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Shortly after they left, the other groups entered the tomb.

There were dozens of groups at first, but only six managed to succeed.

Two out of the six groups had fewer members than they started off with.

The bald demons group was still intact.

“Baldie, what should we do now” Imm asked.

He was in the bald demons group.

He was impatient toward the bald demon, but the latters capability also deterred him.

The bald demon had demonstrated his power outside.

Imm knew he was weaker than the bald demon.

Therefore, he would ask for his opinion on certain things.

“There are nine tunnels.

I think each group should choose one tunnel.

That way, even if a group finds something, there will be no competition,” said the bald demon.

A demon from another group asked, “What if two groups choose the same tunnel”

The bald demon laughed at the stupid question.

“The more powerful group will win, then.

Were all on our own.

I said at the beginning that once we enter the tomb, well part ways.

From this moment onward, were strangers!

“If anybody wants to steal my discoveries, I wont be so polite anymore.

Make your decision.”

The bald demons words reminded the others that they all wanted to find rewards in the tomb.

Their team was only temporarily formed to enter the tomb.

Now that they were here, everyone needed to depend on their ability.

Before long, there were only three groups left.

Members of the other teams either left alone or formed partners with another demon.

The wisest thing was to be the first to make a choice.

If a capable group chose a tunnel, the others would have one less choice because they couldnt follow the capable group.

It would only get them killed.

Therefore, choosing the tunnel first would benefit them.

They thought the bald demon was doing them a favor, but it was all part of his plan.

“What about you” the bald demon asked the other two groups.

“I dont think it concerns you,” said one of the group leaders.

“Do you have some sort of plan Do you want to get rid of us now because you need us as your scout or because you dont want us to know your choice” asked the leader of another group.

Neither leader showed the bald demon any respect.

They only wanted to get into the tomb.

It wasnt like they were best friends.

There was no need to show the bald demon any respect.

Moreover, the bald demon had said earlier that they would depend on their own.

They had even less reason to respect him.

“I just want to know what choice youll make.

I wont keep my choice a secret.

If you dont want to go, Ill leave with my group.”

The bald demon was ready to depart.

They went to the third tunnel on the right, which was also the one Himmel Soan had entered.

He looked over his shoulder before going in.

“You need to make up your mind now.

Theres no time to waste.

Dont stay in one place for too long.”

The remaining two group leaders looked at each other.

“The bald demon seems to know this place well.

Should we follow him or choose a different tunnel” asked one of the leaders.

He was intrigued by the bald demons words but didnt know what to do.

The other group leader fell silent as well.

After a long while, he said, “If you trust me, I think we should follow the bald demon.

“He seems to be familiar with the tomb, so I think his choice is probably the correct one.

At first, I thought he wanted to eliminate the incorrect paths by having us choose first.

But that didnt happen.

I now suspect hes waiting somewhere down this tunnel to ambush us.

“If a group goes into the tunnel, maybe itll be annihilated.

We can handle the situation better by joining hands.

“Thats what I think.

What about you” The group leader named Ould spoke his mind to express his sincerity.

Hirba, the other group leader, fell silent.

Ould got him thinking.

His analysis was rather straightforward and was something that was on Hirbas mind.

“If we stick together, how are we going to divide the loot” Hirba asked.

He agreed that the two groups shouldnt be separated, but they needed to reach an agreement first.

How would they divide the reward among themselves

Each group had made a plan beforehand.

If the two groups joined hands, wouldnt they become enemies when they stumbled upon a great prize

If they couldnt reach an agreement, the alliance wouldnt work.

Ould smiled.

“The bald demon is ahead of us.

Do you think well stumble upon anything valuable

“If we really want to find anything, we must get rid of him.

Otherwise, talking about sharing the prize is a joke!

“Were ready to go.

Hirba, we need your decision now!”

Ould led his group toward the tunnel.

Hirba knew the discussion was pointless because Ould was right.

To obtain any reward, they would have to get rid of the bald demon.

It would be even better if they could obtain some information from him.

“Alright! I agree, but its only temporary!”

They all went into the tunnel.

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