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Chapter 77 On Our Own

“I dont think theres much to say.

Lets contact Moon and start negotiating.

Soilia will ask for a trillion, which is about what Soilia invests in scientific research every year.

Its not all spent on the Moonians.

Well use the average amount and say they cost us 30 billion a year, which totals up to a trillion after 33 years.

Thats not a lot.”

“Winland hasnt invested as much as Soilia has, but well ask for a trillion as well!”

“Same here.

Flamia will ask for a trillion, too.”

Maruse looked at the government officials from various countries and nodded.


Neige will take the initiative and ask for a bit more.

They need to pay us 3 trillion, which makes it 8 trillion in total.

Ill contact the officials of Moon now.”

Back in Moon.

Henry and Gordon took Himmel Soan, Viclan, William (Clyde Soan), and Branco (Jude Soan) to the Pegasus Grassland.

The vast grassland in the northwest was an outstanding location.


Soan, is this place suitable for you”

Gordon looked at Himmel Soan.

Himmel Soan looked at Viclan.

“How do you like it here”

Viclan remained cautious and said respectfully, “Patriarch, Ill follow your order.”

Himmel Soan said, “You dont need to do that.

I didnt bring you here to keep me company.

I need your opinion.

Youre a scientist, so you should know how much room we need to build a space cannon.

Youll have the final say if this location works.”

“Yes, Sir.” Viclan grew serious and examined the surroundings.

He hadnt thoroughly studied the space cannon and didnt think he could make one yet.

However, Himmel Soan had given the order, and Viclan had to build the cannon no matter what.

From his speculation and what he had learned so far, there was enough room here.

“I think so, but Im looking for a spot where the air is more humid.”

“Why do you need the humidity” Himmel Soan asked.

“Patriarch, youve told me about the Void Definition, and Ive done some research on the part about the space cannon.

To build one, Ill need air as well as some water molecules.

Although we can humidify the air, well have a better chance if the environment is already humid.”

Himmel Soan didnt understand the theory because he didnt need water to release an air cannonball.

All he needed to do was raise his hand, activate his spiritual essence, and run it through the required energy channels.

Then, he could fire an air cannonball.

He could even do it now.

However, he was far from regaining his full strength, and his cannonball wouldnt be very effective.


Ill leave it to you.

General Marlow, Mr.

Lang, Ill inform all members of the Soan empire in the next few days and let them come here to help with building the space cannon.

Youll have to take care of the underground shelter.”

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“Dont worry about it, Mr.


Well spare no effort and build that bunker in five days.

In ten days, well move all the civilians inside.” Time was running short.

But they had no choice and had to use whatever was available.

“We also need to discuss the cost.

A great number of resources are needed to build the space cannon, and the Soan empire will invest all our capital into it.

I hope you can put in a share as well.”


As the safety of this planet is concerned, I think all countries should share the responsibility.

Money isnt the most important thing.

If we unite everyone and work as one force, we can do it without the money.

More importantly, many materials we need to build the space cannon cant be found here in Moon.

We need to purchase them from other countries, and the process can take up a lot of time.


Soan, shall we share the information with other countries so that they can provide us with the materials”

Himmel Soan looked up at the sky and said slowly, “What a wonderful world well have if were no longer divided into countries.

Thats the ideal world I want.

However, do you think theyll agree They wont believe you even if you tell them the truth.

Well do whatever we can.

If they want to help us, great, but we need to prepare for the worst.

We have to build the space cannon even if they wont lend us a hand.”

“Yes, I agree!

“Ill put people on it right away!”

After the location was decided, all the members of the Soan empire gathered at the Pegasus Grassland and started working.

They thought they could at least build the shell first, then fill it in piece by piece.

Himmel Soan talked to Viclan alone in his room.

He needed some insurance.

“Charles, please take a seat.”

“Thank you, Patriarch.”

“Whats the likelihood that you can build a space cannon”

Viclan told him the truth.

“I think I have a 30% chance.”

“30%.” Himmel Soan repeated.

He didnt have much hope in the first place.

30% was better than what he had expected.

Viclan grew uneasy, fearing that Himmel Soan might be upset.

Himmel Soan said, “So be it, then.

As long as you do your best, the result isnt the most important thing.”

“Im sorry, Patriarch.

Im so useless.

Its been thirty years, and I still cant comprehend the Void Definition.”

“Thats alright.

Theres only so much you can do.

Heres the thing.

Charles, you need to figure out a way so that I can speed up my recovery process.

If I can regain 10% of my power, Ill be able to crush that super meteorite.”

Charles was surprised.

“Patriarch, what do you need”

Himmel Soan was disappointed by the question.

“Thats alright.

You can go back to your work.”

It seemed that he only had himself to count on.

Charles felt guilty because he couldnt help Himmel Soan in a critical moment like this.

He nodded.

“Im sorry, Patriarch.

Ive let you down.”

“Its not your fault.

Please give me a moment.”

“Yes, Sir.”

Himmel Soan called Charles before he left the room.


“Patriarch, is there something else I can do for


Himmel Soan pondered for a moment before he spoke again.

“Find me all the textbooks on general science, chemistry, and physics! From primary school to college!”

An idea had just struck Himmel Soan.

He realized that asking Charles to figure out the supernatural power was too difficult.

Maybe things would move faster if he did the research himself.

Himmel Soan had only recovered 0.1% of his physical and mental strength.

But that was enough.

The fraction of power enabled him to detect something 1/360 light-years away from Earth, hence the discovery of the meteorite.

0.1% of his power was enough to make him a formidable man.

Moreover, he had a photographic memory.


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