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Chapter 45: See You Off

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The long white bridge was the only thing on the dark sea, extending all the way to the horizon.

It was like a road leading to the sky.

The destination was heaven.

The helicopters were moving slowly in the sky, and light beams lit up the road like daylight.

Everyone from the three divisions and the Soan empire was there.

The looks on their faces were both excited and grave.

They were filled with pride as they watched the crystal coffin.

The procession was over a thousand meters long!

The ocean road was packed!

It was wide enough to have 150 people march side by side.

One could only imagine how many people there were in total.

Thirty minutes had passed since Drake set foot on the ocean road, but people were still left on the beach.

The procession seemed much longer than a thousand meters!

That was because more people had joined in.


Soan, please let us see you off.

Do you remember us Were from Flower Village of Ninsen County! You built a bridge for us!”

An old man joined the team and was following a middle-aged man with his eyes.

‘The man was Syd Soan.

He had spent a decade in that village and done many good deeds for the villagers.

The old man had brought his entire village here to stop Syd, but there was nothing he could do.

After arriving at Skysea, the villagers heard about the Soan empire.

They might not be well-educated, but they knew what faith was.

Syd Soan was their faith.

‘They wondered if Himmel Soan meant the same to Syd as Syd was to them.

Since they couldnt stop them, they had to thank Syd for all his help and bid him farewell in person.

Syd glanced at the old village chief with tears in his eyes.

“Uncle, youre in your 70s already! Stop following us! Please go back!”


Soan, what does it matter if I die here today Please let me walk with you for one last time!”

“Are you out of your mind Sean, get your grandpa out of here! The road is over a thousand kilometers! He cant make it!”

“Uncle Soan, Grandpa wants to do this.

Please dont turn him down.

Otherwise, hell regret it for the rest of his life!”

Syd wasnt going to stop, and neither was the old village chief.

The other villagers followed them as well.

“Sister June, this company would never become what it is if it werent for you! Youve saved the company, and youve saved me! I never knew you were a member of the Soan empire.” Josh Leigh owned the largest building material company in the country.

Few people knew that he was almost starved to death only ten years ago.

A woman named June Soan helped him and pointed him in the right direction.

His business gradually expanded until it had branches all over the country.

June deserved full credit for most of his achievements.

She was why at least 60% of the work got done in his company.

Two days ago, June resigned and confessed her real identity.

Josh tried everything and even knelt in front of her, but it didnt change her mind.

With everything that had happened, he knew there was nothing he could do.

He had also read the posts online.

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June was doing it out of her honor, and he knew he shouldnt try to stop her.

“Sister June, goodbye!”


Leigh, I think youve done enough.”

“No, Ill walk you to the end of the road!”


Leigh, you wont make it.

The journey will take at least two weeks.

Please go back! The company needs you.”

“June, please dont tell me to go! The company needs you more than it needs me.

Our business would have shut down years ago without you.

This is my last wish! Please let me see you off!”

June sighed and stopped forcing him.

She then followed her companions on the ocean road.

Many similar situations had occurred in the past few days.

As a result, the length of the procession increased significantly and was almost ten times longer.

It had been two hours since Drake set out, but there were still members of the Soan empire on the beach.

“Tm sorry.

Im late! Where is everybody Are they all gone”

Acar drove onto the beach directly from the seaside road.

A man crawled out, covered with blood.

He was one of the members of the Soan empire that failed to kill themselves.

The men could only bring him here when they saw they had no other choice.

Harry Soan was elated upon seeing his fellow members on the beach.

“I got here in time! Thank you so much!” He thanked the people who were kind enough to drive him there.

However, those people shook their heads in frustration.


Soan, good luck… I dont know what else to say.

Is it really worth it”

“Yes! Its so worth it!” Harry nodded repeatedly.

He then stumbled to the ocean road and joined the procession.

“Am I too late The Patriarch is on his way, isnt he Thank God Im here in time!”

“Sorry, guys! Im late!”

“rm sorry! Im too late! Wheres everyone Are they all gone”

‘Members of the Soan empire who had been kept captive arrived later than the others.

They knelt on the beach in relief when they saw that not the entire procession was on the ocean road.

With the help of the others, they marched onto the road as well.

The netizens werent as restless as before.

What was done couldnt be undone, and they could only send out their best wishes.

“Thope theres no cyberbullying in the other world!”

“Thope theres no pain in heaven.

I wish all members of the Soan empire would be happy forever!”

“If I can do it all over again, I would speak up for Mr.

Himmel Soan, even if it means that I would be drowned in criticism! Even if they would destroy my reputation!”

“Tfs are cheap! If Id known, I would have spoken up, too.

I would do it even if they found where I lived and beat me to death!”

“Whats the point of saying all this now After everything that has happened, we need to reflect on our behavior! Can we believe everything we read Rumors can get people killed!”

“Thats right! So many people are hiding behind their computer screens and saying the most horrible things without thinking about the consequences! The anonymity of the online world is a double-edged sword..

Its convenient, but at the same time, it can amplify ones dark side! Cyberbullying is a

horrible thing!”


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