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Anyway, it was only for the two children to meet first, if after meeting the person if Qin Jiu was still unwilling, they could discuss it later.

“Yes, mother.” Madam Su answered pleasantly.

She pondered inwardly that as long as Qin Jiu and that Scholar Cheng “see” each other, she would be able say to the public that Matriarch Qin has chosen a good husband for Qin Jiu.

And once this news spreads, if Qin Jiu does not marry him, it would be viewed as breaking the engagement and her reputation would be tarnish.

Whether Qin Jiu wants to or not, she could only marry!

Just thinking of this, Madam Su couldn’t help but raised her lips at an angle that the other Madam could not see.

She was in a good mood, feeling that the turbidity of the past two months was instantly swept away.

Outside the mansion, the cold wind howls, after entering the end of November, the weather was getting colder and colder, it had snowed in the capital for three days in a row, turning the place into a world of silver.

On November 29, the snow finally stopped, and Duan Wang Ye together with Duan Wang Fei entered the capital by decree.

On the same day, the Duan couple came into the palace to ask to see the emperor.

When the emperor met them in the imperial study, he raised his hand to excuse them and greeted them with a smile.

“Imperial uncle, imperial aunt, sit down and talk.”

However, Duan Wang Ye and Duan Wang Fei still made their manners adequate before they sat down.

As soon as she sat down, Duan Wang Fei asked with some impatience.

“Your Majesty, I heard that you have chosen a marriage for Zezhi”

The emperor nodded and said, “It is the empress’ niece, the first-born girl and the third child of the Marquis of Zhongyi.”

The Queen’s niece

The Queen’s niece must be a good one, as everyone knows that the Wei family was a good family and a noble family.

Duan Wang Ye frowned but did not say anything.

The emperor continued: “The third child is 14 years old this year, in a few months she will reach a marriageable age.

She has an outstanding character, intelligent graceful which make Zhen and the empress very fond of her.”

The more she hear, the more satisfied she were and the more a smile blooms on her face from the bottom of her heart.

She couldn’t wait for the marriage to be finalized.

Truth be told, she was not in a good health so Duan Wang Ye did not intend to bring her to the capital but when she learned that the emperor had chosen a marriage partner for her son, she must come to see it, even if the bumpy rides and horse made her feel even worse.

This discomfort was for the sake of her son’s marriage, it was all worth it.

Because Duan Wang Fei insisted on coming, Duan Wang Ye could only send a special letter to the capital to report the situation to the emperor and let his first son stay in charge of the overall situation.

Duan Wang Fei on the other hand didn’t care about these things, she only had her son’s marriage in her heart.

Seeing that her son was about to reach twenty but he had not been married, Duan Wang Fei was so worried that she tossed and turned every night and couldn’t sleep but she couldn’t do anything about it.

The only child she has in her life was Zezhi, and Duan Wang Fei doesn’t want to force him to marry a random woman.

What’s more, the kind of family Duan Wang Ye pick for him! It was either a daughter of a small rank official of the fourth and fifth, or a concubine of a wealthy family.

How could Duan Wang Fei be willing to wrong her son.

So, the years just dragged on.

Now that the marriage was finally in sight, Duan Wang Fei was full of joy and smiles.

“Thank you, Your Majesty, the one Your Majesty picked is definitely good…”

Before Duan Wang Feo could finish her words, she was interrupted by Duan Wang Ye at the side.

“Your Majesty, isn’t this Third Miss Qin’s status a little too noble.” Duan Wang Ye frowned slightly.

When these words came out, Duan Wang Fei’s face, which was still smiling, suddenly stiffened.

Once upon a time, when Zezhi was only 13 or 14 years old, she wanted to give him a marriage, but no matter which family she picked, Wang Ye was not satisfied.

He would either be saying that the young lady was too noble and many other excuses, such the other party has bad manners or they need the emperor’s permission first and even saying that he could not marry someone who was outside of the fiefdom and so on.

To put it bluntly, the wang ye just doesn’t want Zezhi’s wife rank to be higher than that of his heir’s consort!

After all, he wasn’t able to think ahead.

Before his eldest son becomes the heir, he was only his eldest son so his consort was just the daughter of small official family!

After going back and forth, Zezhi was almost twenty when he travelled to the capital.

When the heir was at this age, he already had two sons under his knees!

The eldest son of the heir was fifteen years old this year, and it was more important for wang ye to choose a grand-daughter-in-law than a daughter-in-law for Zezhi!

Duan Wang Fei sometimes speculated with little malice that wang ye was deliberately delaying Zezhi’s marriage, just to have his grandson grow up and marry someone from an influential family and could have more backing!

In the past, it was just a matter of time, so he put up with it.

Now that the Emperor has picked such a good marriage for Zezhi, wang ye still wants to stop it!

Duan Wang Fei’s hand holding the handkerchief tightened, and her chest kept heaving.

The emperor looked at the faces of the two people, and immediately understood something and said to himself:

The Duan Wangfu is really a very complicated place.

Uncle Duan said he was not being partial at all but in fact his heart was already very partial.

Let’s not mention Zezhi’s marriage for the time being.

The emperor also remembered that the last incident in Qingyun County, Duan Wang Ye said he would be strictly investigating everything.

And the results! So far there was none, presumably he was trying to lay low.

The emperor slowly turned the jade plate finger on his thumb and looked calmly at the two.

Duan Wang Ye’s gloomy face advised Duan Wang Fei with a dignified expression.

“…the third lady of the Qin family is too noble, if she marry into our door in the future, I’m afraid she will looked down on the heir and his consort.

When the time comes, there will be a discord between sisters-in-law and chaos in the inner court.

It will appear that you are incompetent in running the family.”

Duan Wang Fei: “…”


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