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Chapter 394 – The Beauty of the Cities in the Holographic Game XXXXVII

by BobaTeaTranslations 

Every time a wild boss is brushed out in the game, it must be a melee dance.

The skills and spells of various guilds were as colorful as a hundred flowers in full bloom.

They were dazzling yet dizzying.

Compared with fighting a boss, the competition and intrigue between guilds became the theme.

No one could imagine that when you concentrate on dealing with a boss, you will be stabbed or robbed of trophies by people from other guilds.

According to the rules of the game “chasing deer”, it was necessary to calculate the overall attack value in guild units when playing against wild bosses.

The last attack was the most important, which is 100 times an ordinary attack in the process.

This time, the wild mad bull boss followed the setting of bullfighting in reality and had an extraordinary persistence to all moving objects.

The fastest assassin was their primary target, followed by the archers.

The soldiers who usually serve as tanks and attract hatred were unappetizing.

This caught many guilds off guard.

Once the assassin approached, he would be thrown out by the bull horns madly.

Running to it a distance will cause it to stampede and trample countless players until it crushes the assassin to death, which was a chaos of war.

At this time, a small guild attracted people’s attention.

In the sky above their location, a beautiful shadow rose up because of the release of skills.

She was surrounded by a white fog, like a dream.

They only saw a skill hit, which fell into the forehead and heart of the bull.

The crazy bull turned its head and went straight to the location of the guild.

In the case of many people calling it breathtaking, its front hooves stopped in their encirclement in a moment, and was allowed to hit it with skills, Although it issued a bleak moo, it still could not break out of the encirclement, and it seemed that its strength was greatly reduced.

“It’s the Wuying Pavilion!”

“That’s Liu Yan It’s said that she joined the Wuying Pavillion after quitting Wushuang.

She is a rare goblin class.

What skills are these Control skills Taming skills There is no Summoner class in this game!”

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“It’s said that it’s a control skill called ‘bewitching the public with demonic words’, which can tame non-human monsters, but I only saw that she tamed small monsters.

This is a level 70 boss! This skill is against the sky!!”

Liu Yan has merged the essence of orchid.

Her flying appearance in the air was like a flower petal, light and delicate, and the faint fragrance floated, which made female players envious.

“All skills against the sky are subject to restrictions.

What is hers”

Very soon, people knew what the limit of this skill was——time, just 7 seconds.

It was enough to play a wave of advantages for the bigger guild, but it was still a notch behind for the smaller guilds.

The rest of the players expressed regret in the face, but felt relieved.

They rallied and explored all kinds of possibilities for pulling the boss’s hatred.

However, besides Liu Yan’s amazing appearance, the other guilds were inferior.

Even the top three guilds could only be said to have a leading edge in the arrangement of troops.

However, with the interference of the other two guilds, it was also difficult to hold the hatred of the boss for a long time.

The geomancy takes turns.

After everyone turned upside down, the boss only lost half his HP, and the final blow was still far away.

“Isn’t Luo Ying also a demon class” There was a reminder on the Wushuang guild channel.

As soon as this was said, everyone responded, “That’s right, let Luo Ying use that trick.”

“We are not a small guild like Wuying Pavilion.

One wave is enough to determine victory or defeat.”

Under the enthusiastic speeches in the channel, Wen Ying calmly refuted: “Sorry, that’s a special skill for souls, I don’t have such a thing.”

The atmosphere in the channel suddenly cooled down.


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