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Chapter 65 Wait for Me

“Hello, everybody.

Im at the Sacred Temple Airport.

Ive been waiting here since ten oclock this morning, but I havent seen a single scientist.

I think its safe to say that the accounts that have replied to Mr.

Himmel Soans post were all fake!”

“Hi, guys, youre watching Tims channel.

As you can see, Im outside the Sacred Temple Airport, but I dont see any of the scientists that replied to Mr.

Himmel Soans post yesterday.

Its already half-past twelve, and they were supposed to be here by noon.

There are no more flights from Neige until four this afternoon.

We can say for sure that those accounts are all fakes.

They were only imposters.”

The vloggers would do anything to attract attention.

Some of them had been waiting there since five or six oclock in the morning, and they had reached the same conclusion.

None of the scientists showed up.

Needless to say, the naysayers online were thrilled.

“I knew this would happen!”

“Where are the patriots Are you blushing now Where are you all Answer me!”

“They said noon.

Do you see whats happening now Why are you all so quiet”

“This must be so hard on you all.

You cant accept it, can you Disillusion must be so bitter! Thats why we have to be realistic! In this world, only money is real! Can patriotism pay your bills Neige has a better environment, higher living standards, and more advanced research facilities.

Why should they come back here”

“So true.

I can understand why they wont come back.”

Meanwhile, it was nighttime in Neige.

The Nobel Prize ceremony had begun.

The audience consisted of top scientists from all over the world.

A few elderly men sitting in the front row were the most famous native scientists in the country.

However, none of them seemed happy.

They were supposed to be winning the prize this year, but something happened the day before, and they were replaced.

Moreover, the ceremony was moved up by almost two months!

The committee had received pressure from above.

Despite their reluctance, there was nothing they could do.

The host jumped onto the stage and started the usual cliche.

“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Nobel Prize ceremony.

Tonight, the greatest minds…”

He went on for half an hour before getting to the point.

Holding the name cards, the host started announcing the winners.

“These are the winners of this years Nobel Prize.

There are 23 in total.

Theyre Viclan Soan, Louis Soan, Olben Soan…”

After their names were read out, the winners came onto the stage one after another.

“What Theyre Moonians!” “Wait.

Whats happening Why are they all Moonians”

“Since when do we have so many great scientists”

“Dont flatter yourself! Do you still consider them Moonians Theyre Neigerians!”

“They havent changed their nationalities, which means theyre still Moonians.

Whats wrong with that” “Its completely wrong! Yes, they havent changed their nationality, but theyve worked for Neige for over thirty years! Do you know what that means Let me explain to you.

Ever heard of the H450 missiles One such missile can kill hundreds of people.

If they land in Moon, who do you think we should blame Not Neige, but the Moonian scientists who have invented the technology! Do you still think theyre our fellow compatriots”

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“Theyve built weapons for Neige against our own country! Theyre no Moonians! Theyre animals!”

“Well said.

Theyre ungrateful bastards! Theyre the reason Neige is so much better than us! I hope theyre all dead!”

“You people are hopeless.

Is hatred the only emotion you have Your life must be miserable.

If we use your logic, we shouldnt be wearing any clothes because you can use a piece of cloth to hang yourself! Why dont you accuse fabrics of being evil Will you blame the people who have invented the fabrics next”

“Thats right.

If you freeze tofu long enough, you can kill someone with it.

Has anyone stopped eating tofu You can only see the negative side of things and ignore the positive side!”

At the ceremony.

Viclan and the others walked up the stage, and Oraman gave them the award.

The president himself was presenting them with the Nobel Prize award.

Other people would have been greatly moved.

However, Viclan and his colleagues were Soans, and they would always put Himmel Soan first.

No matter what reward Neige gave them, they would never change their mind.

“Lets welcome the winners to give their speech!”

Viclan stood in front of the microphone and glanced at the audience.

“Thank you all for coming here tonight.

I dont have much to say, but I would like to speak to the Moonian press.

Where are our reporters”

The Moonian reporters were placed in the area the furthest from the stage.

They were going to give up on interviewing the winners because they would never be able to squeeze through the crowd.

However, the winners had asked to speak to them.

After the initial astonishment, the reporters grabbed their microphones and ran toward the stage.

“Were here!”


Viclan, what would you like to say to your fellow countrymen”

Viclan looked into the camera.

The whole world was watching him now.

“Wait for me!” That was all Viclan said.

The reporters were perplexed.

Their arms were still raised, for they thought Viclan was going to say something else.

They didnt realize the significance of what Viclan said at first.

Then it struck them.

“Wait for me”

Who was he talking to

To Moon

Soon, the other scientists and the high-ranking officials also realized what Viclan meant.

“Viclan, what are you saying Are you going back to Moon

“Weve given you the Nobel Prize! Why do you want to leave us” Oraman couldnt believe his ears.

Viclan said, “I should have won it 22 years



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