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“Anyone else” Himmel Soan tilted his head and asked lightly.

The bald demon looked at the dagger in his hand, trying to figure out what it was.

“Whats that dagger” Imm asked greedily.

If he could have a dagger like that, his family would recognize his ability.

“Its a divine dagger.” Himmel Soan didnt find it necessary to hide that fact.

He had noticed the greed in Imms eyes, but the dagger was still in his hands.

So what if Imm coveted it

The worst Imm could do was snatch the dagger.

However, the demon had no idea how difficult that would be.

“The divine dagger”

“The divine dagger!”

Imm and the bald demon said in unison.

Although they said the same thing, their tones were utterly different.

It was apparent that Imm didnt know what a divine dagger was.

The bald demon sounded astonished.

He obviously knew that name.

Himmel Soan also recognized that tone.

He didnt expect a demon to recognize a dagger from Stelladom.

Although Himmel Soan knew how to use the dagger and the consequences of using it, he didnt know its history.

Since the bald demon had recognized it, maybe he could learn something from him.

At least he could find out how other people viewed this dagger, but he couldnt just blurt out the question.

That would be foolish.

He and the bald demon were practically enemies now.

Why would the bald demon tell him anything

Himmel Soan was still confused when Imm suddenly behaved like a friendly teammate.

“Captain, whats a divine dagger” Imm asked.

“Its a divine weapon.

Legend says there are four such weapons in total: a sword, a spear, a dagger, and a saber.

“They were all created by the law of nature and contain its power.

When they were first made, they were all fragile and weak, but these weapons could grow!

“Four very capable beings wielded them at first.

Even the ancient demonic god didnt have one.

“Somehow, the divine weapons went missing.

“I never thought I would find the divine dagger here!” the bald demon explained.

There was a greedy look in his eyes as well.

Still, he knew he had to be cautious.

Hirba had just served as a warning.

Although the bald demon kept himself in check, Imm couldnt wait much longer.

“If you want it, come and get it.

Im standing right here.

Otherwise, stop staring at it,” Himmel Soan said coldly.

He didnt think much of the dagger, but he hated the looks in their eyes.

It was repulsive!

“Youre very funny.

Thats one of the four divine weapons, and by the looks of it, you can wield it.

Are you telling us to take it or walk into a death trap” said the bald demon.

He was still very calm.

No matter what happened, he didnt forget his top priority.

The divine dagger was a great temptation, but it was nowhere near as important as his mission: revive the ancient demonic god.

In fact, he was one of the ancient demonic gods avatars.

This place was also his tomb, which was why he was so familiar with it.

However, an avatar wasnt the same as the ancient demonic god himself.

The things he knew and his capability were much inferior to the actual ancient demonic god.

He was a lesser copy of the real thing.

That disadvantage was also demonstrated by the fact that he couldnt solve the five connected formations.

“If you wont take it, Ill be on my way.”

Himmel Soan saw that none of them wanted to do anything reckless.

In that case, he would have to let things be for now.

He couldnt say the same thing about their next meeting.

Once he reached the other end of the passageway, Himmel Soan reactivated the formations.

The five formations appeared once more.

“Damn it! He shut the gate behind him.

What should we do now

“Are you just going to stand here and wait for two more members who happen to know formations Thats impossible!”

“Do we have another choice”

The demons argued among themselves, but they couldnt reach any conclusions.

They didnt know what to do.

Just then, the bald demon spoke.

“Thats enough.

Now isnt the time for quarrels.

We should be solving this problem.

“He solved the formations all by himself earlier.

Ive been thinking about it.

“I have some ideas now and can probably deactivate the formations in two hours.

“Anybody who still wants to bicker can leave my team now.”

As expected, his words had the intimidating effect he expected to create, but intimidation alone couldnt change anything.

What he said caught everybodys attention.

Reopen the door!

“Imm, theres something I want to talk to you about.” The bald demon sent Imm a secret message.

Imm was perplexed.

What did he want to say Why couldnt the others hear it

“Go ahead,” Imm replied with a secret message, too.

The bald demon was the captain of the team, and Imm had grown to admire his power.

He respected him.

“Imm, youre the demonic gods descendant, arent you”

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