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“How is that possible!” Hua Jin was the first to voice his disbelief.

“Why would Gong Fan stab Shishi!”

Mu Yazhe glanced up at him, his handsome brow furrowed in confusion.

This had happened around noon.

In the morning, he had left the ward to go to the office as he had something to deal with.

He hurriedly settled the matter and when he returned to the hospital, he saw that Yun Shishi was sitting in front of Gong Fans bed, peeling an apple for him.

He saw that Gong Fan was still asleep, so he went to the shower room to take a shower.

However, just as he was done and was about to step out of the bathroom, he heard a strange movement in the ward, followed by Little Yichens exclamation.

With no time to dry himself, he threw on a robe and by the time he rushed out, Yun Shishi was clutching her abdomen, her body curled up into a kneeling position.

Around her knees, there was an appalling amount of blood.

Meanwhile, Gong Fan stood there, staring at her with a cold expression.

In his hand was a fruit knife, stained with her blood.

He was gripping it so tightly that it looked as though he was about to break the knife handle.

A fruit knife like this would remain in the body once a person has been stabbed, because of the suction force of the flesh.

If one did not have any strength, it would be difficult to pull it out.

It was obvious that Gong Fan had pulled the knife back out after stabbing Yun Shishi.

Just as he raised the fruit knife overhead to stab her again, Little Yichen heard the commotion and arrived in time to protect her.

Even now, Little Yichen still had lingering fears.

He did not dare to imagine what would have happened if he had left the ward to get hot water!

In short, Little Yichen was scared out of his wits and still in shock!

Mu Yazhe picked Yun Shishi up in his arms and rushed her to the emergency room, while Little Yichen stayed behind to watch over Gong Fan.

After Yun Shishi had been admitted to the emergency room and the doctor came out to report that her injuries were not life-threatening, Mu Yazhe returned to the ward.

By then, Gong Fan had fainted.

Mu Yazhe then had the ward heavily guarded.

Fortunately, Mu Yazhe did not panic.

The news had not yet spread.

Apart from Mu Yazhe and Little Yichen, no one knew how or why she had been injured.

The hospital had wanted to get to the bottom of the matter, but since the victim was Mu Yazhes wife, they did not dare to investigate further.

After a few questions and a few perfunctory replies, they had been too afraid to say much else.

They only quickly rescued her and did not dare interfere further.

Gong Fans ward had now been isolated by Mu Yazhes men.

There were only a few trustworthy nurses and doctors in the spacious ward, and the rest were private bodyguards assigned to watch over the boy.

Mu Yazhe did not have the heart to concern himself over Gong Fan just yet, nor did he know the boys motive for stabbing Yun Shishi.

However, according to Little Yichen, if he had not stopped him, he would have stabbed her to death.

He could not understand what kind of deep hatred compelled Gong Fan to stab Yun Shishi to death!

That was murder! Gong Fan had gone crazy! Why would he do that! This was no longer hurting someone, but simply an intention to kill someone! Gong Fan wanted to kill Yun Shishi!

Little Yichen was filled with anger at the thought of Gong Fans ruthlessness.

But Mu Yazhe thought otherwise.

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