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It never occurred to Roams that Drake could be from the seventh age, too.

Not only that, but he also offered to help with the research.

What a pleasant surprise!

Roams knew the direction of this research, but he had never dealt with the seventh age before.

He didnt even know what the sixth age looked like.

Drake showed up at just the right time.

Roams felt like a man wandering in the desert before, and he had just found his oasis.

His goal had never been so clear.

“This is great.

With your help, I believe we can find our path to the seventh age!” Roams said excitedly.

Drake was utterly confused.

The seventh age

He had never heard about that term.

For a moment, he thought Roams had lost his mind, but the man looked too sane to be crazy.

Drake didnt understand what was going on.

“Theres no time to waste.

Lets start working!” Roams started right away.

“Did you call this energyspiritual essence Its the same as what Mr.

Soan released.

Yours is more powerful, but its not pure enough.

Are you not from the seventh age

“I see.


Soan probably didnt teach you until he came to Earth.

Thats why your spiritual essence is so messy.

After all, I cant detect spiritual essence in the air.” Roams was as clever as he always was.

He reached this conclusion based on Drakes spiritual essence alone.

He wouldnt have been able to do this in the outside world, but this was his laboratory, and there were all kinds of precise instruments here.

With them, he could run a series of data.

“Im nowhere near as capable as Patriarch,” said Drake.

“Thats expected.

Of course, you cant compare yourself to a man from the seventh age.

“I think to find Mr.

Soan, we must open the portal and study the power of time and space!” Roams made a stunning statement.

His proposal was unheard of.

Reopen the portal.

How was that possible That was something only their patriarch could do!

“I dont think we can control that power.” Drake tried to be polite.

“Why not You can control the spiritual essence, cant you Why not the power of time and space

“We have so many tools here.

Im sure theyll come in handy.” Roams was very confident.

He didnt think he would be stopped by those obstacles.

If he could discover this power, he would find a way to control it.

Every problem had a solution.

It was as Mr.

Soan said.

Science was the greatest power.

If he could keep working at it, he would be able to master everything.

He had absolute confidence in his beliefs.


Roams, youre right, But the portal wont be so easy to open.

The two of us cant do it alone—”

Roams cut Drake off.

“Why Why cant we do it With enough energy and tools, Im sure we can do everything!

“The first step is to find a type of stone.”

Roams took out a yellow stone.

Drake was shocked when he saw it.

“Is that an essence stone”

“Yes, I think thats the name.” Roams nodded.

He examined the stone and found it contained some powerful energy.

Maybe Himmel Soan had used this type of energy when he opened the portal.

It was what he called the spiritual essence.

Roams felt he could start from here.

He had some knowledge of how to use the spiritual essence, but it was very limited.

It had been a while since he received the essence stones, and he didnt have many left.

What he knew was only the tip of the iceberg.

Roams realized spiritual essence was a miraculous substance.

It could be applied to aspects like medicine, chemistry, and research.

He seemed to be able to apply the spiritual essence to any known field, even expanding to aspects that he didnt understand.

Therefore, maybe the spiritual essence could be connected to time and space.

“I dont know where to find the essence stones,” Drake said in resignation.

“You have the power.

Why cant you find them You should be able to sense them” Roams was surprised.

Drake shook his head.

He wanted to, but he couldnt.

“Thats alright.

Since you have spiritual essence, we can build a device that can help us find essence stones.

Things will be much easier afterward.

“The beginning is always difficult, but I believe we can solve the problem.” Roams wasnt dissuaded.

Leos departure had turned the situation into the worst scenario.

Drakes help was completely unexpected.

Everything else was trivial in comparison.

“Ive done some research on the instrument, but theres something Im not sure about.

Take a look!”

Roams presented Drake with half-finished equipment.

Shortly after that, the two men had a discussion.

Drake followed Roamss instructions and emanated his spiritual essence.

After a month, they finally completed the equipment.

“There are essence stones here on K18!” Roams was excited.

It meant they were heading in the right direction.

Their efforts hadnt been wasted!

Drake was equally excited.

Now that they had found the essence stones, he could cultivate, too.

When he made enough progress, he could look for his patriarch.

“Alright! Lets find the essence stones!”

Roams nodded.

He couldnt wait to study the stones.

He liked Drakes decisiveness.

Studying the essence stones had become Roamss purpose as well.


Soan, when you come back, youll be amazed by my talent!”

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