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Firey was thinking about the primal magma while Himmel Soans mind was on something else.

He was thinking about his original group members.

He had saved them once.

The last thing he wished to see was them dying here, but there was nothing he could do.

They were on their own.

Maybe they had found another way to avoid this obstacle.

Himmel Soan stopped worrying about them and went on soaking in the magma, which helped with his recovery.

It was the same as absorbing spiritual essence.

Above them, the demons didnt notice anything because none of them was in the mood to look around.

After all, the magma could kill them instantly.

They didnt want to watch death in the face.

The magma alone almost forced them to flee.

Therefore, no one noticed Himmel Soan and Firey.

“I guess this is it,” said the bald demon.

They had moved forward by a hundred meters, with another four hundred meters to go.

The road hadnt changed for fifteen minutes.

Either all the other demons had died from trying to solve this problem, or they had given up.

It was time to use their scouts now.

“Let them explore the way for us.”

As soon as the bald demon said that, a demon was pushed to the front of the line.

“Sir, please let me go.

I dont want to be a scout! Im begging you!”

The demons woke up at this point.

Their abilities had been restrained, and they had no way to fight back.

They could only do as they were told.

Their faces went pale when they learned they were going to be scouts.

It was a death trap, but they found some hope when the road appeared.

If somebody else solved the problem, they wouldnt need to explore the way anymore.

However, the path was suddenly cut off.

From now on, they would need to find it at the cost of their own lives.

Naturally, they didnt want to do that.

But did they have a choice

Of course not.

They could only beg the bald demon, hoping he could spare them.

It was a futile move.

All their pleading landed on deaf ears.

“Get moving, or Ill throw you into the magma.

If youre lucky, maybe you can get to the other end in one go.

The chance is right in front of you.

Although its a long shot, its better than nothing.

Just think about it!”

The bald demon fed a little hope to the scouts.

If they didnt start moving, they would be dead for sure.

If they put their lives on the line, they might still have some hope.

Unless one was an idiot, one would know how to choose.

The bald demon didnt rush them.

He knew they would choose the latter.

That was the ideal situation for him.

As expected, the demon chose to explore the path.

He closed his eyes and made two steps forward.

Instead of falling over the edge, he stepped on solid ground.

The invisible path soon appeared under his feet.

The demon became much more hopeful.

If luck was on his side, maybe he could reach the other side.

It was too much to hope for, but he still held onto it.

Maybe luck really was on his side.

He walked for a full hundred meters without falling into the magma.

“Great! I think Ill make it!” He summoned up his courage and took another step forward.

However, fate seemed to be playing a joke on him.

He had just found some courage when the cruelest thing happened.

He lost his footing and fell over the edge.

He didnt even have time to scream before disappearing out of sight.

He fell into the magma.


The others saw this and didnt know what to say.

Now that they had lost the first scout, a second one was needed.

The other demons became nervous.

None of them wanted to be the next.

Ould stepped forward and bellowed, “Thats enough! Stop treating us like toys!”

The bald demon seemed confused.

“I dont think youre toys…”

Ould laughed out loud.

His laughter was full of disdain.

“If you are familiar with this place, then you should also know how to get to the other side.

“Youre only making us explore the way because you enjoy this.

Its like a game to you! How can you be so cruel”

The bald demon was surprised, but he didnt let it show on his face.

He only seemed perplexed.

He shrugged, saying, “How should I know that If I did, why didnt I lead you to the other end Im not enjoying anything.

Youre only saying this because you dont want to be the scout.

“I see.

Wasnt that man your brother Is that why youre so angry”

Those words felt like a dagger in Oulds chest.


The bald demon was right!

The first scout was none other than Muld, Oulds younger brother.

He was dead because of the bald demon!

Ould thought he had accepted death, so he didnt react when Muld was chosen, even if he was his brother.

He knew he might be the next.

It wouldnt make a difference because they would all die sooner or later, but when Muld fell, Ould saw the smirk on the bald demons face.

He looked like a cat playing with his prey.

Ould immediately realized what was going on.

If the others believed him, maybe it would become the end of the bald demon.

However, no one would believe him.

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