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Chapter 92 Take Liberty

“What should we do now Director Lang wont change his mind!” The officials complained to one another after they left the office.

The underground shelter is a terrible idea!

That was their belief now.

However, Director Lang was persistent and forbade them from mentioning the ark.

If they tried to persuade him again, they would really lose their jobs.

They couldnt find anyone to file a complaint.

Henry Lang was already the highest-ranking official, and only General Gordon Marlow of the Dragon Tribe had the same rank.

If they couldnt get through Henry Lang, could talking to Gordon make any difference

It didnt seem likely, but they still wanted to give it a go.

They were all rare talents of this country and genuinely cared about their homeland.

They had disobeyed the order because they were worried about the ordinary people.

The result was just as they had predicted.

Gordons reaction was the same as Henrys, and he chased them out of his office.

“Were running out of options!”

“We cant go on like this!”

“What choice do we have Director Lang and General Gordon wont change their minds.

Do you want to go to Neige”

“Dont be ridiculous! Why would I want to do that!”

Chief Lyton took off this uniform.

“If they wont change their minds, Ill quit!”

“What Lyton, what are you talking about Our country needs you more than ever.

You cant leave now!”

Lyton shook his head.

“No, you dont need me.

Anyone can assist in the evacuation.

I have more important things to do!” “Whats that”

“What is it”

The others were curious.

“If the government wont build an ark, Ill build one myself!”

The other officials were shocked.

“Lyton, do you know what youre talking about”

“Do you know how much itll cost”

“The government will never allow it!” Lyton said, “I know that, but all the countries are busy now, us included.

Even if they discover what Im building, they wont have the time or energy to arrest me.

Im doing it to help this country! Many people online are questioning this decision, too.

If I tell them my plans, theyll support me! Theyll probably join me in the construction.

Seven days will be enough to build the ark!” “But how will you get the money” “Didnt they give us some compensation the other day”

The countrys plan had put a lot of people out of their jobs, so the government was going to give away trillions in compensation.

“Are you going to touch that money You must be out of your mind!”

“What good will money do if we dont have any people left Im only doing this to save more people! Maybe the ark will contain the last survivors of our country!”

If the underground shelter failed, all those people would be buried there.

Chief Lyton believed that his ark would never go wrong.

The people in the ark would become the last survivors.

The others gritted their teeth and hesitated.


In that case, Im in! Ill join you!”

“Me, too! If nothing happens to the shelter, Ill willingly go to jail or die!” “No, nothing will happen to you! Were doing this for our country.

Im sure theyll forgive us!”

They formed a plan to embezzle the compensation fund.

Meanwhile, some of them started spreading rumors online, asking for a Moonian ark.

However, because of their limited funds, the metal ark of Moon could fit at most two million people.

Maybe not even that many.

The news brought many people to tears.

After that, everyone who had posted comments online expressing their anticipation for a Moonian ark received a private message from Lyton.

In as short as six hours, Lyton contacted nearly 700,000 people.

They would help him with building the ark.

With extra hands, they wouldnt need a week.

Three days would be enough.

They would have both the money and the space to build it.

One hundred fifty hours till the impact.

The rich people of Moon had reached Neige.

However, the ark was so popular that they couldnt get a ticket.

What a lucrative business!

Neige saw the opportunity, so they started pre-booking and used the time to build more arks.

However, they couldnt find enough resources in such a short period of time.

Things were different in Moon.

It hadnt built any ark and still had the resources to build a few solid ones.

Neige, on the other hand, had built an ark and used up some of the key materials.

To build more, they would have to purchase materials from other countries.

But that would take so long.

With that time, they could build a few more arks.

Therefore, they decided to use inferior materials instead, but they still had some defensive ability.

Moreover, Neige came up with a genius idea.

To be qualified to buy a ticket, one had to take part in constructing the ark.

With the money earned from pre-selling the tickets, they asked the buyers to build their own arks!

How original!

All Neige did was collect money.

How typical!

The rich Moonians were also sent to the construction site, where they started working like ordinary people.

To get on the ark, they had to do some hard labor.

The hilarious thing was, they loved doing it.

The Moonians werent alone.

There were people from all over the world.

The Neigerian officials were delighted.

A secretary was reporting to Oraman and Maruse, “Were going to make a profit of 200 billion dollars from the arks.

And thats only a temporary estimation.

If more people take refuge here, the figure will increase from 30% to 60%.

“The resources are all on their way, as well as the donations.

Well earn an 8,000-trillion-dollar profit from the energy cannon.”

The materials were more important than money.

Money could be printed, but they couldnt create the materials out of the blue.

Oraman turned to Maruse with a cigar in his mouth.

“After this is over, well be the richest country in the world.

Well have more resources than all the other countries put together! I would never have thought Neige could achieve this while Im the president!”


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