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Chapter 80 Break off Relations

Those six countries were outrageous!

Gordon and Henry were kind enough to warn them of the impending crisis.

Instead of thanking Moon, they wanted to blackmail the country.

Anyone would be angry.

They were bullies!

If the two of them were the selfish type, they would never have told the other countries about it.

It was just money.

If Moon were to empty its treasury, it should be able to cover the cost.

There should be enough money to purchase all the materials from other countries.

They should be able to build the space cannon and the shelters.

In that case, other countries wouldnt have time to build shelters.

After the catastrophe, there wouldnt be many people left on Earth.

By then, the Moonians would be the only survivors on this planet.

The country could owe the entire planet.

However, Henry and Gordon didnt keep the information about the meteorite to themselves.

The thousand-year-old tradition and virtue of Moon forbade them from doing so.

Moreover, civilization and its inheritance needed diversity.

The world would be such a boring place if all that was left were the Moonians.

Without competition, there would be no progress.

Even if Moon were the only country in the world, it would feel lost.

“Well pay you for the materials! Can we please talk about Viclan later Im going to say this one last time.

Were not joking!”

“Of course you are!” Maruse bellowed, “If youre so stubborn, theres no point for further conversation.

Youre responsible for whats going to happen next! Dont blame Neige for


Maruses screen then turned dark.

He had left the video conference.

Koji smirked.

“Im going to say the same to you! Goodbye.”

He switched off his camera as well.

Park said, “Our country holds the same opinion.

The conversation is over for now, but I believe it wont be long before you want to talk to us again.

Good luck.” One after another, the six countries left the video conference.

The meeting was over.

Henry and Gordon looked at each other and sighed.

It seemed that it was impossible to convince these people.

Meanwhile, the news about the conference spread out to other parts of the world.


Is Moon trying to trick us”


Did you check out their website Its hilarious!”

“You need a VPN to open it.

Ive saved some screenshots on my page.

Check it out!”

“Thats hilarious.

A super meteorite is going to hit Earth.

Moonians have wild imaginations!”

“Have they lost their minds”

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“Why are you surprised They never had any common sense.”

Seeing that people from other countries were all laughing at them, some Moonians felt utterly humiliated, while others fought back.

They left comments on social media accounts of users from other countries.

“Whats wrong with you people What does it have anything to do with the ordinary people of Moon This is outrageous, attacking people of a country as a whole!”

“You love bickering, dont you Ill give it to you! Since the implementation of the Anti Cyberbullying Act, I havent been able to unleash my true power.

This is going to be so much fun! Ill show you my expansive vocabulary, you pigs! Bring it on!” “You idiots! If it turns out to be true, youre all going to be crying for mommy, but mommy wont be able to help you! All they can say is,Honey, mommy will die with you. LOL.”

Economic sanctions.

Half an hour after the meeting ended, Neige made an announcement.

It severed all relations with Moon and banned the transportation of all goods.

Flamia, Soilia, and Woodia made similar announcements in the next three minutes.

They would stop having interactions with Moon, and all Moonians residing in those countries would be repatriated to their home country.

Even the Moonians that had obtained the nationalities of Woodia, Soilia, and Flamia would be banished.

The Moonian online community erupted when the people heard the news.

“What the heck Do they want a war Theyre humiliating us! We should kick their citizens out of our country, too!”

“Thats right! Kick them out! They should know how it feels!”

“So what if they dont want to give us those things We dont want them!”

“Actually, I dont understand what Sky Eye is trying to achieve.

Why is this happening”

“I support my country no matter what! Im proud to be a Moonian, regardless of what decision my country makes!”

“I hope you can still say that in two months.

You cant be older than 18.

Do you know what the sanctions mean Do you know how serious the consequences are I bet you can find over a hundred objects in your home that came from other countries.” “I dont believe you! Tell me.

What can I possibly find”

“First of all, the phone youre using isnt made by us.

The screen came from Flamia, the chip from Neige, the speaker probably from Woodia, and the capacitor from Soilia.

70% of your household electric appliances are imported.

Even if theyre made here, the technologies used are foreign.

If they break off all relations with us, we wont be able to make anything.

Do you understand it now, kiddo” “What Thats so scary! Dont we have domestic brands”

“Wake up.

Domestic brands mostly just assemble the products in our country instead of manufacturing them here.

The parts are from all over the world.

Similarly, Moonian parts can also be found in many pieces of equipment produced in other countries.”

This comment made many people panic.

“What Are you saying that I cant even buy a phone in the future”

“Am I going to lose my TV”

“No! This isnt happening! I need my air-con! I cant live without it!”

“What did we ever do to them Why is this happening Can Sky Eye give us an answer”

“Thats right! Whats going on”

It seemed that Sky Eye and the Dragon Tribe wouldnt be able to withstand the pressure for much longer.

People like Maruse and Koji were pleased to see how things had turned out.

“Lets see how long you can last.

If you dont pay up, youll be all on your own!”

“Youll regret your decision!”

However, Henry and Gordon would never regret what they had done.

They knew the truth would come out eventually.

As late as next week, other countries would beg Moon to build a space cannon.

The catastrophe wouldnt discriminate.

All the people on this planet would be affected.

They could only get through the crisis by working together.


That wouldnt be enough.

They also needed Himmel Soans help.


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