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Chapter 62 Terrifying Soanian Theory

“Without the support of the Soanian Theory, the airship project will have to stop.

“So will the H233T missile technology.

“The T22 cell phone chip will be suspended.

“The research of 115, our eighth-generation power core, wont be able to continue.

“The 324 human cell experiment needs to stop, too!”

More and more data popped up on the screen, and the audience gradually realized how important the matter was.

At the same time, they came to understand the significance of the Soanian Theory.

“The shutdown of the airship project may affect many aspects of our aerospace technology because the core technologies are based on the Soanian Theory.

“The HZ33T missile technology is about weapon energy.

With that technology, our tanks can break the 7,000m range limit.

Moreover, the shells can divide after launching and achieve precision strikes, hitting the exact targets we want.

“I think everyone here knows what the T22 cell phone chip is for.

It will enable 100% speech input.

That is keyboard-free input.

The current cell phones cant even achieve semi-speech input.

Thevoice input we have now can only fulfill the most basic functions.

With the T22 technology, cell phones can break free of their traditional forms.

They can even become as malleable as the playdough.

“324 is a medical technology regarding human cells, targeting cancer in specific.

As we all know, cancer exists because of deteriorating cells.

If we succeed in 324, we can effectively stop the spreading and multiplication of cancer cells.

We may even be able to cure cancer!

“115 mainly focuses on power generation.

Vehicles, airplanes, ships, and even ordinary engines all need power…”

The young woman went on.

By then, the audience was blown away by the Soanian Theory.

They finally knew why Oraman was so furious.

Had they known it earlier, they would have lost their temper, too.

Viclan and his fellow scientists were too important to Neige.

Take cancer as an example.

No country had ever been able to cure cancer.

However, if their research succeeded, they would be able to do just that.

How many years would Neigh stay ahead of other countries after that

Thirty years Fifty years Or even more than that!

With the current scientific research standard on Moon, would they be able to cure cancer in fifty years

Highly unlikely!

What if Viclan went back to Moon and offered the technology to his country

Their scientific research standard might exceed that of Neige!

With better scientific research, the country would be stronger.

They could build better weapons.

Moon already had a large population and could quickly become one of the top three countries in the world.

It might have a chance to exceed Neige!

This was a pressing matter!

“You idiots! Do you know how important they are now!” Oraman shouted.

“Yes, Mr.

President! Well get them back!”

“Hold on.


President, I dont think getting them back will do any good if theyre determined to leave.

We need to find a way to get them to our side!”

That was the most important thing!

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However, how would they do that Controlling someone physically was much more complicated than winning their heart.

Oraman turned to the speaker.

“Any suggestions”

The man was called Lincoln and was one of the high-ranking officials.

He said confidently, “I do, but Ill need your permission, Mr.


“Consider it granted!”

“The Nobel Prize!”

“The Nobel Prize”

“The Nobel Prize”

Everyones eyes lit up when they heard it.

That was a great idea!

These scientists didnt care about financial gains.

Few scientists did.

They cared more about their reputation and honor.

The Nobel Prize was one of the greatest honors they could have.

There was the Nobel Prize for Literature, Physics, Economics, Chemistry, etc.

They were all the most prominent prizes in their fields.

Viclan and his colleagues must want the Nobel Prize as well.

All scientists wanted to win such a prize in their lives.

No one could say no to the Nobel Prize.

“Thats so clever! Lincoln, good job!”

“Thats right! Mr.

President, we can lure them back with a Nobel Prize!”

Oraman nodded.

In fact, they already had a shortlist for the Nobel Prize candidates.

Viclan and his fellow compatriots werent popular in Neige, and none of them was on that list.


1 was on

If their contribution to scientific research was fairly treated, Viclan should have won the Nobel Prize 22 years ago when he put forward the Soanian Theory.

The Soanian Theory had more significance than the theory of relativity.

However, that didnt make much difference.

He hadnt been nominated even once in the past twenty years.


President, the nominees for this years Nobel Prize are already determined,” said someone who had failed to read the room.

The president threw his pen at the man before he could say another word.

“Change it, then! You idiot! Did you leave your brain at home before you came in Fix it, or give your job to someone else! Youre dismissed!”

They thought that Viclan and his people would come back as soon as the Nobel Prize was on the table.

After all, Neige was the most powerful country in the world, and the Nobel Prize was the greatest honor.

No one would say no to such an honor granted by the most powerful country.

These people believed that nothing could be more tempting than the Nobel Prize.

No matter why the scientists left, they would come back.

They were so sure.

After the president left, Lincoln and the others discussed the specific plan.

“The Moonians love houses.

Lets give him a few villas by the sea!

“They also value etiquette, so wed better bring them back in person.

Itll make it more official, and theyll be flattered.

“I think everything will go smoothly.

Well pick them up in person and offer them the Nobel Prize.

Theyll be foolish not to come back.”

“Im sure theyll return.

Why shouldnt they Lets do it now.

We shouldnt keep Mr.

President waiting.”

In an airport in Neige.

Over a dozen men dressed in black walked out.

They were the Guardians of the Soan empire.

They had come here as fast as they could.


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