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Chapter 2258: I Really Admire You

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Madam Li sneered.

She could not hide the fatigue on her face.

A few sharp wrinkles appeared at the corner of her mouth.

“People live to make a name for themselves.

When she was young, there were always people who liked to compare her to me.

They said that I, Li Chenglan, was inferior to Shuman in every aspect.

Now that it has come to this, I dont believe that she, a woman who has no relatives and is in trouble, can defeat me, Li Chenglan.

“Im determined to win.

Look, arent I winning now When shes in trouble, I help her without a word and worry about her at every turn.

Now, who dares to compare me to her Who dares to say shes better than me

“Shes divorced, and even her son wont acknowledge her.

But what about me I have all my children.

Even my eldest grandson is four years old.

But what does she have Nothing.

She doesnt even have anyone close to her anymore.”

Staff Officer Du was dumbfounded when he heard this.

After a long while, he laughed and said, “Madam, I really admire you.

You can fight for decades for pride.

I cant believe you! Its also because of your help that our Du family could get to where we are today.


“Therefore, now that youre not in good health, Im very worried.

Since the outcome of the battle between you and Xiao Shuman has been decided, theres no need to spend any more time on it.

If the worst comes to worst, Ill get our eldest sons wife to bring our grandson to accompany you to Haizhou for a vacation to relax.”

The eldest, Du Kaiwei, got married long ago and had a son.

Their grandchild was already four years old.

Thinking of her good friend, Xiao Shumans, current situation, then thinking of her only grandson, the gloominess on Madam Lis face dissipated a lot.

“Forget it, dont trouble his family.

I dont have any big problems.

When I settle the matters in the Southern Province and feel comfortable, my headache will naturally get better.”

Madam Li, who had applied a few hot towels and had a headache, couldnt help but think of Ye Ying when she mentioned the Southern Province.

When she thought of Ye Ying, she remembered that she had gone to the restaurant yesterday and heard the ladies next door talking about her.

Her head, which had finally recovered, started to hurt again.

Ye Ying, Ye Ying! That b*tch made her the laughing stock of the upper-class society in the capital! Did she think that everything would be fine after she paid the fine and went to the police station to be investigated for a few days

Wishful thinking!

Since she liked changing men so much, she would let her enjoy having several men a day!

Madam Li had always been ruthless.

It was impossible for Sun Ying, who already had the surnameSun, to escape safely.

Madam Li, who had a splitting headache and had no choice but to take two painkillers, waited for Staff Officer Du to leave.

With a ruthless expression on her face, she called Du Kangyue, the eldest brother of Staff Officer Du.

He was now the second-in-command of the province.

Ye Ying definitely wanted to be let out.

Fine, she would let her come out first! She would definitely make her life a living hell after that!

As Xia Jinyuan said, with Madam Li around, he and Ye Jian didnt have to care about Ye Ying anymore.

They just had to live their own lives.

Xia Jinyuan was sitting respectfully in front of the old man and was sized up by the old mans sharp gaze.

He maintained his standard military posture.

He relaxed his expression and breathing, trying his best to face the old man naturally.

The young lieutenant colonel was still restless when he walked out of Commander Xias office.

He personally heard his cousin-in-law say that he would send his girlfriend back to Dan Gui Garden.

Hence, Lieutenant Colonel Xia made up his mind to follow them.

Commander Xia was even more supportive of this decision.

He said indifferently from behind the three of them, “Little Six, accompany Little Ye to visit the old master.

Remember to bring some gifts when you go over.

Dont be rude.”

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