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Chapter 94 Success

“Stand by this device, put your hand on it, and close your eyes.”

The device had a circle of metal plates around it.

They were about 30cm wide and were as smooth as mirrors.

As instructed, the twenty people stood around the device, put their hands on the metal plates, and closed their eyes.

The top opening of the device looked like an air vent.

The twenty people shuddered simultaneously when Himmel Soan switched on the device.

White steam rose out of the air vent.

The device was dissipating heat.

The innate vigorous energy was invisible.

Only cultivators could see it.

Himmel Soan saw pale green gas rise out of the device together with the white steam, and it soon filled the lab.

With the click of a few buttons, the pale green vigorous energy started moving as if it was under command.

It moved alongside the walls, sealing off the lab.

“Warren.” “Yes, Patriarch.”


Warren was taken aback, but he still did as he was told.

However, he ran into an invisible wall before he could reach the door.

He covered his nose in pain and crouched down.

“Warren, are you alright” Yosef immediately ran to his side.

However, his head bumped into the invisible wall when he reached Warren.

There was a loud thump, and he covered his forehead in pain.

Surprised, he reached out, trying to feel what was blocking his way.

He felt the invisible wall.

It was solid to the touch, but when he tapped it, it didnt make any sound.

“Its done!” Himmel Soan wanted to examine if the “manmade” innate vigorous energy was different from the energy generated by the human body, so he said, “Yosef, do you have any weapons on you Break the invisible wall!”

Yosef nodded, took out his dagger, and stabbed at the wall.

The dagger bent.

He then set an arrow on his bow and shot it at the wall.

The arrow snapped.

“Patriarch, I…”

“Do whatever you want with the wall, but not here! Take the device to the Pegasus Grassland and let William run it.

Ive told him how to operate it.

I dont care what method you use; just break this wall!”


Himmel Soan stopped the program, and the pale green gas returned to the device.

It could both produce and store the innate vigorous energy, just like the human body.

However, it couldnt store the energy as long as the human body did.

At most, it could store the energy for three to five days.

That was long enough.

Himmel Soan would focus on the spiritual essence from now on because the space cannon was the key.

He could produce the innate vigorous energy now, and it wouldnt be long before he could do the same with the spiritual essence.

Spiritual essence was a special type of energy.

He believed that if the spiritual essence could be produced in mass quantities, it could completely replace electricity.

When he achieved that, they wouldnt need to build a power generator in the underground shelter.

Before long, Yosef sent him a message.

“Patriarch, weve tried everything we can think of, even plasma lasers, but nothing worked! This substance youve created is invisible but unbelievably solid.

Even a laser cant cut it open!”

“That was my aim.

Tell William, Mike, and George to collect the blueprint from me.

Were going into mass production.”


The one Himmel Soan built was a small prototype, which could only generate the amount of innate vigorous energy generated by twenty people.

The shelter would hold hundreds of millions of people, and the meteorite would be much more powerful than a laser.

That small amount of innate vigorous energy was nowhere near enough.

The shelter was enormous.

To sustain the entire building, they would need the amount generated by at least a million people.

The device was the key.

Now that the key issue was resolved, everything else was much easier to handle.

“Patriarch, did you want to see us”


Heres the blueprint of the Vigorous Energy Machine.

Ive written the principles and the procedures on it.

Keep the blueprint confidential, and start mass production.

After we build enough machines, send some to Panthera and Grassia, our allied countries.

Remember, a 3W machine can sustain fifty people.

If there are a hundred people in the shelter, well need two such machines.

Ill leave you to figure out how many machines we need to keep for ourselves.”

“This is genius! It contains such profound knowledge! Patriarch, how did you figure it out This is incredible!” William was a scientist and could understand the blueprint.

Only those who could comprehend it would know how intricate the knowledge was.

It was beyond imagination!

William knew he could never make the discovery on his own.

He was blown away by Himmel Soans talent after he studied the blueprint.

“Yes, Patriarch! Im on it!”

130 hours to go.

“Himmel Soan, the sinner of the human race.”

This suddenly became the most popular topic on all major websites.

It was started by a TV show called “Super Interview.”

The guest was Parkson, one of the Neigerian high-ranking officials.

By now, nothing was more important than the incoming meteorite.

Everyone was talking about it.

Naturally, that was also the theme of this interview.

The discussion over different shelters was unavoidable.

They gradually started talking about Moon.

When the host asked Parkson about his view on the underground shelter, Parkson sneered and mocked the country.

“Theyre literally digging their own grave.

They have the largest population in the world, and it wouldnt be hard for them to build an ark.

However, they wont do it.

Not only that, but they also wouldnt let their allies build arks.”

The host asked, “Why do you think that is” “Why Why…” Parkson thought for a moment before saying, “Its because of a scientist named Himmel Soan.

He has provided the country with the idea of the underground shelter and concluded that the metal arks are useless.”

“Himmel Soan Ive never heard that name before.”

“Neither have I.

Hes not even twenty yet, and hes a nobody.”

“Not even twenty How useful can his suggestions be”

“What do you think Of course, theyre useless.

If the debris really lands on top of the shelter, itll collapse like a glasshouse.”


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