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Summer Housemates Chapter five

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I haven seen the so called land developer Armand and it was twelve thirty already, wondered how he made his money if he spends half his day in bed.

I dropped my coffee and cupcake on kitchen island and went up to my room to use the toilet.

Decided to change to some shorts and white tee.

I came downstairs to find Armand eating a cupcake, better not be mine. I went to the kitchen and found my coffee missing.

Anger took hold of me and turned to go meet the cupcake thief and slammed into a naked chest.

Just who I was looking for.

"Look where you are going"

I took a step back and did some breathing exercise to calm my anger.

"Good morning" I greeted politely

He scratch his bed hair and raise an eyebrow at me "Good morning"

"Did you sleep well?" I asked with a pinched smile on my face.

"Yes, I did" he answered while looking at me with skepticism.

"Did you enjoy the cupcake, you little thief" i mimicked Lilians chirpy voice.

"Yes I did. wait, did you just call me a thief?"

"Yes I did, cause thats what you are. A shameless,lazy,little thief!" i draw out the adjectives.

"Don you ever call me a thief" he warned me in a low voice.

"What should I call you? Give me some appropriate adjectives that describe the act of eating someone elses cupcake and you dare drink my coffee. Especially when you didn have the foresight to buy coffee yesterday" I yelled at him.

Imagine my surprise when I went through the groceries this morning and there was no coffee powder to be found.

"The cupcake was yours" he acted surprised

"Don you dare pull that act with me" I poke a finger at his chest.

"frankly i didn know it was yours. I thought rosa dropped it off and I also forgot for a minute that I now have a housemate" he said with sincere eyes.

"We won be housemates for long if you keep having amnesia and when I have enough money to buy you out" I grumbled.

`His honest eyes did me in and I almost begrudgingly forgive him but not yet "You have to make it up, I haven eaten neither do I have coffee, thanks to someone" he cuts in with "lets cook something, there is groceries" my eyes widen at his suggestion

"It will be a shame to see this house get burnt" I can cook to save a soul. So that was a terrible suggestion given my past experiences of burning things when I try cooking.

"I can make something simple like pancakes, no need to think of arson"

He rounded the kitchen and open a drawer, drop a bag of flour on the island.

I don know what prompted me to stay, but I found myself sliding on to one of the stool at the kitchen island, I sat down.

"Are you going to make pancakes while naked?" I asked him

"Maybe, Is my well defined pectoral region distracting?" he wiggles his eyebrows.

"Yes, you have hard man boobs. Won that be distracting to anyone"

"You are a meanie"


An hour later

He finishes the pancakes with a dusting of powdered sugar and some drizzle of honey.

"Knife and fork?" he asked

"No, I will use my hands" I got up to wash my hand and brushed pass him, a little tingle danced on my skin at the brief touch.

I shook it off and washed my hands at the sink. Drying my hands on the kitchen towel, I went back to my seat.

A coffee cup appeared next to me as armand sat on the stool beside mine.

MFM ZONA was written on the coffee."Thats my coffee, you didn drink it?" he dragged his plate closer to him and started eating.

"For it to be here, yes I didn . I don care for strong black coffee and I also thought rosa was playing with me" he stopped gobbling his food long enough to answer me.

"Why will rosa be pranking you?" hints of jealousy was in my voice.

He look up with a knowing smirk "MFM, what does it mean?" he asked

"Mid fifties Matriach" I took a much needed gulp of my coffee when he said "oh it not the abbreviation for the threesome of male, female and male"

The coffee spurted out of my mouth at the threesome word.

"Oh **"

I was coughing severely, he pats my back as I tried to regain my composure.

Thankfully, I turned sideways right before I started coughing, it would have been a shame to bin the pancake.

He stopped patting my back long enough to fill a glass of water. He puts the glass against my lips and resume his patting of my back, I carefully took some sips and gently pushed his hand away when I had enough.

His hand laid heavy on my back.

I shrugged my shoulders and he quickly took his hand off my back. He went to the backyard and brought a mop to clean the mess i made on the floor, i assisted by taking some kitchen wipes to clean the island of stray droplets that fell on it. He took the mop to dry and came back inside, i bin the used wipes and sat down.

"Thank you" I expressed my gratitude for not letting me die. He sat down and said " It is okay, it would have being a chore to put on a shirt in order to cart you to the hospital"

"Putting on a shirt is a chore?" I asked incredulously.

"Yes and also a sin to deprive the world of this beauty" he motioned to his chest

"On behalf of the world, we don want to see your chest beef cakes"

he gasped dramatically " you called this work of art beef cakes, touché" his antics brought a smile to my face "is that a smile?" he asked.

I wiped it off " you need to have your eyes checked" I pulled my plate of pancakes closer to me.

"I definitely saw a smile. You should smile more, it makes your eyes sparkle"

*it makes your eyes sparkle*

My cheeks warmed as a blush made its way to my face. Thankfully, he was engrossed in scarfing down his food.

I hummed at the first bite "This is so good" I said with my mouth full.

He shook his head " No it is really good"

He turned to look at me "I know it is good, I made it"

I rolled my eyes " Then why did you shake your head?" I folded a pancake into a roll, drizzled some honey on it and took a bite out of it.

"To clear my thoughts"

"What were you thinking?" I don know what prompted me to ask. I took another bite.

"Are you always this nosey?"

"You are using a question to answer a question"

"That doesn mean my question is not valid" He leaned in close to my face and I stopped chewing "For someone with a cute nose, you are quite nosey" he stared at me.

His eyes are green, almost electric in how brilliant they are, framed with long lashes. He is really not bad looking.

"You have pretty eyes" I was thinking the same thing about you.

"A cute nose" his eyes lingered on each feature "luscious lips but they are hardly noticed, always in a stern line like they haven smiled or being kissed in a while" he spoke in a soft tone.

This feels like I am under introspection or I am been seduced.

His head draw closer to mine, in a moment of panic, I scurry back from him and forgot I was seated on a stool. I yelped as I started tumbling, he tried to hold on me but the momentum took both of us down.

My head impacted on the floor and there was darkness.

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