eight families.

Without you, Stelladom will be in an even bigger mess.

“Our only choice is to solve the problem,” said Lasul.

Viive was relieved, but she didnt let down her guard.

“Are you here on behave of the Tzi family, yourself, or Emperor Tzi”

Lasul smiled.

“Whats the difference”

Viive finally stopped worrying about it.

It was great news for the Baih family that the Tzi family also wanted to solve the problem.

“Whats your plan” Viive asked.

“The eight families belong to the same system, and the Tzi family believes you.

“We know what Stelladom Academy has been doing, but we didnt think much of it.

With what has happened, we cant let them continue.

“Eman Sket has crossed the line!” Lasul said angrily.

“Whats your plan”

“Stelladome Academy has spies in other families, too.

“How do you think theyll react when they hear about this” Lasul paused.

He didnt need to go into details.

If Viive still couldnt understand, she didnt deserve to be an emperor.

“I see!” Viive got excited.

She thought she was doomed, but there was a loophole in Emans plan.

The other spies!

They were the key to turning things around.

They could counterattack now.

“But how do I know who the other moles are” Viive smiled bitterly.

They were in the other families.

She couldnt just show up and knock on their doors.

There was a plan, but it wouldnt work until she identified the other spies.

“Weve found the ones in the Tzi family and talked to them.

If they come out to testify, Stelladom Academys lie will be exposed,” Lasul said indifferently.

He came here because they had the solution.

Otherwise, it would only be a waste of time.

“Really In that case…” Viive quickly calmed down after the initial excitement.

If the Tzi family knew how to solve the problem, they could clear things up right away.

Why did Lasul come here

There was no free lunch, was there

“Since when did the Tzi family start selling information” Viive smiled in resignation.

“Were not selling anything.

We just have our own terms,” said Lasul.

“What terms Well take it as long as we can afford it.”

“Its just one tiny thing.”

What One tiny thing

Viive was surprised.

Was one tiny thing valuable enough to trade for things that could save the Baih family

Lasul said, “Stop seeing Himmel Soan and the Soan family as your enemies.

“Thats all we need from you.”

Viives eyes widened.

She couldnt believe her ears.

Stop seeing Himmel Soan as her enemy How would that be possible

Himmel Soan had killed her master! If it werent for him, her master would still be alive!

He was asking her to forget about the person that had killed her master.

Viives breathing quickened.

She laughed, and her tone became cold.

“Lasul, are you serious I dont like jokes!

“If youre actually serious, you can leave now!

“Ill never agree to your terms!”

Lasul remained calm.

He had anticipated her reaction.

Would he really leave

“Think about the Baih family and the current situation.

“The grudge between Himmel Soan and Thy started from Gina.

Their feud is over now, and it doesnt really concern you.

“When will this vicious circle end Why dont you let it go and focus on your family

“With your current situation, I hope you can consider my offer.” Lasul tried to persuade Viive.

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