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The trees here were short and sparse.

The red moon and the red earth could creep one out.

The ancient demonic gods corpse and the demonic god should both be here.

Himmel Soan concluded.

This was more like the place where demons would reside.

The capital city was filled with objects of human civilization.

Himmel Soan didnt believe it was the invention of the demons.

They couldnt have created such an advanced civilization.

Maybe the demons invaded Starain, turning it into the Demon Continent.

Those were only his speculations though.

There was no way to verify that theory.

He could only speculate.

“Maybe this is the most dangerous place so far,” said Himmel Soan.

The place he had just come out of didnt seem like a tomb.

It felt more like a place suitable for human beings.

The whole thing felt like a test.

He had just passed one of the trials.

“Is that wind Firey, I need your fire!” Himmel Soan immediately took action.

It was the right decision.

As soon as the fire was lit, the wind stopped.

Even the shadows around them backed away.

“Master, what are those” Firey was confused.

She only noticed the shadows moving away but never saw who was controlling them.

She asked if Himmel Soan knew what it was, but he shook his head.

He had no idea what those things were.

He saw the same thing as Firey, which was how the shadows backed away.

Therefore, Himmel Soan didnt have an answer either.

“Keep the fire.

If it goes off, theyll jump at us right away.

“Darkness is the most dangerous thing.

Lets not take that risk.” Himmel Soan concluded.

After the illusion, he became much more cautious.

He was gathering information here to find Gina.

If he ran into danger or trouble here, he would be wasting this great opportunity.

If the unknown creature was afraid of fire, he would keep it lit.

“Master, how about I burn this place down” Firey played with the ball of fire in her palm, sounding excited.

Himmel Soan only moved his finger, and Firey cringed.

She didnt want to get clonked again.

She only made a suggestion!

“We cant burn the place down.

“We dont know anything about this place or those things.

We dont know if theyre afraid of the fire or simply dislike it.

“Maybe they only backed away because the sight of the fire felt unpleasant.

“To survive in this place, we need to keep the status quo and understand our surroundings first.

We can then make some changes according to what we find,” Himmel Soan told Firey.

Firey nodded repeatedly.

Although she hardly remembered anything, she behaved like a good kid.


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