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After a while, Himmel Soan stopped wasting his brain cells on the topic.

He only needed to find the current demonic god and had no interest in the ancient one.

He examined the tunnels again.

He had to choose one out of the nine.

Did each tunnel lead to a different place

How should he choose

If he selected the wrong tunnel, he might never find the ancient demonic gods body.

That would be against his purpose.

He must make the right choice.

But he had no idea how to go forward.

There was no hint at all.

His mental force didnt work here, either.

All that was useful was 0.01% of his power.

Should he make a wild guess

That was a one-in-nine possibility.

Himmel Soan didnt think he was a lucky person, so he didnt want to bet on it.

“The divine dagger!” Himmel Soan suddenly remembered.

It was a dagger that could defy the law of nature.

Emperor Baih had tried to kill him with it, but Himmel Soan grabbed the dagger instead.

Then he forgot all about it because he didnt need to use it.

Right now, it seemed to be the best option.

Maybe he could find the path ahead with it.

Himmel Soan exhaled and injected a wisp of spiritual essence into the dagger and concentrated on the energy in the air.

Shortly after, he saw millions of strings.

“Countless people have been here before.”

Anyone who had entered the tomb would leave behind some trace.

Energy and smells could change and even fade with time, but they couldnt change the fact that somebody used to be here.

As long as somebody had visited this place, Himmel Soan could use the dagger to follow their trail.

He could see millions of strings here, which meant these many demons had been here before.

Luckily, he was looking for the demonic god.

He could follow the demonic gods traces with the dagger.

Unlike ordinary demons, he must have a special string, making it much easier to find him.

“Sir…” the fragile-looking demon said timidly.

“What” Himmel Soan turned to him.

“Thank you… If it werent for you, we would have been killed!”

Himmel Soan waved him off.

He didnt need the demons thanks because it didnt cost him anything to bring them in.

Having heard their stories, Himmel Soan realized the demons werent what he thought they were.

They didnt deserve to die as cannon fodder.

“Sir, there are nine tunnels here.

Which one should we choose” the group leader asked Himmel Soan.

By now, he had realized Himmel Soan was much more capable than the rest of them.

He was able to bring all of them into the tomb without raising an alarm.

That was proof enough of his power.

Of course, they needed to follow the master when they could.

Maybe he could lead them to some great discovery.

“You can choose whichever tunnel you want.

Thats your own choice.

Please dont ask me,” Himmel Soan said indifferently.

He was already doing them a big favor by bringing them in.

This wasnt Earth but a cultivation continent.

He could protect them on Earth, not here.

Only the most capable beings could survive on the Demon Continent.

Himmel Soan wouldnt stay here for too long.

He would leave this place when he found the demonic god and his way out.

Therefore, he couldnt protect these demons forever.

He had his own mission.

These demons were on their own.

“Sir, can we follow you” the female demon asked.

The other three demons nodded.

“Sir, can we follow you”

Himmel Soan hesitated.

Follow him…

That was their choice.

Himmel Soan wouldnt change their decision, but he needed to inform them about certain things.

“Im looking for the demonic god and the ancient demonic god.

Itll be a dangerous journey.

If you want to follow me, I cant promise Ill have enough energy to help you.

“You can follow me if you want to, but I wont offer you any help.” He set out without waiting for the demons reactions.

He had found the demonic gods string.

Himmel Soan entered the third tunnel on the right while the four demons were still trying to digest the information.

“Well… do we follow him” asked the fragile-looking demon.

He was obviously dissuaded when Himmel Soan brought up the demonic god.

If they followed him, they would be on their way to see that powerful being.

However, they were only here for some windfall, hoping that they could make a little achievement.

Facing the demonic god How was that possible

Therefore, the fragile demon hesitated, and so did his teammates.

Even the group leader wondered if they should follow that capable “demon.”

“Ill enter the same tunnel.

You can make your own choice.

I hope we all find what we want and get out alive.

“Goodbye!” The group leader entered the third tunnel on the right, too.

The other demons soon made up their minds.

The female demon was the last one to choose where to go.

After some consideration, she also selected the third tunnel on the right.

Once her decision was made, her team had fallen apart.

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