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Chapter 47: Awake


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On the 14th day, an enormous round square appeared at the end of the ocean road.

It was big enough to fit 10,000 people.

Drake knew his mission would end today.

It was a beautiful day.

The sea surface was as smooth as a mirror with sunlight bouncing off it.

Members of the Soan empire all entered the round square.

Drake looked up and waved at the helicopters.

Henry Lang was in one of them.

He sighed when he saw this.

He knew everything was coming to an end.

By now, the only ones left were members of the Soan empire and the helicopters, which Henry Lang and Gordon Marlow had been using as their rides.


Drake, I—”

“General, please say no more.

Thank you for keeping us company.

You should go back now.”


Drake, is there no—

“Imean it! Please dont say another word! Id have gone back and wouldnt have ended up here if I had a choice.”

Both Henry and Gordon fell silent and felt their minds weigh down with anxiety.

Two reporters were with them in the helicopters.

The entire country was watching the event through their cameras.

“guess this end is inevitable.”

“Its been two weeks.

We tried our best, but their determination is beyond my imagination!”

“Is beyond all our imaginations! I respect them for that!”

“Goodbye, Mr.

and Ms.


From John Wong.”

“Goodbye, Mr.

and Ms.


From Kevin Lockhart.”

“Goodbye, Mr.

and Ms.


From Jessie Lee.”

Many people burst into tears and left messages on the live stream.

“Master, were coming for you!”

“Patriarch, Im sorry! I wasnt there for you at your most difficult time.” Warren wiped his tears.

Caroline wept.

“Dad, I was the first to come to you, but I was still too late! Ill be seeing you soon!”

James said, “Patriarch, whats the use of the Martial Arts Association without you”

Yosef said, “Patriarch, I want to be your guard in the next life! I want to be your gun! I didnt do my job properly in this life!”

Hayden said, “Patriarch, Im sorry! Ive failed my job! I couldnt save you! Please punish me when we meet on the other side!”

“Patriarch, were coming!”

“See you in a bit, Patriarch!”

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“Patriarch, Im sorry! Here I come!”

Everyone burst into tears.

They all wrapped a white cloth around their head.

People like Warren, James, Drake, and Phoebe put on white funeral outfits.

Drake was the first to walk to the edge of the square.

Henry couldnt help but call out to him, “Mr.


Drake looked up and smiled at Henry.

“After Im gone, someone will deliver you all the secret information the Soan empire and three divisions have obtained over the years.


Lang, please leave!”

“Goodbye, Mr.

Drake!” Henry bade the man farewell.

Drake smiled and looked at the calm surface of the ocean.

“Goodbye, Goodbye, Mr.

and Ms.


“Goodbye, Goodbye, Mr.

and Ms.


“Goodbye, the three divisions! Goodbye, the Soan empire!”

Almost every internet user in the country was staring blankly at their screen.

Few people were in the mood to post comments.

“Pick up the coffin and follow me!”

With a wave of Drakes hand, the crystal coffin was lifted off the ground.

He then marched off, leading the procession toward the ocean.

Phoebe and Liam followed him.

After them came the coffin.

Warren, Yosef, James, and the others followed the coffin.

Something happened all of a sudden.

The sky darkened, and a gust of wind swept across the sea.

Tidal waves suddenly surged on the calm surface of the ocean.

‘A tornado moved toward them from a long distance away.

The water it drew from the sea pushed out all the helicopters in the sky.

“Whats going on”

“Why is this happening Its supposed to be a sunny day today!”

“Steady the helicopter!”

“Whats going on The tornado seems unnatural!”

The helicopter ride became so bumpy that Henry and Gordon felt dizzy.

They couldnt see anything and almost fell out of the helicopters.

The tornado felt like it had a life of its own.

Instead of devouring the helicopters, it simply forced them away.

The turbulence affected the live stream as well.

Everything was spinning, and the viewers couldnt see what was happening.

“What the heck”

“Whats going on”

“Whats that Is it a tsunami”

“It cant be! Ive checked the weather forecast over there.”

“Then what is it”

Drake was about to jump into the sea, but he paused when he saw the sudden change.

Waves rose around the square like walls and were at least dozens of meters tall.

But they didnt smash onto the square.

“Whats going on Why is this happening”

That was so strange!

It wouldnt take a genius to realize something weird was going on.

“Is the Patriarch angry Does he think were moving too slowly”

Liam was perplexed.

He then said, “Patriarch, were coming!”

He ran across the square and tried to jump over the edge.

Just then, jets of water rose and pushed Liam back onto the square.

It only confused the crowd even more.

“What the hell is going on”

Phoebe said, “People of the Himmelian Pavilion, get into the water and find out whats going on!”

“Yes, Maam!”

Her subordinates jumped into the water.

However, a strange force pushed them back as soon as they hit the water, and they were bounced back onto the square.

Phoebe was utterly confused and kept looking around.

Was there a capable person around that they didnt know of

“Look! The coffin!” Just then, someone cried out.

Drake turned around to see that the crystal coffin had risen into the air.

It then exploded.

Himmel Soans remains floated in mid-air.





Everybody was utterly confused.


Himmel Soan opened his eyes.

“You brats! On your knees! All of you!” Himmel Soan shouted as his body began to change..



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