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Chapter 60 Not Permitted to Leave

Lab 231 had been taking precautions against Viclan and his fellow compatriots leaving since they arrived three decades ago.

They were concerned that they would suddenly steal some confidential information and leave.

For that, Neige set up a mysterious organization to suppress and guard against Viclan and the other top scientists.

That way, Neige could have total control over the core technology.

Even if Viclan left the country one day, Neige wouldnt feel at a loss for what to do.

years without showing any signs of leaving.

As a result, the mysterious organization let its guard down, convinced that Viclan and his men wholeheartedly wanted to stay in Neige for good and help this country.

The day they had been dreading finally arrived.

The departure of Viclan and his fellow compatriots would slow down the technology development in Neige for twenty years.

The information they had was way too important.

Those were advanced theories that were known to them only.

One such example was the Soanian Theory, the most famous theory in the past thirty years.

Viclan was the one who had put forward the theory, but it wasnt complete at first.

He had been trying to fill in the blanks ever since and was already making progress.

It wouldnt take him much longer to complete the theory.

When he succeeded, the scientific technology of Neige would be taken to a new level and about three notches more advanced than the other countries in the world.

Yet, Viclan decided to leave all that in a critical moment like this.

It would mean all of Neiges investment in the Soanian Theory, the Soanian Bridge Theory, and the Soanian Orientation Theory would be wasted.

If that happened, Neiges scientific research standard would drop to where it was thirty years ago.

It wasnt all bad news, though.

Native Neigerian scientists had made some progress of their own.

With that, Neiges scientific research standard would probably fall back by twenty years only.

Viclan was already a vice professor in Lab 213.

One had to be very capable to take that position.

Therefore, Neige would never let Viclan leave.

After receiving a phone call from their boss, Team 213, aka the mysterious organization set up to spy on Viclan, reassembled.

Seven leaders sat in the living room of a villa, and the air felt stifling.

“What should we do now Viclan has left Lab 213, and itll be a great loss for our country! I think we all know how serious the consequences are.”

“Viclan cant leave! Thats out of the question!” A short-tempered leader kicked the coffee table, shattering it to pieces.

“We must get Viclan back! Well use force if necessary! He cant leave until he completes the Soanian

fundamental theories, too! They belong to Neige! Neige is the only reason he could come up with the theories! He cant take them with him!”

“I agree with Jason! The Soanian Theory is too important to us! It contains seven fundamental theories, but Viclan only told us one and kept the other six to himself.

He has stopped us from reaching the theory by reverse-engineering.

That old fool can never leave! Even if he drops dead now, he has to do it here in Neige!”

“I should have kept Viclan under surveillance! I saw this coming thirty years ago, but I was misled by his fake loyalty! I stopped watching him over ten years ago, and he was able to hide his research achievements! Its too late now!”

“Dont worry about it.

Viclan isnt going anywhere! I wont allow it! Ill gather people.

Well kill him if we have to!”


“Shit! Branco is leaving!”

“Oh no, so is Kamar!”

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“Louis has quit his job, too! Whats going on All the Moonians have resigned!”

The chief of the Scientific Research Bureau paled when he received those messages.

“What did you say All the Moonians have resigned!”


All the Moonian scientists are leaving!”

“Why Are they not happy with how Flamia has been treating them”

“We have no idea.

Branco didnt speak a word yesterday and tried to take his own life a few times, but we managed to stop him.

Today, hes all happy again.

Then he quit his job!”

The chief immediately made the decision.

“Notify the army now! Tell the guards to come here and stop Branco and the others!”

“Chief, are we going to force them to stay”

“We dont have a choice.

Flamia cant afford to lose them.

Weve finally made some achievements, and we cant let them sabotage it.

Well try to talk to them first.

If that doesnt work, well drag them back.

No one is allowed to leave, especially Branco!”

“Got it.

Ill notify the guards and get some men here.”

“If things get physical, do not touch their heads.

Understood Those are their most valuable parts! Be as gentle as you can!”

“Yes, sir!”

Flamia and Neige werent alone.

Similar situations were happening in other countries as well.

It wouldnt be far-fetched to call scientists the core of a country.

All the countries in the world were focusing on scientific research.

Science development had indeed made ordinary peoples lives more convenient.

In todays era, everyone was surrounded by science.

From earphones, cell phones, and computers to more important things like fridges, air conditioners, and electronic stoves, everything was the fruit of scientific research.

The same went with toilet seats, lamps, and routers.

Needless to say, helicopters, bazookas, tanks, planes, dams, and power plans couldnt be separated from science either.

A country was only as powerful as its scientific research.

Neige was the most powerful country in the world because of its advanced scientific research.

They had the most lethal weapons in the world.

With their arsenal, no other countries would dare to offend Neige.

Behind their prowess were the scientists.

That was why top scientists like Branco, William, and Viclan were so important.

No country would let them leave!

It was like what Team 213 said.

They would kill the scientists if they had to.

Himmel Soan put down his phone and looked out of the window.


“Im here, Patriarch!” Yosef walked into the room.

“How can I help you, Patriarch”

“Do you know why I stationed you abroad”


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