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Chapter 90 Farewell, Comrades

“Dont make me laugh! What did you build A space cannon Ive never heard of that thing before!”

“Youre going to be vaporized with your space cannon!”

“Go to your shelter Dude, you know nothing! Neige is the ultimate shelter!”

“Have you gone insane Why are you building a shelter 1km underground Do you think that depth will keep you safe Do you know whats going to happen Earthquakes! Youre going to be buried alive!”

“My country is building an ark, and the seats are limited! Do you want to come”

“Thats hilarious.

An underground shelter The ground will cave in on you! A metal ark is the ultimate solution!”

“A metal ark can sustain fire and water.

It will keep everyone safe from the falling rocks as well.

Moonians are so dumb.”

The Moonian netizens countered those comments.

However, although they didnt want to admit it, those comments pointed out some of their concerns.

The world would be overrun by tsunamis, earthquakes, and volcano eruptions.

Hiding underground felt like suicide.

An earthquake could probably crash the shelter.

What was the government thinking The space cannon didnt sound so reliable either.

No country was keeping any secrets at this stage.

That time had passed.

Neige had built a metal ark a long time ago so that they could use it when natural catastrophes like this one happened.

They were going to evacuate some of its people into the


Everyone knew what the country was like.

Only the rich and powerful could get into that ark.

They had already started selling tickets.

One had to admit that their ark was of extremely high quality.

In less than ten minutes, the Neigerian metal ark became the most popular topic on social media.

“The price of a single ticket is 300 million dollars.

Thats daylight robbery!”

“Look more closely.

Its not 300 million.

Its 360 million!”

“Bull**! Its 380 million!”

“No, its 400 million!”

“Holy crap! Its going up by the minute!” “Its already 600 million now!”

“There are 80 million tickets in total, and people from all countries are eligible.”

“Its already 650 million now.

I dont think I can wait much longer.”

“Seriously Youre a Moonian, and our country has a shelter! Why are you spending so much money to take shelter in Neige”

“Our shelter… Pardon me for being frank, but its underground.

A single earthquake can destroy it!”

“Are you even a Moonian”

“Shut up already.

Youre a total loser.

Yes, Im a Moonian, but why cant I take shelter in Neige That doesnt mean I dont love my country! I have the money, and Ill buy it now.”

Patrick was the CEO of a public company.

He had received a notice from the government asking him to gather some resources.

He carried out the order without hesitation and collected everything in three hours.

“Sir, the materials have been sent to the Pegasus Grassland.”

Patrick nodded and told his secretary, “Nice job.

Well donate another half a billion to the country.

In a difficult time like this, we should do everything in our power to help the country.”

“Of course!”

“After that, buy me five entrance tickets to the Neigerian metal ark.”

“What” The secretary was surprised.

“Boss, are you leaving us”

“Whats wrong with that”

“We have a shelter here.”

“Im going to Neige.

Cant I do that”

Compared to an underground shelter, the metal ark felt much safer.

It would protect the people inside from lightning, fire, water, and collision.

As for the underground shelter, one couldnt make the same promise.

Clyde was the CEO of another public company in Moon.

He knew that he was going to lose his company.

A fraction of that meteorite would wipe out his city.

Therefore, he transferred all his assets overseas.

“Jack, get me six tickets to the Neigerian metal


“Boss, are you leaving”

“Of course, I am.

Do you expect me to go to the shelter in Pegasus Grassland Im not going to squeeze into that place with you.” “But boss…”

“Stop it! We cant count on the Moonian shelter.

Id have got you one if it werent so expensive.

I can only take care of my family.

Sorry, Jack.”

Jack had always been a timid man, but he suddenly snapped.

“Youre betraying this country.

Why should I do anything for you Get out of my sight! Buy the tickets yourself!”

“Jack, you…”

“Call me Sir! Get lost! Youre not welcome here!”

“Thats a bold thing to say, Jack.

I hope you and your family will enjoy your death! Get crushed by the meteorite or get buried alive!”

“Screw you!”

Jack punched Clyde in the face.

He had had enough of this boss and finally found the chance to get it back at him!

Similar things were happening all over the country.

Rich people were fleeing to Neige.

Patrick was one of the responsible ones who tried to help the country before he left.

However, not many were like him.

Most rich people simply transferred their property out of the country and mocked their compatriots before leaving.

They called the underground shelter a stupid idea.

Things like this werent limited to the real world.

It was happening online as well.

No one knew there were so many billionaires in Moon until today, and they were all heading for Neige.

They posted on their social media accounts before they took off.

“Goodbye, my homeland.

Goodbye, my fellow workers.

Thank you for your hard work all these years!”

Many people replied to the post.

“Get lost, you ungrateful bastard!”

“Go away! I hope youre too late to board that ark!”

Rich people like them were usually too busy to argue with people online.

Now that they were leaving, and the world might end soon, they decided to unleash their inner selves.

They responded to the comments.

“Screw you! Youre just a jealous loser like everyone else! Im rich, and theres nothing you can do!”

“I hope Ill never see your face after we get through this catastrophe!”

“Moon is an underdeveloped backwater country! Ive risen to my position all because of my clients overseas! What Cant I speak my mind”

“Farewell, my fellow countrymen.

I hope paradise isnt as cramped as your shelter, and youll get your own metal arks there!”

While everybody was arguing online, the Moonian government didnt try to stop anyone from leaving.

They respected individual choices, but there were things they still had to



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